Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 25

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Episode 25

The convo between SwaRagSanLak, SujRam and ShekJan
“We have to do something for the girls, cause you can see in their eyes, that they still love these guys, why don’t we call them here, to our place?” Ragsan said together. “Great idea di and Sanky.” Lucky said. “We always have good ideas.” Sanky said. “We like this idea too.” ShekJan and SujRam said. “I can hear them and they are coming down.” Swara said.
So end of their convo

Sanky’s pov
After our convo the masked Angels came and said: “We are leaving Goa today for our new mission.” “What is your new mission?” Swalak asked. “Tourturing MT in Australia.” “What?” Mom and dad asked them asked. “Yes, we have to go bye!” They said, while they hugged us and then they went to the airport. “We have to change our plan Lucky said, then he dialed someone’s number. “Hello!” Someone said, we could hear everything, cause Lucky put his mobile on speaker. “Hi!” He said. The guy asked us: “Who are you?” “I’m Laksh Gadodia and I have some information for you TK about the masked angels.” “Did something happen to them?” Tk asked. “No, nothing happend, they are going to Australia for their new mission: torturing MT.” Swara told him. “If you don’t meet them there, then come to our place for a visit!” Janky aunty said. “Where do you guys live?” “In Goa!” I answered back. “Thank you very much for the great news about the girls.” He said and the call got disconnected. “Wow Lucky, you are amazing.” Ragini said. “Who’s brother am I?” Lucky asked Rags.” “Obviously you are my brother.” Rags replied back.
End of Sanky’s pov

SwaLak convo
“I hope that everything sorts out between the K bros and the masked angels.” “I hope so too my cute Lucky.” Swara said and then she suddenly said: “Lucky, I’m hungry!” “What do you want Shona?” He asked her. “I want Gol Gappa(indian or pakistani speciality).” “What’s wrong with you?” “Since morning I want to eat it!” SujRam and ShekJan came and said: “what?” “What’s wrong Mom, dad, uncle and aunty!” Swara asked, cause she didn’t know anything. “Shona you are pregnant.” Ragini said. “What?” SwaLak said together. “We will go to the hospital to take you for a check up.” “Ok, but I want Gol Gappa’s now?” Swara shouted. “I’m bringing it Jaanu, just calm down.” Lucky said softly.
End of the shocking convo

RagSan convo
“I can’t believe it, that Shona is pregnant!” An shocked, confused, angry and a little bit happy Sanskar said. “Calm, down my cutipie, it could be that she has got the moodswings, cause of her periods.” Ragini said and Sanky understood what she ment. “It could be, but babe we should concentrate on us.” A naughty Sanky said. “Don’t be as naughty as your/my cousin Crazy!” “Oh, yeah I forgot, that Crazy is naughty, but her AK is very romantic, they match/compliment eachother very well and the other couples do as well, but our pairing is the best!” Sanky said. “Hhahahhaha, bhai and my bhabhi’s romance.” Swara said naughtilly. “What are you talking about Swara?” A confused Lucky asked and Swara showed him a pic of RagSan. “Oyee, Shona why are getting naughtier day by day,” RagSan asked and she she said: “cause I can??.” And then she went.
End of the convo

ShekJan and SujRam convo
“If Shona is pregnant, then we should get her and Lucky married as soon as possible.” Janki said. “And if ahe isn’t pregnant, then what?” Shekher asked. “Then we will get them married after two months like our Ragsan.” Ram said. “I’m so excited, cause my children are getting married soon!” Sujata said. “Calm down Suji, you and your daughter are same overreacting.” Ram said and he got an killer stare back from Sujata, ShekJan tried to surpress their laughs, but they couldn’t stop it, cause their laughter, they had tears in their eyes. “Mom, dad is right!” Sanky said and he got hit by SwaRagLak. “My Shona doesn’t overreact.” An cute angry Laksh said. “Sorry yaar, I shouldn’t have said that cause you and your sister Ragini will kill me.”
End of their convo

RagLak convo
“Di, what will I do, if Shona is pregnant, I’m too young to be a father!” “Lucky, just chill we are here to help you, you and Shona will be great parents.” “And if she isn’t then?” “Then she has her periods!” “Do girls have moodswings then as well?” “Yes they do have it sometimes!” “I have it too.” “Oh, ok!” “What ok?” Ragini angrilly asked. “Now I know why you you girls are so weird.” “We are weird?” After saying that Ragini started to beat Lucky up.
End of their convo

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  1. Jazzy

    amazing sammy sis and crazy is naughty i totally agree and ak is romantic hahha loved it a lot and swara is pregnant wowow

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Jazz, your comment means a lot to me and you will get to know soon about Swara being pregnant or not??????

  2. Crystal089

    awesome superb its was really amazing swalak ragsan raglak and swasan convo was good

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much Crystal089❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dt

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks dear???

  4. Silent_writer

    Suprbbbbbbbbb sammy lovedddd itttt

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks Fizz, I love you my soulsis?❤️❤️❤️

  5. Fairy

    Fantastic amazng fabulousssss update dr…jst loved it soooo much sweeetheart…u again rocked it!!keeep smiling n stay blessed sweeetypie 😉 😉 😉

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks my sweet Fairy, I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Inu

    Superb update. I loved their bonding.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much Inu❤️❤️❤️

  7. Awesome

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks my triplet, I love you❤️❤️❤️

  8. Dharani


    1. AMkideewani

      Tysm dear❤️❤️❤️

  9. Ragz_teju


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      Thanks dear???

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