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Hello everyone I am back with another chapter of my thank u for u wonderful comments sorry for not replying individually I am glad that u all are liking my ff silent readers plsz comment

Link of previous episode All Parts Here

At Mumbai
Ragini was sitting in her room lost deep in her thoughts remembering all her moments with him
She got arnav’s call she smiled brightly she was happy about what he said soon she’s going to meet her sanskar he had found him she rushed down
“areh ragini be careful” said kushi who was sitting on sofa
“anything happened” she asked
Ragini hugged her tight
“I am very happy today we found sanskar” ragini said a tear dropped from her eyes her happiness can’t be expressed
“I am very happy today” kushi said and broke the hug and she wiped her tears
“know these have no place here” she said ragini smiled bright
Aranv came both were sitting in hall after some time a man came
He informed that sanskar was in Chicago he was living with kartick
They decided to leave in morning ragini break down when she was alone in her room

On the other side
In Chicago
Sanskar was holding the guitar and playing it and entertaining some old aged people he remembered all his moments with ragini when he saw her first time their pranks their fights when he confessed that he love her their marriage and that hill incident that shot at her tears flow from his eyes he kept the guitar aside and walked away
“he misses his love so much” one of old man said
“ha I pray to god that he meets her soon” an old women said
Sanskar was standing alone on top of a hill everyday he used to come their when ever he missed ragini he took out a ear ring from his pocket it was of ragini he held it in his fist
He felt that ragini was in pain as she was crying he wanted to go to her but was helpless remembering his promise all these days being away from her he realised that he can’t stay away from her but he stopped himself thinking about his promise she was his first priority he could never forgive himself that he shot at her though it was just an accident but he was also some where the reason for her misery he never loved her truely he used her for his revenge which was baseless
The thought was killing him every day he had many sleepless nights

The next day ragini reached chicago
As she was taking her steps towards him it was becoming very difficult for her to manage her emotions she would break down the moment she sees him she wanted to scream run and hug him tight tell him how much she missed him
Soon they reached sanskar’s place it was dusk
Sanskar had still not returned it had been daily routine of him
Kartick opened the door he was not shocked to see both of them ragini had developed tears in her eyes he let them in

And explained about sanskar
“ragini in all this months he missed u alot but never dared to come in front of u he wanted to come to u but his promise it was four months back that I found him when I found him he was not in a situation to understand anything he was just looked to be alive but his soul was not with him his heart was with u he loves u a lot i know I have done many mistakes in past but know I wanna rectify sorry I couldn’t inform u along back because of sanskar but I some how managed and informed u about him”kartick said tears rolled from her eyes
“where’s he” she asked
“at one place from all these months he goes to one place when ever he misses u” kartick said
Trio left
They reached the place but didn’t find sanskar their
They searched him in city but didn’t find
They returned back
Ragini was sitting on bench in garden she was crying
She heard sanskar’s voice she looked towards him she was happy seeing him he sounded drunk
She moved towards him

He had changed a lot he had developed dark bread his face had shirked developed dark circles around his eyes messy hairs he was looking dull in light of moon sanskar saw towards her he was drunk he was thinking as if was a dream ragini was in front of him he touched her face she was feeling happy by his touch she closed her eyes
“ragini” he said tears rolled down his eyes she hugged him and he too hugged her back helding her tight as if she would run away
Ragini cried her heart out in his embrace both held each other tight it was passionate hug they were expressing how much they missed eachother how much they love eachother
Ragini felt his grip loose he was not in his sense he fell asleep she supported him and took him in arnav helped her she made him lie on bed
“don’t leave me ragini” he kept on muttering
Ragini sat near him on bed she held his hand and fell asleep their

The next day ragini woke up first
And left from their when sanskar woke up ragini was not their
Kartick entered in
He was feeling heavy headache he was not remembering anything
“sanskar why u were drunk last night” kartick said
“sorry yaar yesterday I was bit sad and frustrated”
“so that doesn’t mean u drink that much”
“sorry kartick and thank u”
“how are u feeling know” he asked
“ahh my head is spinning and u know what I felt that ragini was here next to me but I know its dream” he said being sad
“take rest I’ll send lemonade for u” saying he left ragini was standing out holding lemon juice heard their conversation after kartick left she entered in sanskar didn’t see towards her he was holding ragini photo when she forwarded the juice he just took it without seeing towards her he felt something weird and looked up and found ragini
“I think I am daydreaming I am seeing ragini in everyone see angle how much I miss u” he said tears rolled down her eyes which fell on sanskar’s hand he looked up and found her tearing
“sanskar” she called

He stood up he was unable to believe that she was in front of him she hugged him but he didn’t reciprocate
She broke the hug and started moving
“ragini listen to me” he called
“don’t talk to me sanskar” she said
He found arnav their
“arnav” he called and moved towards him he was about to hug him he pushed him
“how can u sanskar”
“arnav atlest u understand”
“I understand what ever u did but I’ll never forgive u that u left my sister” he said
“sorry”he said
Arnav hugged him “u are worst” he said and broke the hug
“know what are u waiting for go to her she’s dam angry on u” arnav said pushing him
Ragini was sitting on bench and she was crying
Sanskar placed his hand on her shoulders she tuned up and saw him her eyes turned red in anger she stood up and starting moving he held her hand
“sanskar leave me”
“I won’t”

“already u left once” she said giving him stern look sanskar loosened his grip but didn’t leave
“what happened know run from here u know what mr.sanskar maheswari u don’t have guts to fight for ur love u didn’t love me truely if u had then u would have fought for it but u, u are looser who left his love in mid way and ran from their” she yelled at him tears flowed down her cheeks
“its waste of time to talk to u, u won’t understand ever” she was about to go sanskar pulled her in bone crushing hug she hugged back and cried in his embrace
“how could u sanskar didn’t u ever once think of me how would I leave without u” she hugged him even more tight
“I am sorry”
“i don’t need u and ur sorry” she said breaking hug and pushing him
She entered in sanskar came following her
“bhai book tickets for Kolkata we are returning back soon their’s swalak engagement” ragini said aloud
“are they getting married”sanskar asked
“ha” arnav said
“I’ll book tickets” arnav said
“ragini did u forgive him” he asked moving close to her she smiled and nodded
Arnav moved sanskar and gave him angry look and left even ragini ignored him
Kartick patted his shoulders
“its going to be tough to convince them” kartick said
“yes but”
“sanskar plsz forget everything that happened”
“I can’t”
“ok tell me will u be able to be away from her after seeing her” nodded no
“so return back to ur family and her but first get their forgiveness” kartick said

Precap: ragini’s anger………………. will she forgive him so soon

Sorry guess I know its worst patch up ever I know I was unable to make a coherence u had lot of expectations from my story but I think I disappointed u people sorry for boring chapter and I’ll try to update next part as soon as possible plsz give ur valuable comment………………………….

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