Swaragini ( where she went) Episode 12 (Maha episode)

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Episode 12
The episode starts with sanky thinking he needs to talk to her and clear all misunderstanding…I need to meet ragu.
Next day
Ragini is smiling and is really happy. Swara is amazed.
Swara: Ragini What happened?
Ragini: I am really happy di…I am so so happy. I have got my bestfriend and my stupid friend back. She leaves saying she is late for college.
Swara is happy seeing her and is relieved and thinks whom was she talking about?

( I want to clear one thing Ragini don’t know swara is planning to take revenge on

At clz rags and lucky are busy playing pranks on each other. They are busy preparing for their competition. It’s important for both to them to win to make there dreams. come true. They wished one of them win.
Vrushi is planning something big.

At office regular works are going. As usual sanky tries to express hisfeeling but is not able to.
Days passess and then the big day arrives. It’s Music competition
Rags and lucky…they are confident and challenges each other friendly and wish each other good luck.Vrushi comes there and wish them.
Here sanky is all excited as he is gonna propose swara today.
The music competition starts. Swara is also there. Sanky hasnot reached yet.
Ragini is in her make up room. She sees a drink and note;
Drink for my special friend. From your unlucky lucky. She gets happy and drink it.
Vrushi goes to laksh and give him juice saying Ragini send it to him. Laksh is about to drink it but vrushi starts couging loudly. Lucky makes her drink juice. Vrushi faints. Laksh gets shocked and make vrushi conscious by calling doctor.

Vrushi: lucky..you ok..this drink …ican’t believe….rags could stoop this low.
Laksh is just shocked and angry.
Vrushi; she had once told me she will do anything to win but…..i didn’t know she will cheat you for just winning this competition.
Meanwhile laksh is called in stage…he goes from there angrily.
He starts to sing
Sadda haq song from rockstar.
All are amazed to hear this. There is pain and anger in his voice.

Now Ragini iscalled
She goes to stage and start to singbut her voice stucks . she is shocked. She reminiscence about the drink. She leaves from there crying. All laugh at her.
Swara is worried and start to search her but is not able to. Lucky also thinks what happened to her although he isfeeling angry and betrayed.
Outside the venue, it starts to rain and ragini is crying. A man comes there and puts his hand in her shoulder. She sees him and hugs him tightly and cry.
Meanwhile, laksh is searching ragini. He ask vrushi.
Vrushi; Why are you searching that cheater. Look her plan backfired to her.
Lucky; I won’t forgive her but I am worried. Did you see her?
Vrushi; She is busy romancing her BF in rain. Just go and see.

Laksh goes out side and sees a man kissing ragini’s forehead. He didn’t see the face of boy. He gets angry and storm outside.
Outside the person tells Ragini not to judge so quickly and to talk to him. Ragini nods and goes
Result is announced. Laksh wins the competition.
Laksh is full drunk . There’s party for lucky organized by their friends.Ragini goes there. Vrushi instigates laksh against ragini. He says welcome ragini the looser.

Ragini is shocked. He insults her saying she isa cheap girl who can do anything for winning and traps boys. Ragini can’t control her anger and gives tight slap to him..chadyammm..drunk laksh slaps her back. Ragini is shattered…she goes from there.
At parking Ragini is crying. Ragini’s POV How could he do this to me? He spiked my drink to make me loose the competition and then insulted me and slapped me . I had started to lo…she stops and says..I HATE YOU LAKSH.
She is about to go but realizes her keys felldown and goes inside the party. She sees vrushi taking laksh to bedroom. There vrushi sees her and says laksh your plan was superb. She deserved it. You took your revenge as she had insulted you by making you take out your clothes. Laksh not in his senses says yes…she deserved this. Vrushi is about to kiss lucky. Rags leave from there. She is shattered. Vrushi lays laksh in bed and leaves from there and smirks. Laksh is crying in sleep (Moh moh k male version plays)

Rags goes to her home..locks the door and cries. She starts breaking things and cries saying..Why did you betrayed me..insulted me meanwhile swara is crying at door ad pleading her to open it. She assumes sanky is responsible . she gets a call and says I’m coming with a determined face

At office swara reaches there..it’s dark suddenly light comes. It’s all decorated and other staffs are also there.
Sanskar bows down and says; I know I could have said this alone but I wanted to confesss infront of everyone. He shows her ring and says I love you swara. Will you grow old with me…will you marry me?
Swara stand like statue then she laugh. (exactly as sanky did with ragini)
Swara; How could you think I would love you…just look at yourself

Sanky; What are you saying swara? You always gave hints to me..
Swara; oh that..i had a bet with someone that I will make you bend infront of me..if you are the last person in the world then alsi I won’t love you..and yes I resign now sir
Sanskar is shattered. Swara leaves.

Ragini goes to swaras room and finds a diary..she reads it and is shocked. She thinks swara loves sanky .So swara di is the one whom sanky is going to propose today but this revenge….
Ragini cries and says I am not good for anything..i always get betrayed and now bcz of me swara is hurting the person she love.
She with determined face says I will go away from their life. She writes a letter to swara explaining everything. Ragini leaves.

Precap; Where she went.

Guys how was the episode…I think you are not liking it as i get very less number of comments…pls comment as i get demotivated 🙁 . i will be uploading other episodes from june 15…coz i have exams now…i couldn’t controlto write as it’s teja’s birthday and yes finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEJASWI…TEJU ROCKS….i am a big teju fan 🙂 🙂

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