Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 18)

Let’s begin

Swadarsh ru comes to rag
Rag sees them
Ru: chachi.. Sorry u didn’t want to marry my Chachu ryte..(lil sadly) wat to do Chachu said that if u didn’t said yes then he vl die
Swadarsh widens their
Rag panicked
Swadarsh silently laughs
Rag: wat ru..
Ru: ya ask with Adar Chachu
Adar: controlling his yes..i think he vl die
Ru glâres him
Swad: yes..u r my sis cum fend i don’t want u to be
Rag runs..
Ru: dekha..
Adr: champ wr studied this much of acting..
Ru:i born as actor
Swad: vl u teach me
Ru: before that we should continue this drama
Rag listens this..

Rag comes to hall
Triotoo comes
Ru pinches Adar hand
Adar: ah.. Voh.. Sanky wr r u..
Ishra laughs
Ish: ha… Where is sanky..
Just then they hear a screaming voice
swadarsh ishra: now who is RAGINI
Mrs: shreya has another name RAGINI
All: oh

All goes out.. Bt rag stands there..

Sanky was top of the house..
Ram: artery.. Sanky wat ru doing there..
Ru: where is chachi..

Rag pov
i remained as acting queen.. Now see wat i vl do
Pov ends
Rag goes out..
San: rag if u say yes then i vl come down then i vl come down otherwise..
Rag interrupts: yes
San feels happy he was Abt to come down
Rag: wait.. Yes for wat
San gets shocked even others too
San: u vl marry me right..
Rag laughs
All looks confused
Rag: in your dreams Mr MAHESHWARI
Raman too laughs with her
Ram: good decision..
Rag: yes..i vl not marry him
San: hey wait.. wat.. If u r not Marrying Me then i vl jump now.
Rag: ok.. Jump..
Swadarsh ishra silently laughs
Ru closes her face with her hands
San sees ru angrily..
Rag: i m tiered..i vl go.. She was abt to leave
San: i vl definitely jump
Rag: ok your wish..
Ram: jump na sanky
Sanky glâres Raman
Rag abt to leave
San: ok.. Rag i vl jump
People gather there
People start gossiping
San: 10…… 9…… 8…. 7….
Rag sees this
Adar: i think now he vl definitely jump
Rag thinks something.. And smiles
San: 6…5…….4……3…..2..
All closes their eyes
San to gets afraid..
San: 3/4….
Ram: wat…r u teaching us maths
San: don’t joke bhai..
Rag: see ür bhai has no worries if u die..
Ram: why vl i worry
Rag: see
Ram: wat has left u hv achieved.. In small age
Adar: continue sanskar
San: dosth hai ki dushman

Adar: i m remembering u..
San: wat
Rag laughs
San: 3/4…3/4….3/4
Ish: age badna
San: 1/2….
Rag: 1…0….
San: wat..u hv no feelings for me..
Rag: no..
She goes..
San pouts
Ish: come down
San: no..i vl die now definitely in serious tone
All gets shocked

Ram: r u gone mad
San: yes
He was abt to jump
Someone back hugs him
He turns and sees rag crying..

Rag holds her ears and says sorry..
Sanky smile: thank God..i got saved
Rag: i m sorry..
San: hmm..i m sorry too..i would hv died if u..
Rag beats him: don’t dare to say those words..again.. San hugs her tightly..
All claps
Ruhi: now i can call u chachi right
Rag: yes
Ru jumps
Mr& Mrs Sharma: Kisiki nazar na lage.. They smiles..

All gathered in hall
Ram: now we can ür engt right
Rag: before that i want share my past with u all
San: no rag
Ish: San is right..
Rag: no bt i want to
Ram: for us u r Marrying this mad that is enough
All laughs
Rag then says her past all gets shocked
Swad comes and hugs her
Ish too comes..
Ram: nw..u said those ür bitter past to us..
San: wat do u mean bhai
Ram adr smirks
San understands
San: i also wanted to do that..
Ladies gets confused
Swad asks adr..
Adr explains something to ish swad
Ish swad: we r with u..
Rag was playing with ruhi
San sees her: i vl never make this smile fade i promise..
All smiles
Ram: so i hv decided tmrw vl be engt
Ragsan gets happy..
Ram: swadarsh u know na wat u have to do..
Swadarsh: yes…

Precap: headlines in news paper


  1. Crystal089

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  10. Nice epi …ragsan scenes are nice…

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