swaragini-swasan/ raglak- love will find a way – ep 2

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After a couple of hours, Swara reached the Mumbai airport. She was walking across the airport to get her bags but bumped into someone.
Swara: ‘I’m sorry.’ She said looking down.
Person; ‘Are you blind?’
Swara moved back a little and looked up to find a man. He had an irritated expression on his face which gradually turned into a smile.
Swara: ‘Excuse me, I had apologised and you were at equal fault. If you were looking you would have seen me but nooooo you were on your phone, Mr Attitude.’ Swara then walked off, not giving him time to reply.

Man’s thoughts:
‘What is wrong with you, she said soo much to you and you kept quiet… but she was different… after seeing her I couldn’t stop smiling… she probably thinks I’m an idiot.’ He came back to his senses and left.
Swara got a taxi and handed the driver a piece of paper which had the address on it.
Swara’s thoughts:
‘Mr Attitude has just spoiled my day and mood. Errr… no Shona no, think positive. I can’t wait to give everyone a surprise. Thank God, I managed to convince Ma to not tell anyone I’m coming as I wouldn’t be able to see their reactions… and everyone knows Shona just loves surprises.’ Swara’s thoughts were interrupted by the driver who had told her that they had arrived. After paying him she took her luggage and stood in front of a big mansion.
Suddenly, Swara saw a sign which said ‘Swaragini Mansion’ and moved close to it. She placed her hand over the sign with teary eyes.
Swara: ‘You love your Shona so much Laddo.’
Then came a shout ‘Who are you? Go away!’

She wiped her tears and turned around.
Swara: ‘I’m Swara, Ragini’s cousin.’
Guard: ‘No way, not again! Don’t you have other things to do?’ He asked shocked.
Swara: ‘Excuse me.’ Swara replied confused.
Guard: ‘Listen you look like your from a good family, plz leave or i’ll have to call the police.’
Swara: ‘What are you saying? Could you plz explain.’ She asked confused.
Guard: ‘Look I know being a fan you want to meet Ragini but using Swara’s name is wrong, it really upsets her.’
Swara started to understand the situation.
Swara: ‘Uncle, it’s really nice to see how much you care for Laddo but trust me I am Swara.. Swara Bose and Ragini is my cousin. Plz uncle believe me.’ She tries to make him understand.
Guard: ‘Beta, i’ll call Shekar Ji.’
Swara: ‘No, actually they don’t know that I have come to India, I want to surprise them.’
Guard; ‘Beta, I want to believe you but your making it hard, plz leave.’

Being our intelligent Swara she pretended to leave. After a while we see some bags being thrown over a wall and a person in a hat that covers the face except the eyes and a long black coat jumps over the wall. The person got up and started walking towards the mansion.
Guard: ‘Hey, stop there!’
The person started running and managed to get in the mansion. Everyone was sat on the sofas, talking. The person sneaked up to a lovely, pretty women who was wearing a saree. She was Sumi.
Guard; ‘Grab him!’ He screamed as he reached the entrance. Suddenly the person stood up and pointed a gun on Sumi.
Sumi: ‘Ahhhhhh!’
Everyone looked on shocked.

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