Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 67

Chapter 67
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Days pass.. and nothing changes.. all are angry with her except Swara. Swara doesn’t get soft for Sanskaar and is still angry
Sanskaar tries to get Swara back while Ragini tries to get Laksh back….. Sanskaar melts down and supports Swara. While others are same. KarKriti are accepted by everyone…
Ragini Laksh again have a war of words and Laksh angrily pushes her.. he says that he hates her. He regrets for having loved her..
Laksh: I don’t know why I married you.. Lavanya was better than you.. at least she did everything in front of us and not like you… you back stabbed us Ragini And even now you haven’t spoken to Swara. Not once did you make an effort to go and apologize to her…

She is completely broken and leaves the house in afternoon
Swara sees her and informs Sanskaar. Even though he is angry yet he gets concerned…
Ragini is shown walking on the road reminiscing whatever happened.. she cries… : Swara I have changed.. why don’t they believe in me?
Laksh happens to be on the same road driving.. he sees her and then notices a car speeding towards her from the back.. he stops his car and runs towards her…
He takes her aside and Ragini sees him..
Ae dil hai mushkil plays..
Laksh: Pagal ho? Why were you walking like this? What if that car had hit you… have u ever thought what would I do? How would have I lived? Without you what I would have been… have u lost it?
Ragini keeps watching him
Laksh: Now will you say something? (Hugs her)…Sorry yrrr… why doing this. Speak up jaan
Ragini gets her senses..
Ragini: Laksh … when did you come?
Laksh: Leave all that.. and tell me.. what were you doing here? Who asked you to walk on this road like a ghost? That car was going to hit you.. have u lost ur mind?? Why were you doing this and where were looking? Pagal Ladkiii.. (hugs her)
Ragini: You are not angry now?

Laksh: Aree pagal.. no re… (kisses on forehead)
SwaSan see them from some distance and get happy. Sanskaar hugs her and says: Everything’s back to normal. I’ll inform baba
Swara feels him and suddenly gets apart.
He clicks a pic of RagLak hugging and sends to Shekhar.. he sees it and gets happy.
RagLak sit in the car. And here Swara feels pain in her belly and shouts: Sanskaar……
He holds her: Swara.. kya huua
Swara: Our baby!! (Cries because of the pain)
Sanskaar shouts: Help help…
Ragini hears someone shouting and looks in the rear view mirror and sees SwaSan she shouts Swara…and runs out of the car….. Laksh too gets out and sees them..
Ragini: Swara… Swara…
Swara: Ragini.. (holds her hand)
Ragini: Sanskaar, don’t waste time. Take her to the hospital.
Sanskaar Laksh take her in the car and rush towards hospital. Ragini calls Gadodia and Maheshwaris

Everyone waits outside.. Sanskaar gets restless and remembers her fight with Swara.. he cries for having not trusted on her. Laksh asks him to stay cool and says: Bhai, you have managed to go through every bad time… this will also pass…
He gets up and turns to see the doctor
Doctor: Congratulations! It’s a girl..
All get happy while Sanskaar is unable to accept this truth. Laksh Adarsh hugs him and he finally smiles. He gets a bit emotional and cries…. Laksh Adarsh tease him and he hugs AP shyly…
AP: Arre Sanskaar…. don’t waste time here.. go and meet both ur angels…
He starts going inside but sees a desperate Shekhar waiting for Sanskaar to come out.. he lets him go first.. Mishti too goes…..
Swara is on the bed unconscious. Her daughter is beside her sleeping in her cradle.. Mishti touches her face and says: Ekdum Swara par gayi hai…
Shekhar smiles and says: Mishti, Sanskaar..

She nods and they both go out..
RagLak Kritarsh KarKriti and elders bump into them to ask how’s the girl… they are amazed and say: Baby is entirely on her parents… they laugh and one by one everyone go in.. Swara still lies there unconscious. No one lets Sanskaar go in and teases him…
At the end before he enters he asks: Are you all done? Or is anything still left? Huh? Ragini Bhabhi Akriti, ho gaya? Ya kuch baaki hai??
Ragini (teasing tone): No no there’s nothing left but I would be glad if I could see my doll once again…
Sanskaar: Tumhe toh mein baad mein dekhunga..
Runs in.. all laugh hard
Sanskaar enters and sees Swara. He sits beside her and holds her hand..
Sanskaar: Swara…
She opens her eyes.

Swara: ……………..
Sanskaar: Our daughter..
(Gets aside and sees her daughter) Sanskaar takes her in his hand and gives to Swara. She smiles and says: It’s our daughter na??
He nods. He keeps her back and says: I’m sorry Swara. I did so much bad to you…
Swara: Shhh… don’t say this again. In fact I must apologize. I was angry on you for no reason..
Sanskaar: But first I did wrong with you.. I was angry so I am sorry
Swara: No I’m sorry
Sanskaar: no i
Swara: no i
RagLak: Will you both stop?
They turn and see them
Sanskaar : Ragini?
Ragini: Sorry Sanskaar. But I couldn’t stay away from this pretty baby and her mother…
Swara smiles..
Laksh: If you guys are done with your sorry game so can we all play with my jaan?
Sanskaar: Oye! Voh teri nahi meri jaan hai..
Laksh: I’m her Chacha. She’s mine..
Sanskaar: Achha?
He nods
Sanskaar: toh tum donno kuch aisa bhi karo jisse koi mujhe bhi chacha kahe …
Ragini shies..
Sanskaar: Ab bol doll ki bacchi.. mujhe doll de…
and Swara: Sanskaar??

He winks and she smiles.. laksh hands his daughter to him
Laksh: le bhai rakh teri beti
Sanskaar: Arre arre Arre.. now why this.. kabhi na kabhi toh…
RagLak Swara : Stop!!!
They laugh and Swara gets discharged the next day…

AP welcomes her granddaughter and her parents…
Everyone enters inside and Ragini surprises them by bursting balloons… she asks everyone to have breakfast and shows them the preparations she did.. Everyone appreciate her and have food.. Swara hugs her and thanks for doing all this..
She hits and says: Shut up.. what thank you.. i did this for her (baby) and not you.. ??
Swara: Achha ji?? ?
Ragini: yes…
Swara tickles her and she controls her laugh… SanLak admire them and have their break fast
RagLak room
Laksh: Well, Sanskaar was right yesterday. We must give her his…
Ragini: Laksh…. don’t tease me na.. Everyone is doing at least you don’t
Laksh: Achha Achha bachaa.
Ragini: Laksh ??

Laksh hugs her and runs..
She smiles and says: Paagal
SwaSan room
Swara: Aaram se.. beti hai tumhaari
Sanskaar: Thanks for informing. Even I know
Swara: if you know then please take care of her.
He keeps her in the cradle
Swara: Sanskaar, till when will we call her angel doll baby.. let’s decide her name..
Sanskaar: okay I’ll call everyone

RagLak Kritarsh KarKriti SwaSan all sit to decide the name of their doll, jaan, baby, angel, daughter

Next part: Ragini says something and Laksh falls down. Dp says that these marriages will happen soon

What did Ragini just say?? Whose marriage is Dp talking about?
Suggest me a name for SwaSan’s daughter
1) Aardhya
2) Mahek
Won’t you all love me for this track??? ???
*and TSS means- the soul sisters*
(Made an acronym)
2nd last… 2 more to go ?

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