Swaran Ghar 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ginni wants Swaran and Ajit to visit her school

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The Episode starts with Swaran saying Kanwal knew about the cream making, I don’t know. Nehmat signs Amber. Ginni gets her teacher’s message. She goes. Ajit says you can learn anything you want. Swaran says this matter is different, I m not that Swaran now. Ajit says I didn’t mean that. Amber asks Swaran to agree. Swaran asks her to sleep. Ajit and everyone ask Swaran to agree. Micky and Amber play a drama and act like Kanwal and Swaran. Everyone smiles. Swaran says Ajit has taught this to them, Kanwal and I never talked like this, forget it. She goes. Ajit says we will think tomorrow and make a new plan. Swaran says when Kanwal told me about this cream, I asked him ow did he get the idea, he said he got the idea because he gives a rose to me every morning. She acts like Kanwal. Ajit completes her line. Everyone claps. Ginni takes their pic and says perfect. Swaran says Kanwal and I used to talk like this. Micky asks who taught you to rap. Swaran says Yug taught me. They laugh. Amber says we will make the cream for Ginni’s stall. Ginni asks Swaran to agree now. Ajit says she won’t agree, she can’t do it. Swaran says it was Kanwal’s dream, I don’t want to spoil it. Nehmat says he just had hopes from you. Swaran agrees. They all hug. Ginni thinks I have to do something that Ajit and Swaran come to my school as my Nanu and Nani.

Its morning, Swaran asks Micky about the cream ingredients. Ajit drinks tea. He says I will go and get the items, we are making the cream together. Swaran asks what will you do. Ginni asks can we take Ajit with us. He says no, I won’t come. Ginni gets the teacher’s message. She says I have to go to stationery shop. Ajit says I will drop you. Swaran asks Ginni to take Ajit, then she can work calmly. Ajit says come, I will drop you. Ginni asks him not to worry. She goes. Vikram waits for someone and talks. Ajit hears him and says why is he going to my pind. He calls his man and gives him items order. He follows Vikram.

Nakul comes home. Kiran asks why didn’t you tell me that you are coming, I had the shopping list ready. He says you used to take care of me, now you don’t worry for me. They argue. Yug comes. Swaran and everyone make the cream. Swaran asks Neelu to give the school file. The papers fly off. Ginni comes and steps on the paper to stop her from reading it. Ajit follows Vikram. Swaran says I will just see the file and give it. Amber gets the old album. Vikram stops on the way. He goes to the studio. He drops the pic. Ajit comes there. Jai comes to meet Ajit. Swaran calls Ajit and asks him to come home, Jai has come home. He says fine, I will come. Vikram looks for the pic. He gets the pic. He goes to studio and asks about the pic. The man says my dad passed last week, how can I help. Vikram asks can you tell me about this pic. Jai asks Ajit to come back home, Divya is coming home. Ajit asks what shall I do. The man says this photo is of my studio. Vikram asks can you tell more about this pic. The man says I wasn’t born in that year. A customer comes to college pics. He sees Ajit’s pic and identifies. Vikram asks do you know him. Ajit says Divya will listen to me, will you have anything. Jai says no. Swaran gets tea. Jai refuses and goes. She asks what happened. Ajit says Divya. She says your family is imp to you, Divya loves you, you should go from here. Ajit leaves. The man tells about Ajit and Swaran. Vikram thinks mum was married to Ajit, I can’t believe this. Ginni says everyone has to believe this truth, Swaran and Ajit are my grandparents.

Ajit and Swaran come to the school. Her dupatta gets stuck in the fan. She gets strangulated. Ajit comes to save her.

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  1. If makers are trying to couple swaran n ajit then that will be an injustice to kanwalji, although he is not alive his appearance in those few epis has already owned a place in viewer’s heart. He should remain as swaran’s first n last love and ajit as her best best friend.

  2. Ya … abhi yeh asshiqui ka waqt nahi sahi hai… they can put it later… now don’t they have bigger problems to deal with… her sons are monsters…. They will eat swaran alive

  3. Really it was Kanwalji blessings that brought Ajit and Swaran together. Their chemistry for each other are so Unique they should remain as friends but if their friendship glowing beautifully in lovingly each other’s interest then blessings to them as husband and wife. Both are single. They have FREEDOM to LOVE.. ❣❣❣❣❣💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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