Swaragini- The soul sisters by Kukku. (Part-2)

Sreedevi is remembering all her moments she spent at that that house. 2 little girls are shown waving bye & a blur vision of 2 ladies fighting and sleeping hugging each other.

Flashback (1 year ago).
Army headquarters is shown.
A jeep come inside and that Dr. Sreedevi, comes. All the staffs wish her good morning. She directly goes to the ward and checks her patient.While checking a lady she was shocked and shouts at the nurse.
Nurse : what happened Dr.

Sreedevi : Who includes these medicines in my patients chart sheet which was not prescribed by me.
Nurse stand blankly.
Sreedevi check the computer and was really surprised and shocked. She says to the nurse since last 1 month this is going and no 1 notices this. I need all the staffs that were in the night duty yesterday to be present in front of me within 1 hour.
After 1 hr. all the staffs are present & Sreedevi is shouting at them.
Sreedevi is saying costly medicines are written in my handwriting. From many months this types of corruption is going on in my name and it’s a criminal offence. She as the pharmacist with your permission only the medicines are given from pharmacy. So he says it was madam’s signature and that’s y I had provided the medicines. But she says the medicines that have been provided by you has not seen or used by duty nurses or my patients. I know a criminal from a big mafia is behind it. Whoever has done it is a cheat that is for my medical ethics. Whoever has done this crime I’ll surely bring him in front of law.
An army man Sahil is looking very tensed and angry.

Later Rajendra is shown getting money from ATM and coming outside. Suddenly a person in motorbike has snatched his bag & tries to flew. But the people stop him and try to beat. Suddenly the person removes his helmet & it is revealed as Swara. She gave a sheepishly smile to Rajendra he was shocked & says to the people pls don’t do anything . This is my granddaughter Swara. A man ask how can she behave like this, so Rajendra says what to do she is like this only. Anyways thank you all for the help.
Rajendra : Are you James bond wearing jacket & helmet and riding motorbike.
Swara : When I ask you for some money you don’t have it. But early morning comes to AM to get the cash and checks his bag. She finds only 200 Rs. Ayyeeee only 200 Rs. No wonder people are calling you kanjoos.
Rajendra : You learnt all the bad things after having company with local kids. How does this girl born for my son God ?

Suddenly a 50 paise coin fell down and he try to get the coin from road at that time she snatches his chain and flew away.
A boy is shown sleeping and his mobile is ringing. He remove sheet from his face and is shown Lakshya. He pick up the Phone
Lakshya : Hey Swara, where r u now?
Swara : I’m waiting outside your home .Come out
Laksh : What happened? Did you got money from your grandpa?
Swara : Yes I got. 200 Rs.
Laksh : Wow super. Such a kanjoos?????????
Swara : But I manage to get something else. And shows the chain
Laksh : Wow, how did u manage to get it. She describes how did she got the chain.
Swara : So see you later at the spot. Bye
Laksh : Bye.

  1. Malayalam flm colours is dis???

    1. Kukku

      Yes it is. I like that movie so though to make it as Swaragini.

  2. R u a malayali
    And is this scenario from any malayalam movie…. ..Hehe
    Then also nice epi

  3. Asra

    awesome dear…

  4. IQRA222


  5. Aditisyam

    I think u r from Kerala isn’t this from the movie colours

    1. Kukku

      Yes it is.

  6. Arshaanya

    Is it swasan coz u said its on my fvrt couple ???
    N i love swasan ???

  7. Kakali

    Waaaa Kukuuuuuuu loved it dear..!! Continue soon..!! Don’t keep readers in suspense regarding the pairs,bcz later they feel disappointed and hurt for not getting their fav couples..!! Hope u understand..!! TC..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  8. A.xx

    nice zz

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