SwaraginI .. “TELL ME WHY ??” EPISODE 4

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Hello my dear frnds. I am so happy to see all u people liking and even commenting on my posts. And for a newcomer it is a gr8 source of encouragement.
The episode for today begins wid..
In coffee shop laksh and srishti r present when ragini and sanskar too reach there.
Sanskar; bhai u here
Ragini whispers in sanskars ear.
Ragini; dumbo cannot u see he is on a date . Dont disturb them.
Sanskar; o now i understand.

Sanskar; bhai we will talk later
Laksh; sanskar..
Sanskar leaves without listening.
Srishti; laksh will u take me too wid u people when u will leave for competition.
Laksh; we need tl travel by bus . I dont think u will be comfortable..
Srishti; i will be laksh.
Laksh; ok then u may join us..
Next day. In rehersals.
Laksh; comeon swara rohan show me now..
They perform
Laksh; great. Well done guys
Swara; thanks.
Rohan; thanks
Laksh goes to ragsan.
Rohan; now as we r leaving tomorrow .. i M very excited.
Swar; me too.
Laksh; everyone .. tomorrow we have to leave . I want all of u to be on time . The bus will start at 8 sharp.
Everyone; ok.

At swaragini’s room.
Swara: di may i keep this also.
Ragini; keep it.
Swara; this.
Ragini; ok.
Swara; and this di.
Ragini; what is this swara. Keep all u find good.
Swara; okay.
Ragini; and let me pack too.
Swara nods..
Next morning.
Everyone is seated in bus. The bus has 5 mins to stArt.
Swara; rohan water.
Rohan; what.
Swara; i forgot.
Rohan; wait i will bring it.

Swara peeps out of window.
Laksh is standing down near her window .
His eyes fall on swara and he is mesmerised seeing her .
In bus..
Laksh; everyone.. do not make urself much tired. Although the comp. Starts from tomorrow yet save ur enegy.
Sanskar; bhai we can play guitar and sing in a soft voice .
Laksh; ok.
Sanskar is playing guitar and ragini is singing..
Laksh sits at his seat.
Srishti; laksh its so good sitting wid u ..
Laksh; srishti even my brother is here .. so pls ..
Srishti; comeon laksh.
Laksh; pls.
Srishti; ok fine.
Swara is watching all this.
Swara; rohan why dont we play something.
Rohan; swara r u a kid .
Swara; u r very bad.
Rohan; i know ..

Swara stands up and goes to the first seat..
There laksh is talking to driver. He sees swara.
Laksh; swara what happened.
Swara; senior vo..
Laksh; laksh..
Swara; nothing happened.

Laksh; r u sure
Swara; yes.. i wanted to ask something from u.
Laksh; what
Swara; when u dont like srishti why do u …
Laksh; see swara she was my very good friend but from the time all this started .. she has changed .. if i refuse to be wd her .. i will lose my friend.
Swara smiles.
She goes to her seat back.
Rohan; i am sorry
Swara; its ok.

They both talk to each other..
After some time .. They all reach their destination..
Laksh: so we have reached.. I will be telling u ur room no.
He tells to everyone…
Laksh: be ready tomorrow by 7…
Everyone leaves.
Sanskar; bhai will u bring my bagtoo.
Laksh: sanskar u pls bring mine too.
Sanskar: wait bhai. We will take our own bags
Laksh: hmmm… Okay.

Precap: swalak growing closer…

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    I think something happens to sanskar here and he losses memory..? just guessing… epi is awesome. update soon

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    superbbb dear…

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