Swaragini- The soul sisters by Kukku. Character Sketch

Hello everyone. I am a silent reader of TU and a big fan of SWARAGINI. So Thought to write a story on Swaragini. So here we go with the story.

Character Sketch
Swara : a very naughty & bubbly girl. She is a boyish type girl. Works in a small local TV channel in Coonnoor. She is the host of a comedy program. Loves her sister Ragini very much
Ragini : a very sweet girl. Working as a teacher in a school in Coonnoor. Loves her sister very Much.
Dr. Sreedevi : a very sweet loving and a strict mother of Swaragini. Loves Ragini more than Swara.
Col. Rajendra : Father in law of Dr. Sreedevi. A very fun loving grandpa. Always support Swara in all her naughtiness.
Lakshya : a fun loving boy and a best friend of Swara. He is the partner in Crime of Swara.
Sanskar : He is a Navy officer and family friend of Dr. Sreedevi.
Shekar : Father of Swaragini.

  1. IQRA222

    hello kukuu or kukku di
    loved the intro but do tell na what are the pairs
    waiting for the next part

    1. Hi iqra
      Wait till next part for the pairs..

  2. Nice dear…all the best and would love to read if it is swasan

  3. Abhi142

    Hey…is it the story of a Malayalam movie !!! Colours….
    So as per that…SWA….SAN is the pair right!!

  4. R u from Kerala? Interesting and plz make Raglak as pair

  5. is this story based on the malayalam movie colours

    1. Kukku

      Yes Shiva. It is

  6. Asra

    nice intro dear….

  7. Shrilatha

    Nice..plz ragsan

  8. Independent

    Nice, I guess u r a malayali, by the way keralathil evida

    1. Kukku

      Athe Malayaliyanu. From Trivandrum.

  9. wow loved it…nice concept…pair is swasan? right…?if swa______lak n rag________san means pls inform before..

  10. Kakali

    Waaa welcome to Swaragini family Kukuuu..! Your name is same kinda me.!
    Anyway nice intro..! I would love to read if it’s SwaSan.! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Kukku

      Thank you Kakali.

  11. welcome to sr family nice intro reveal the pairs soon if it is swsan and raglak i will be in to read it..

    1. Kukku

      Thank you Anu.

  12. Nice intro plz make it ragsan

  13. Nice… I would love to read if its ragsan n swalak….

  14. awesome…love to read if it is swasan☺

  15. Kukku

    Thank you all for all the comments.

  16. Seebu_s

    nice concept…love to read on swasan?

  17. itz wi b vry intrstin 2 read if d pairs r raglak n swasan..

  18. Arshaanya

    Welcome to swaragini family kukku..
    Wud love to read if its swasan..

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