swaragini ts: love will find its way part 2

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All went towards her and got shocked more seeing her unconsciousness and all went towards her.

Ap: beta wake up(sprinkles water on her face)
She opens her eyes and one name comes out from her mouth
Ragini: laksh(shivering)

All got sad seeing her condition and were not able to believe that sanlak can do this

Hrere swara’s condition was not less she was just sitting like a lifless body in shock. Sujata and uttara were trying to console her
Uttara: bhabi you have to be strong
Sujata:yes beta you have to bring him back . if he is sanskar then you are swara his wife. The dumbo has not any brain you na . he just works with his anger and then regret

Their voices were not reaching to swara. She was in a state of shock and sanskar’s words promises were echoing in his mind and the whole world stopped for her.

“Swara we will live together and die together”

“I will be with you always “

“We are each other’s heartbeat’

“I have got you with so much difficulties mrs maheswari then how can I leave you”

She sees sanskar calling her from far opening his arms indicating her to come but suddenly he disappears.

Seeing their condition the lawyer was enjoying a lot and was smirking(monologue): the maheswari’s has to suffer and its their starting
He sees towards ragini who was also not in a good condition. She was shivering everyone is trying to calm her and made her drink water but she was not drinking it

Ragini(hiccups): m..aa l..a..ksh please call h..im. I can’t live without him

Saying this she again started crying again by hugging ap

The lawyer speak; mam sign the papers or else sir will not leave me. They had threatened me to come with signed divorce papers

All got shocked listening to him but next second maked them more shocked. They saw swara signing divorce papers.

Swara: if he wants this then give him and tell him not to come in front of me again(hands over papers in his hands)

Saying this she started going but turns and shouts: tell him I hate him a lot with the core of my heart

With this she ran away leaving everyone in shock like what is happening

Dp: ragini sign the divorce papers
Ap: ji
Dp: the person who doesn’t value you. You should not cry over him. You both will be my daughters now onwards and I will forget that I have two sons

He forwarded the papers to ragini and said: beta you have my swear sign them

Ragini holded the paper with shivering hands and signed them with much difficulty . tears were falling from her eyes.

After signing them she ran towards her room not to show anyone her misery more.

hi guys i will post tonight the next part. so wait till then

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