swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-43)

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Hi guess thanks for ur wonderful support and love I am blessed to have such lovely readers and friends love u all and sorry not replying each comment hope u people are doing well I pray for ur well being may god bless u all and yeah I am going to end this ff soon because I can’t manage three ff so hardly their are few episodes remaining but don’t worry I won’t disappoint u all their would lots of masti romance before end I hope u people enjoy
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scenes start with Chicago
“arnav bhai when Is our flight” ragini asked sitting next to arnav
“tomorrow morning” he said
“ohh what will we do today we have whole day”she asked
“why not we all go out” kartick suggested
“no we don’t have that much time” arnav said
“ok idea I can take u to place where sanskar goes often when he misses u”
kartick suggested
“nice idea”
“where are u all planning to go” sanskar asked joining them
“why should we tell u who are u” ragini shot
“yaar don’t do that much to this poor guy he would start to cry”kartick said side hugging sanskar he jerked him
“areh” kartick said
“kartick bhai u leave this cry baby what can he do accept crying leave him we’ll hang around” she said holding his hand
“u are not going”
“and who are u to decide”
“because u are coming with me”
“and why do u think so”
“guess u can continue this later ragini lets go” kartick said and trio left sanskar saw them going then he got kartick’s msg that they are going to old age home a smile appeared on his face after it was his plan he knew if he asked ragini directly she would reject so he did so much planning
At old age home
Trio came and sanskar came their following them
Kartick was about to introduce her sanskar came in btw
“attention everyone” everyone looked towards him ragini was thinking what’s he going to do

“What happened son” an old man asked
“u people asked me na about who stole my heart whom I miss the most” all nodded sanskar came near ragini and held her by shoulders “she’s the one ragini sanskar maheswari my love my life” he said ragini was amazed she saw towards him and he smiled at her
She met all of them and they said about sanskar how he spent all this months she was sad listening to them knowing about his pain she walked away and sat on bench alone she started weeping sanskar saw her going he followed her and came and sat next to her she was crying hiding her face he forwarded his hankey she took it and then looked towards him his eyes were too moist
“I am worth of nothing ragini I became reason of ur tears again” he said they shared a pain ful eye lock she stood and hugged him
“their nothing like that sanskar don’t held ur self responsible every time it was our fate that we got separated but again we are together know” she tried to cheer him “I love u ragini ” he said
“I love u too” he smiled at her broking the hug

“so that means u forgave me”
“u are too much don’t try to take advantage of this I didn’t forgive u”
“but u only said that we are together and u love me”
“being together is different and forgiving is different”
“how if u forgave me then only we can be together na”
“we are together because I love that doesn’t mean I’ll forgive u for what u did”
“this is unfair”he said pouting
“urghh do what ever u want u my fault that I cried and my fate that I love u” saying she moved
“areh wait na I love u too” he screamed

She smiled at his antics
Ragini was talking to some old couple sanskar came their holding guitar
“hello everyone as u all my lady love is angry on me so I am singing a song to convince her hope u all help me” he said all cheered him ragini opened her mouth in shock she didn’t knew that sanskar can sing also

He took the guitar and started singing
Tu… haan tu…
Tu… haan tu…
Maana sabse tu haseen hai husn wali
Maana sabke tu dilon mein basne wali
Haan haan hai nasha
Adaa bhi nakhre wali, par…
She folded her hands and looked towards him angrily
Taareefon se nahi
Tu maan’ne wali
Tu… haan tu…
Tu… haan tu…
He handed guitar to arnav and came in front of ragini holding a flower boque and sorry card ragini took it and moved
Khamosh dil na zor se dhadakna
Dikh na jaaye haye
Use tera tadapna
Mere haal pe, hai muskurane wali
He came in front of her bringing a teddy bear in fornt of her she accepted and moved
Taarefon se nahi
Tu maan’ne wali
Tu… haan tu… haan tu… yeah…
Na na…
He kneeled in front of her taking rose ragini took it and moved kept all gifts aside
Tere kaano mein gungunaaun
Ya pahaadon se chilaun (x2)
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu, tu hi tu

