Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Endings and New Beginnings

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Sujata AP pass by SwaSan room and see everyone busy doing something. AP goes in but Sujju pulls her out and asks her to hear what are they doing..
Laksh: Arre but at least say from which letter do you want the name?
Ragini: umm… R? How will be R?
Sanskaar: Oh wow! Then why not S?
Ragini: Very funny Sanskaar. Even your wife’s name starts with S?
Sanskaar: So?
Ragini: So no S. It will be R

Adarsh: Why not A or K?
Karan: Excuse me? Are we not present her? K or A here also.
Kritika: Well the majority is for K and A so the name should be from these two letters
Laksh: Ohho Bhabhi? What a logic? No It will be from L. It’s my brother’s daughter after all.
Kritika: No. K or A. That’s final. And that’s your Bhabhi’s order (says in a bit stern way)

For once everyone is scared.. but laugh at the second moment
All start fighting over the letter when Sujata enters inside and shouts: Chupppp
All get scared and the baby gets awake. She cries and Sujata says: Alelelel… bachha. Don’t cry (takes in her arms) You don’t know that your parents and Chacha chachi, can’t keep you well. That’s why, even now when they are deciding your name they didn’t call jiji and me
Everyone realise this and avoid eye contact. AP enters like a leader and everyone gets up… they look here and there. AP eyes everyone and then says: It will start with
All agree and think of a name. Parvati Shekhar Mishti also come..
Parvati: Arre AP ji, before all this we have to complete two very important things..
Sujju: Kaunsi?
Parvati: Shaadi.. of SwaSan and KarKriti

Mishti: Ap ji, court had passed their divorce….
AP: Theek hai Parvati ji.. today evening, we will discuss about this
Karan: But Aunty what why our marriage
Parvati: Karan, just listen and keep agreeing
Ragini YES KARAN don’t argue.. We Marwaaris never listen to anyone else
That evening, after Dp comes.. They discuss about everything and he declares: SwaSan and KarKriti will get married next week.
Ragini gets happy and says: This time, I will prepare everything.
From next day every thing starts.. Kritika Aryan and baby are busy playing… Ragini starts the preparations. Laksh helps him throughout and their nok-jhok continues along with their romance.

SwaSan enjoy them from far.
Ragini: Laksh, this design is better right?
Laksh: actually the design on your saree is much better (pulls her closer)
Ragini: Laksh, away.. see there are so many people in the house. Stop
Laksh: Achha. But I’m romancing with my own legal wife. So what’s wrong?
Ragini: romance, later. First marriage
Laksh: Hamari?
Ragini: Laksh… ?
Laksh: Achaa baba sorry. You do this I’ll just come

**After two weeks**
Marriage Day
Swara Akriti get ready and go down. Sanskaar Karan also come down. They sit and the marriage starts. They take pheras apply sindoor and tie the mangalsutra. Everyone blesses them and they go back in their rooms.
Ragini Laksh dance along with KritArsh. Swara holds baby.
They pull SwaSan and KarKriti. All dance and have fun…
Next day,
Karan: Aunty, Uncle, thank you for everything you did. But now I can’t stay here for long. We both will live at my place.
Dp: As u wish..
They meet everyone and leave.

Sanskaar pulls Swara closer says: I love you
Swara: I love you too..
They come closer to kiss but baby cries..
They get apart and swara handles her..
Sanskaar: Meri beti mere romance ke beech aa gayi
Next day
Laksh Adarsh Sanskaar Dp leave for office. Ragini prepares juice for Swara.
She gives it to her.. and suddenly feels like puking.. she runs up. Swara goes behind her. Ragini rushes into the washroom.
She comes out after some time and sits on the bed.
Swara: What happened Ragini? Are you alright?
Ragini: Yes swara.. bas halka sa…

Swara: Raginiii…(shouts)
All come up..
AP: kya hua?
Swara: Idk badimaa. She just came out of the washroom and fainted…
Sujata informs the doctor.. Doctor comes and checks her.
Doctor: Congrats!! She is pregnant
Swara: ??
Ragini gets happy. AP Sujju bless her
Swara: Hello Laksh!
Laksh: haa swara
Swara: Laksh.. Voh Ragini…
Laksh: Kya hua Ragini ko?
Swara: voh behosh ho gayi (she fainted)

Laksh: What??
Swara: you come fast..
Laksh: Ya ya.. I’m coming
She cuts the call.
Ragini: Swara!? What was the need to do all this?
Swara: You just sit here and keep sleeping. I’ll do everything now..
After some time Laksh Sanskaar come..
He rushes into the room and sees Ragini with Swara by her side and AP Sujju sit on the couch..
Laksh: Kya hua ragini ko?
Swara: Don’t take tension.. Voh toh…
Laksh: Kya voh toh??
Swara-Kritika: Voh toh maa banane waali hai.. she is pregnant…
Laksh falls down unconscious… Sanskaar : Arre Laksh!!
All laugh.
Laksh: What?? Say again
Swara: Laksh, you will become a father soon

Laksh: Hai..?? Ragini you..
She nods. He gets happy.. Sanskaar hugs him and whispers: at last you both gave me my doll.
He laughs..
AP: Achha, now we shall leave. Let me rest.
They leave and Laksh closes the door. Ragini gets up and Laksh sits beside her.
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: You took Sanskaar’s wish too seriously.
She smiles… Ragini: Laksh aap bhi na
Ragini: Now get ready, you will have to serve me day and night!
Laksh: Matlab??

**5 months later**
Ragini: Laksh, quick… I’m hungry
Laksh: Yes Ragini two minutes… (to himself) Raat ke 2 baje isse bhuk lagi Hai! Ek thaka aadmi kitna kaam karega??
Ragini: did u just say something?
Laksh (fake laugh): No no not at all. You go up.. I’ll come with your pav bhaji
She smiles and goes up.. Sanskaar comes out of the room. Ragini walks in her room.. with her belly.
Sanskaar: Ragini, it’s 2 am.. still awake?
Ragini: No no.. I was hungry. So Laksh is making food for me.. down in the kitchen..
Sanskaar (surprised): Wow!!

Ragini: Why are u so surprised?
Sanskaar: Surprised thinking that this Laksh, who never helped me when I was I’ll is making food for his wife at 2 am.. nice very nice!
Ragini: It depends on priority… (teases)
Sanskaar: Achha…? Madam, go and wait for your food.. ?? Laksh will come at any time
Ragini laughs and goes in. Laksh struggles in the kitchen when Sanskaar lands in
Sanskaar: Oh ho.. cooking

Laksh: Now shut up and help him…
Sanskaar: Laksh!? Ragini asked you to make the pav bhaji not me. You make… I came here just to fill this bottle
Laksh: Bhai, don’t do this yrrr. Help me please… Ragini is hungry
Sanskaar: No no! Jisko bola vahi karega.
Swara: Sanskaar…..?
They turn and see Swara standing at the door with aardhya in her hands…
Swara: How rude? Laksh is asking for help… and you..? (Enters)
Sanskaar: Arre Swara. Why did you come?

Swara: Because you weren’t helping Laksh. I heard Ragini and u and came down… Lo… hold her.. and go up I’ll help Laksh.
Sanskaar holds her.. and says: I’m waiting. Make for four of us
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