Swaragini-Some Unspoken Things Episode 18 By Aditi Ayansh

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Hi my favourite Squad again a big sorry i couldn’t update for about a month. I had a lot of exams and some health issues were also there. Well here is the next part and i know its a short one. