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Note:Still in Sanky’s POV
I just sighed as I recollected what Bhabhi had told me. Ragini rejected Lakshya. So, why ? Why did he call him her Lakshya ? Why ? Ugh….. I looked at her as she was asking people lame questions. And now she started pouting like a baby. Ugh, so cute. But wait, why is she pouting now ? Damnit ! It’s that Lakshya’s turn to ask Ragu a question. “Truth or Dare ?”-he asked her cockily. This jerk ! My eyes widened as she said-“Dare, Mr. Pottyface !” Twinkle started laughing -roaring when she heard her little baby call Lakshya-Pottyface. I just sighed, because I know Ragu and I know that only she can come up with such immature pet names for a person she hates. So….. she does hate Lakshya.

Sanskaar’s brain- Dude ! Stop rambling !!! Now think why Ragini chose Dare ! How did that darpok become so courageous ?
Sanskaar- Aye ! Don’t call her darpok !!! Only I can say such things !
Sanskaar’s brain- I am you. You doofus ! Just the smarter part of you.
Sanskaar- Ugh. Fine.

Now that I was done talking to myself, I started paying attention to the game again. I wanted to punch Mr.Pottyface when he said-“Oh, feeling brave, are we ? Alright then Ragini. I dare you to -”
I didn’t even want to hear what he said next. I just didn’t want him to hurt Ragu. I wanted to protect Ragu. And that’s what I did. I just cut him off and said-” I will be her knight. Whatever your stupid Dare is, I will do it.”

Lakshya was clearly annoyed. He just said in the most uninterested tone possible-“I dare you to call the person you love the most and tell them that you loved them. Parents and siblings not included. It can even be someone in this room, but not your brother.”
I pulled out my phone and I already knew whom I was gonna call. I just smirked at that stupid Pottyface and said-“I’m about to call her now. Don’t be too surprised.”
Suddenly, Ragu didn’t look so drunk anymore. She just looked at me and asked-” Her ?Whom are you gonna call Sanky ? Who is that lucky girl who stole my best friend from me ?”
This girl ! So naive ! I just dialled her number, just to increase Ragini’s curiosity, because I’m sure everyone else already knew that I was gonna call my best friend, the girl I have feelings for. She just pouted when she realised I was ignoring her. She smiled widely when her phone rang. She immediately answered the call and said like a baby-” Yes, hello ? Sanky, cho cute you are ! I wuv you tooooooo~”

Yup ! Drunk, cute Ragu was back. She looked at me with this cute smile and immediately hugged me and said-” Thank you Sanky ! Thank you for loving me so much !”
Silly girl ! Didn’t she know how much I loved her ? Didn’t she know how important she was too me ? She pulled away and gave me a peck on the cheek, but then she suddenly stared at me as if I had sprouted two heads. She poked my nose and said-” Sanky ? Why do you have two heads ?” Oh, so I had sprouted two heads then. I chuckled and just replied in a serious tone-” Oh my god ! I had three heads, how come I have only two now ?”

Ragu gasped and said cutely-“Don’t worry Sanky ! I will find your third head and glue it back !”
Drunk Ragu was being extra clingy today. She’s clingy normally, but she mostly clings onto Twinkle. The game continued, but I could feel Mr.Pottyface’s gaze focused on us, as I continuously drew circles on the back of Ragu’s palm with my thumb and she had rest her head on my shoulder as she kept humming her favourite song- Korean obviously. She continued asking people random questions, until it was her turn to answer a question again. Stupid jerk face, I don’t even care what he’s saying. Ugh, this jerk ! He’s making it clear that no knights allowed this time ! You just wait Lakshya ! I will do anything to protect my Ragu ! My eyebrows have probably shot up to the point where they reached the terrace of our apartment. Well, I can’t help it. His question just annoyed me. What does he mean by- ‘Who is more important me or Sanskaar ?’ It’s obviously me, right ? Ugh. Damnit Ragu ! Why did you have to go and choose truth ?

I just turned to look at Ragu’s face and her face looked expressionless. Suddenly, she held my hand as she smiled cutely and she said-” There was a time when heartless and horrible people were important to me. But now, Sansky is the most important person to me. Not even Twinki or Kunj or any of my family members. It’s Sanky. I don’t even know how he became so important to me. But, it just happened. Thanks for coming in my life Sanky.” She smiled as her eyes welled up and I gave her hand a gentle squeeze. She looked into my teary eyes and just smiled cutely and kissed my forehead. I wanted time to stop in that moment. I wanted to just cherish this moment forever. I didn’t even realise that there were other people in the room, until I hear Lakshya yell-” He’s just a replacement !”

I just smirked at Lakshya and said-” Yes, a replacement. A version 2.0 perhaps ? The point being, you have been replaced. There is no need for you to stay.”
I don’t know what happened, but Ragini didn’t seem to be drunk anymore. It was as if she had sobered up, just by listening to us talk. She stood up and said in a serious tone-” I want to talk to Lakshya. Alone.”

All of us immediately stood up and while the rest of them walked out of the apartment, I went in and stood near the bedroom, to ensure that Lakshya wouldn’t make my Ragu cry. I just stared at Ragini, as she spoke- ” Lakshya Kapoor. I loved you. I loved you more than my life. You are my first love. Nothing can change that. The point being. You haven’t been replaced by Sanky.”
She paused, and that gave me a moment to think about what she said. I knew that she loved him, but I didn’t know that she loved him so much, that he couldn’t be replaced. Would she end up taking him back after all that happened ?

My thoughts came to a halt, when she continued-” Don’t smirk like that Lakshya. I’m not saying that you are irreplaceable. I am just trying to say, that Sanskaar is not a mere replacement. He is not just some rebound or some random guy that I am using, so that the void in my heart would be filled. Yes, I agree that your absence left a huge hole in my heart. I don’t need someone who would just replace you and make my heart whole again . Sanky is not someone who just tried to solve the puzzle and just fixed random pieces of my heart together. I had Kunj and Twinkle to protect me, to make me happy. But I was never truly happy, because I forgot what happiness was. I would just smile and laugh for their happiness.

I had never really moved on. I didn’t need a rebound to move on. I needed to find happiness. And Sanky helped me find that happiness. That happiness that was inside of me the whole time. I just had to follow my dream and Sanky was the one who actually persuaded me to do what I was passionate about. Sanskaar is the person who fixed me, but didn’t change me. He brought out the real me. He fixed my heart but made me realise that I didn’t need fixing, I just needed a little soul searching. He wants me to be safe. He wants me to be happy. And I want the same. You broke me and just hurt me constantly, Lakshya. But, I never realised that something which had been broken could be fixed and made more beautiful. Sanky made me realise that. He brought out the real me. He made me a better version of myself. You couldn’t do that in a million years. I don’t care if you say anything about me. I don’t care if you call me materialistic, just like you had- just before moving into this apartment. But, Sanky is not a replacement. He is my entire world. He is my best friend. A person I couldn’t imagine my life without. ”

I didn’t realise I was crying until my nose started leaking. I just wiped my face and looked at Ragini. I didn’t know she cared about me SO much. I didn’t know that I was so important in her life. Maybe, she could like me- romantic styles. Maybe, just maybe, there is still hope- for me- for US.

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