Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 11)

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Lets begin..

Sanky:agar shreya..i mean ragini..y did she tell lie..he gets confused

He then first page

Today..i enjoyed very much..dear diary this is my 18 diary..i missed all my diary..par iss baar mein tumhe apne aap se kabhi dhoor nahi karungi…

San smiles

2nd page
I cn live without air bt nt my family..here shows a girl running in the field
Girl is rag
Rag:di aap kahan ho..
Sw:comes from back mein yahan hoon
Rag:aapke liye rishta aaya hai
Rag:mom and dad were talking..i slowly listened their conversation
Sw:dey evn didnt ask me once..
Rag:u r roaming here and derr..den hw cn u knw
Sw:lets go
Rag ok

Swrag home
Sw:papa..u didnt asked me once?
Sw:ma u too
Sw:i m nt ready for mrg!!
Sw:i m nt ready!!
Shekmi:anybody forced u to marry..ohh we get that..u r indirectly saying that u want to marry.. we understood
Sw:wat..mere liye rishta nahi aaya tha
Shemi:nahi tho..par aaj hi mein baat
Sw(interruots):tho iska matlab…shouts ladoooo
She sees that she’s nt there

Sw runs out and finds her..
Holds her ear
Rag:sorry di…di plzzz
She leaves
Sw:bcs of u mom dad vl search a groom for me
Rag:accha heina
Rag:runs hides behind shekar
Sw:dad see..she always makes prank
Shek:tanku raagu..nw we cn search a groom..
Sw:no dad plzz
Shom:no shona..ur dad is ryte..see u hv a sistr too
Sw:mom plzz
Shomi fakely cries:v hv 2 daughters..before dieing i want to see their marriage
Sw melts:mom dont say like that..ok i m ready
All has a group hug

Sanky smilingly turns the page

The day has arrived..groon cm to see my sis

Grm has arrived he cm alone

Rag:wo akela aaya hai di
Sw:wo akela ho ya uske saath poore sheher ho mujhe koi farak nahi padta..
Rag pouts
Rag:wo bohot hansme hai di
Rag:dekhna..use dekte hi tumhe pyaar ho jayega..tum aakar zaroor kahogi..ki mein agar shaadi karoongi tho sirf aur sirf laksh se karoongi
Sw:ab ye laksh kaun hai
Rag:wohi..ladka hai di

Shomi comes and cals
Swa comes with tea

Lak gets mesmerised seeing her
Sw too falls for him
Rag sees them staring eachother lovingly
Rag coughs
They both composes
Shek and lak talks wid each other
Shek:tho beta..
Rag:dont u think dad we should leave them alone
Shemi:hmm ok..sw beta take him to ur room
They goes to room
Lak:ur room is beautiful
They both laughs
Lak:do u like me..?
Sw:sm here do u like me?
Lak:u say first
Sw:no u
Lak:no u
Sw:no u
Lak:no…u say
Rag who is listening their conversation comes in
And says:pehle aap pehle aap mein gaadi choot jayegi..
Rag:hi ragini..if u got fixed to my sis then u cn cal me ragu
Lak:hi ragu
Rag:wat u said
Rag:not that wat u called me..
Lak:ragu..is it ok
Rag:see di he liked u so he is calling me ragu
Sw blushes..
Rag:luk smeone is blushing
Rag:shouts mom dad
Shemi comes there worried:wat hpnd ragu

Ragu:apne damaad ka swaagath nahi karoge
Ragu:wat u listened that
Shemi gets happy they leaves..
Rag:all the best jeeju..she leaves
Lak smiles
Lak:u didnt replied ?
Lak:do u like me?
Rag frm outside gaadi choot jaayegi
Swlk laughs sw:yes
Lak:ab gaadi nahi chootegi saali sahiba
Rag jumps in happiness

Sanky smiles and says shreya..no no my ragu was very naughty..nw wat hpnd

He then turns the page..

Soon swalak married
Then bidaai..
Swarag both cries hard

Lak to shek:meine dahej nahi liya par ab lena chahta hoon
All gets shocked
Lak:aise mat dekiye..mein ragu ko dahej mein apne behen banakar leke jaana chahta hoon
All laughs
Shomi:beta..u r taking one..hw cn v live..nw u r saying this..noo beta

Then they leaves

Sanky turned the page..
Today swalak completes 1 month after mrg
Today..was the black day for me..

My life’s worst day..

That swalak said me to wait in the temple..
As i ws going their home to sit

Then some people came and surrounded me..i got scared
Then there comes rt..
He hold my hand and said:i want u to make my bride
She gets shocked

She pushes him
Then all his men shouts
He signals them in his hand

Jst then swalak comes

Dey r shocked to see her somany mens surrounded to her

They goes to her..sw hugs crying rag..
She angrily sees them
Lak:holds collar of rt..hw dare u to make her cry
All his men comes forward he signals them and stops them
Rt:arey aap tho naaraz ho gaye..hum tho aapke saali se pyaar karte hai..hum usko bohoth jald apne rani banane chahte hai..accha hua aap hi aagaye..nahi tho hum aane waale the
swalak gets shocked..
Rt:abhi hum chalte hai..v vl come back to ask ur hand with ur hand frm ur parents..
Sw:think abt age atleast..u r like her father
Rt:everything is fair in love and war
He goes to rag and tries to keep his hand on her face..sw pushes him
Rt:wat is this saali sahiba..u r pushing ur bil..u shld be happy as ur sis soon going to be a takuraain..
He leaves
Rag cries loudly
Swalak consoles her..ragu dont cry v vl not let him to come near u..ok..dont cry be brave

Till nw sanky had tears feeling the pain of his ragu
Sanky:rag has gone through this much

Then he turns the page but he couldnt find anything..written

San:i want to knw ur full past rag..wat hpnd to ur parents..wr is ur sis bil..hw u cm here
And i vl only get this ans only by u

He is determined

Precap:san asks rag to tell her past to him..as alread read her diary..rag gets shocked

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