swaragini-swasan/ raglak- love will find a way – ep 1

Hi guy, I’m back. Thank you so so so so much for taking out some time to read the intro and supporting me. Anyways I will try to update regularly but I’ve got my exams coming up so I may be late with updates but after my exams I will update more often. For those who haven’t read the intro you may want to read it as it’ll make things easier to understand.

A beautiful girl is sleeping peacefully hugging a huge teddy bear on her king sized bed. Her room is a combination of light pink and light purple. In came a friendly looking women, who was wearing a traditional attire.
Women: ‘Wake up beta’.
Girl: ‘Ma, 2 minutes more plz’ in a tired voice.
Women: ‘No Shona, you have been saying this for the past half hour, wake up now’ in a bored way she removed the blanket.
Swara sat up and sighed while stretching her arms a little.
Janki: ‘Get ready Shona, the flight is in an hour and a half.’
Swara: ‘What why didn’t you tell me before I haven’t even packed my things.’ Swara ran to the bathroom leaving Janki shocked.
Janki: ‘What is this girl’. She mumbled leaving the room.

After an hour Swara came running down the stairs with her bags and went to Janki. She wore ripped light blue jeans, a light pink top and white trainers. Her hair was let down. Janki was standing near the dining table. Swara grabbed a paratha from the table and hugged her mum.
Swara: ‘I’ll miss you ma’ she said trying to stop her tears from coming out of her eyes.
Janki: ‘I’ll miss you too Shona, now go or you’ll be late.’
Janki said moving Swara away and pushing her towards the door as she knows if her Shona stayed with her for another minute then either Swara would refuse to go or she wouldn’t let Swara go.

Swara reached the airport on time and checked in. She took her place on the aeroplane and leaned back thinking about India.

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