Koi Sufi shikayat karun
Tu ru ru, tu ru ru, tu ru ru
Koi filmi shararat karun
O nakhre wali, par…
He moved around her and pulled her close to him and they started dancing In slow rythm she tried to go but landed on his chest she gave up and both danced slowly
Taarefon se nahi
Tu maan’ne wali
Maana sabse tu haseen hai husn wali
Maana sabke tu hai hosh udaane wali
Mere haal pe hai muskurane wali
Taarifon se nahi, mmm…
Na na…
Taarefon se nahi
Maan’ne wali, o…
Tu maan’ne wali, mmm…
After song ended all clapped

“I am sorry ragini I know sorry is small word for what I did but plsz give one chance to me I promise I’ll never leave ur hand plsz forgive this duffer of urs and accept him because I can’t live without u I have realised my mistake plsz give me a chance will u spend ur rest of ur life with me by forgiving me” he asked
Ragini hugged him and he hugged back
Everything was ok btw them know arnav also forgive him they all had great fun had dinner and left back
Ragsan kartick and arnav left back to Kolkata
They reached MM
Ragini informed all about their arrival
All headed in but sanskar stopped at gate ragini moved towards him
“I can’t” he said
“sanskar” she called him he moved towards garden ragini followed him
“I can’t ragini I can’t face them I have done so much wrong with them with u I can’t” he said his eyes were mosit
“sanskar” she cupped his face
“what ever u did was in misunderstanding they all forgave u long back”
“may be but what about me I can’t face them may be in misunderstanding but I hurted them all”

He said a tear dropped from his eyes ragini wiped it
“listen to me sanskar I know u are guilty they all know they love u don’t run from them they have lost their son once but not know just go to them to ur family to ur mother what was her fault in all this she missed her son madly just go to her” she said joining his forehead with his
She wiped his tears and hers and held his hand and started moving in sanskar feet were shivering ragini tightened her grip
Kabhi kushi kabhi gam song played in background
She remembered the first time she came to MM with dadi and the after her memory loss how she entered with laksh as sanskar’s wife how he stood for her all the terrible incidents shika their plan everything she knew it was not time to fall weak as sanskar needed her they moved in
Sanskar was guilty for whatever he did he made his family suffer he wanted to harm his family’s reputation how shika harmed ragini everything he saw towards ragini who made her grip tight he knew she suffered a lot he could feel her pain so her he would face them all
They both moved in and saw all family members their standing in hall they head downstairs sujtha came to him and touched his face he decided he would be strong but her mother’s teary eyes were making him go weak she hugged him and cried he couldn’t control his tears

“how can u leave me like that didn’t u feel to inform me once” she complained
“I am sorry mom” he said sanskar had still held ragini’s hand she too had tears seeing them she took her hand away sanskar looked towards her she smiled
And moved towards elders and took their blessing sanskar too hugged everyone and took their blessing
“I won’t talk to u sanskar” sujitha said
“ha don’t forgive him ma he just left all of us without thinking once” ragini said side hugging her
“I am sorry” sanskar said holding his ears
“I won’t repeat it ever” he said and sujitha hugged him ragini to joined him
All was set everything was normal back to family

At ragsan room
Ragini was unpacking sanskar’s bag he was down with his mothers he came to room and hugged ragini
“thank u” he said
“for what” she asked through signs
“for everything u are really a angle who just changed my life brought me to right path supported me when ever I needed thank u angle for coming in my life” he said ragini hugged him
“I love u sanskar”
“love u too” he said and kissed on her forehead and leaned towards her lips
Uttra came
“opps sorry” she said ragsan departed
“bhabi ur family is down” she said
“and sorry for disturbing ur romance u can continue later” she said and left
“This uttra also has wrong trimmings” sanskar said and ragini slightly hitted his shoulders
They came down and greeted all shekar and dadi asked forgivness from ragsan and both forgave them
Ragini was back to normal with her family
Sanskar smiled at her
Ragini decided to go with her family

At ragsan room
“why did u agree to go with them” sanskar asked being muffed
“why shouldn’t I, I was to away from my family for so long why shouldn’t I be with them” she said packing her bag
“I agree but what’s the need to stay their u can go and meet and come back na”
“sanskar tomorrow is my sister’s engagement I need to be with her”
“ok tomorrow is my brother’s engagement also”
“I have some responsibility towards them”
“u have here also as my wife u need to be here”
“oh god no one can win with u in arguments”
“then don’t go na”
“sorry but I am going” she said leaving out before leaving she came and kissed his cheeks
“love u” saying she left to badi

Percap: engagement some fun………………..
Sorry for this boring episode but it was needed plsz drop ur comments

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