Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 12)

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Lets begin

Sanky:no icant ask her directly…no wat shld i do nw..
He thinks..i vl do nw wat i thougt to do before…
He remembers all his momemts with her..then smiles..if u say yes then no..rt can come in our life..i promise RAGINI GADODIA

He calls her..he picks..
San:can u meet me in abc park..
Rag:sir..any work..
San:no..u cm u vl get to knw urself..be there at 30 mins
Rag:ok sir..

Rag gets ready..
Couple:wr r u going nw..
Rag:sir called me urgently..i dont knw..y he calked me this time
Couple smile:ok go nw he must be waiting
She leaves..

At park..

sanky sees rag coming..
Rag:y u called me here sir..
San: ya
Rag:anything important..
San:i dont knw hw to say..bt nw i cant back off..
Rag:ok say..y r u nervous i m ur frnd
San..moves back..rag gets confused
San:i m ur frnd rytee
Rag:no best frnd….she smiles he too smiles
San:rag i want u to..
Rag:u to wat
San:oh god..i never felt this much nervousness in my whole life..
Rag smiles:wat u want to say.. u r nervous as u r proposing me for marg..
San get shocked..
San:i m proposing you..to become my life nt life partner
Rag shocked bt she felt happy in heart..bt she remembers abt rt
Rag has tears nw as she cant say to him that she too loves him..she feels helpless
San:i want to hold ur hand watever may be the situation..i want to share all my happiness..to you..and i want take all your sorrows..my life is incomplete without you..will you complete it..
Tears are flowing frm her eyes
She remembers swalak works..abt somrone..spcl
She remembers rt’s words..
Rag to herself:no no..i cant risk his life..i cant become selfish in love..nw wat shld i do..di i need ur help..bt u r nt wid me

Sw:crying..lak i feel dat rag needs me..
Lak:she’s far away sw..and i knw watever she’ll take decision..for good
Sw:no laksh i feel..leave it..hope ragini vl be happy..atleast she’s away frm that blo*dy rt..
Voice:this is nt fair swara ji…

San comes near her:i knw that u love me..i feel that..i can love inyour eyes for me…
Rag moves back
San gets shocked
Rag runs frm there

In road
Rag is walking in middle of the road..
Rag :di jeeju..i feel sanky is that spcl person for me…bt she cries..
Sanky hears this..he felt happy..bt sad too
Rag:jeeju..u said that i’ll find him soon..i found..bt i cant tell my feeling for him

Sanky sees that a car is approching her in full speed..he runs to her and pull her..he hugs her
She pushes him
Rag:sir..i dont hv feelings for u..
San:oh..really..then wat r saying till nw MISS RAGINI GADODIA..

Rag:wat i was..then she gets that..she is shocked
San:gives her diary..
She is again shocked…
Rag:hw u got this diary..
San:first u answer me…u love me right..dat too more then me..
Rag cries and fall down..
He holds her sholders..ragini nw i knw ur past till u written..ragini i love you..look at me..
Rag:no..you cnt love me..your life vl be at risk..no i cant do dis..
San:rag look at me..see..u r saying that my life vl b at risk..u think that rt vl kill me rytee..bt i vl nt be able to live without u..
Rag keeps her hand on his mouth
Rag:dont say like this..u dont knw abt my full past..then say u still love me..
San:no..rag..wat u think..my is cheap that i stop loving u after hearing ur past..listen to me rag
Rag:bt still i want to say ur past
San:before that i want to hear frm your mouth..do u love me!!
Rag cries…


Sorry frnds..its boring….bt i vl still try to make it interestin in next ep

So wat u think..vl ragini accept sanskars love?
Who came to swalak’s place??can you guess

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb, I think RT came to Swalak’s place

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    amazing loved it

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  5. Inu

    Superb epi. Perfect scene description.

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  7. Nice update….I hope ragini accept her love…rt came to swalak place…waiting for next part soon…

  8. Jazzy

    it is rt i think

  9. Awesome

  10. It is interesting.hope swalak will be safe

  11. Fairy

    superbbb….loved ragsan scene..keep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 😉

  12. Asra

    awesome dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  13. Boring nooooooooo its amzngggggggg

  14. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr

  15. A.xx

    fab loved it and wonder who heard swara’s and lakshya’s talk and hope she accepts it.xx

  16. Hemalattha

    awesome.who that rt?what he want?ragsan scenes amazing.

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