Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Endings and New Beginnings ?
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Swara starts preparing the food and Laksh helps her.
Swara: Well, Ragini is lucky to have you.. even now you are accepting her every order..
Laksh: Ya ya.. you will say this.. but ask me how do I handle your Ragini and her mood swings.. kabhi pani puri kabhi pav bhaji toh kabhi pasta… Idk why she wants to eat all these things and demands about them in midnight…
Swara: Laksh, please… even she can’t control this. Mood Swings cannot be preplanned they just come. So stop complaining and quickly take out the plates. It’s ready..
Laksh: Waah bhai. There’s no one supporting me in this house.. achha hai…
Swara: And you know What, just enjoy this phase.. ask Sanskaar how much does he misses doing all this.. (gets emotional)
Laksh tries changing her mpod
Laksh: No problem Swara. He can do this even now.. aardhya is 6 months now.. so you both can..
Swara: Shut up
Hits him..
L: Accha Achha. Pav Bhaji..
They arrange every thing and take up..

Ragini Sanskaar play with aardhya…
Swara: You here?
Ragini: Swara? You here?
Swara: I was helping Laksh
Ragini: I Couldn’t wait so just went to see if aardhya was asleep. But she awake so we both were playing.
Swara: Your food is ready
She serves Ragini and Sanskaar. Swara Laksh take theirs and all eat..
Time passes.. Ragini’s ninth month. She goes for her check Up with Swara as Laksh was out of town…
Doctor informs that every thing is fine and Ragini is ready for delivery
She doesn’t agree as Laksh is not there..but AP Sujata convince her… Swara is with her throughout
Ragini is taken in the OT
Doctor: Congrats, It’s a boy and girl… twins

All are super happy. Dp asks sanskaar to call Laksh. He calls
Sanskaar: Laksh, when are u planning to come?
Laksh: meeting is still left. Today evening I’ll leave
Sanskaar: Arre meeting chod! JALDI AA
Laksh: Kya.. kya hua
Sanskaar: abay Baap ban gaya Tu… jaldi aa.. twins hai
Laksh: What are u saying?? Oh God!!
Sanskaar: Ha… come fast
He cuts the call.. Swara hugs AP and they meet Ragini. She says: Laksh
Sanskaar: Don’t worry.. he’ll come soon..
Swara hugs her and says: Congrats… I’m so happyy for you
She smiles.

That evening, Laksh comes to Mumbai. Sanskaar goes to pick him up. He hugs him
They reach MM as Ragini is taken back there.. Shekhar Mishti Parvati all are present.
Ragini is in her room with Parvati and Mishti. All others are down. He hugs Dp.. and Shekhar
Dp: go up..
He runs.. and enters the room. Smiling at Ragini he takes his son in hands..
Laksh: Arre baap re.. He is so small
Parvati: Laksh, it’s a baby. He has to be small.
Laksh: But aardhya wasn’t this small
They laugh.. and Mishti Parvati leaves.
Laksh kisses her and says: Today I’m complete…
Ragini: Laksh, I never thought that this day will come so soon…
Sanskaar Swara are in their room with their daughter…
Swara: Sanskaar, I want this time to just stop here.. everything is so perfect..
Sanskaar hugs her and says: I just want both my angels to be with me forever and ever and ever
KarKriti in their house
Karan: I’m sorry for whatever
Akriti: Even I’m.. and now you promise. You won’t leave me..
Karan: Promise…

The end….
All the couples live a perfect life with their children.. They enjoy parenthood…
Swara’s innocence
Sanskaar’s maturity
Ragini’s masti
Laksh’s naughtiness
All continue forever.
RagLak name their son as Kartik and daughter as Nia.
Their romance and Nok jkok is never ending along with small fights of SwaSan…
So, The end…… Endings are meant for new beginnings
This has been a beautiful journey. Thanks A ton… ❤ …. I don’t know how much will you guys miss me.. but ill surely miss this Tuesday-Thursday updates and each one of you.. If you loved this story then do comment about it and the most favourite scene or phase of it, if any..
Bye everyone
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