Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 16)

Lets begin

Sharma house
Rag gets call frm san..she smiles
Rag:subah ke7 baje..why u called?
San:tumhe tho merí yaad tho aati nahi hai..
Rag:ha theek kaha..
San:i cald u to tell that my bhai bhabi has chosed a girl..anď today v r going to see thê girl
Rağ:waaattţ???u đidnt saiď them äbt us?
San:u didnt said me rpły..i thought that u r nt interested..so i said ok to tem..
Rag:waaăttt…hw could u…uuu cheater..
Sàn silently laughs..
San:u try to forget me..i vl also forget u

Cuts thé càll
Sàn:rag rag…
He laughs
San:rag u r driving me crazy

Sharmã housĕ
Mr&mrs sharma aşk her to take leave
Rag:y ma?
Couple: someone spcl r going to come..
She was sad..this is noticed by them
Couple:wat Hpnd..rag anything bothering u?
She leaves..tears flow frm her eyes
Mrss:anything is Hpnd..u ask sanky..!!
He call sanky..
Mr.s:did u said anything to my daughter..
San:no uncle…y?
Mrs.s:smthng is wrong..she is crying silently
San:wat..she is crying…oh no wat i hv done..
Couple:wat u done..
San then describes abt the hapngs
Mr.s:wat u said to my daughter..if i chng my decision u vl face the consequence..
San:sorry uncle i vl talk to her..
Mrs.s:no..dont talk..v vl surprise her..
Rag comes…
Mrs.s:hw r u?i m missing u dear..
San gets confused
San:did rag came
Mrs:ha..ok bye..see u today at10..

San mansion
Door bell rings..
San opens the door..
San:bhai bhabi…
( i vl select ishra if u want chng u cn say)
Ish:nw u remember us..
Ram:ha..baat shadi tak pahunch gayi hai aur hame ab pata chal raha hai..
San:bhaaai..i m sorry..
Ram:tujhe tho mein baad mein dekh loonga..ab chale…
San:ok..chalo he goes out..

Ram:oh..bhai aise hi chal raha hai..
Ish:we r going to see girl san
San:she knws me..her family knws me..then wat?if i go like this..
Voice:chachu u shld look like groom na..
(Ya its lil ruhi)
Ru:chachuuuu she hugs him..
San:ruuu baccha…
Ru:ok ok nw get ready i want to meet my chachi..
San ok

Then he gets ready…

Sharma house..
Rag was crying in her room remembering san words
Mrs.s brings a red saree to rag..
Mrs.s:u wear dis!!
Rag:bt y ma..
Mrs:no quesns..

Rag sadly:ok..

Rag then wears..she tied her hair as elsa haistyle..

Couple comes there and smiles..seeing her
Mr:wow..if san…
Mrs.s stamps his foot
Rag:wat papa..
Mrs.s:nthng..u r lukng beautiful like angel frm heaven..
Jst then hear a horn
Mr:lagta hai woh log aa gaye..
He leaves..
Rag:who r coming..he excited frm mrng..
Mrs:groom family is coming to see u
Mrs:ha get ready and come..
She leaves..

Rag pov
Ek din mein aur kya kya hone wala hai…hai bhagwan mein kya karoon..
Pov ends
Jst then swadarsh enters house thy get in..
They talks for few mins swad then goes to rag
Then Ishra sanru enters
Couple welcomes them
All takes blessing frm couple
San:adrsh u here..
Adarsh:my wife got a sis and she wanted to come here to be with her..

Rag:swad..wat is hpng wid me..
Swad:dont talk come..they hv arrived..(she knws abt the plan)
She takes her..
Ishraru sees her..ruhi runs to her and says
Ru:chachi..u r beautiful..
Ishita too comes..and hugs her..
Tears r flowing frm rag..she wipes it before anyone could see…
Ish:u r soo beautiful…
Ram:ha..hw u liked my bhai..
All smiles..
Rag gets confused..
Rag then turns and sees sanskar smiling at her..
All laughs except ishra..ishra too gets confused

Ishra:kya hua?sab has kyun rahe ho…
Then adarsh describes them the hpngs..
Rag was happy…and angry at sanskar too..
Mr.s:bcs of u my daughter cried a lot…
San:bcs of me..who told me to continue..ha..all blame on me…
They stays quite
Rag angrily stares sanky..

San comes to her..
He was abt to hold her she pushes him..
He again tries..she beats him continuously..
All laughs..
Ram:mere taraf se bhi maarna mujhe tho isne kuch bataya hi nahi..
Swad:mere behen ko taklif de rahe the na ab bhugtho

All laughs he then holds her hand
Rag:mein tho ab tumse shaadi nahi karne waali..she turns her face..
Ishita holds san ears..
Ish:ok..rag u marry smeone else..who is more handsme then san..
San:wat yes ha..wat yes…
All laughs..
She leaves..
Ram:joke karna..
San pouts..
Adar:ab jao bhi..nahi tho woh abhi pakka shadi tho dhoor ki baath hai..baat tak nahi karegi..
San runs…

Rag room

Rag to herself:bada aaya usne abhi tak mera asli roop dekha nahi hai..
San slowly comes and locks the room..

Rag turns and stares him angrily..
Rag turns
San:i m sorry..please..
Rag stays silent..
San:r u sure u r nt going to talk..
Rag stays silent..
San:waise..u r lukng hot..
Rag smiles a little..
San back hugs her..please i m sorry..
She pushes him..
San:ohh…tho yeh baat hai..r u sure u r nt talking to me..
Rag nods yes..

San:then face the consequence
Rag luks at him confused..
He comes close to her..she tries to go..he holds her..
He was abt to kiss her..
Ruhi knocks the door..
San holds his head..
Ruhi:chachi..open the door
Rag was abt to go..san hold her nods in no..
Ruhi:chaachu open the door..
She goes and opens..

Precap:engagement and dhamaaka

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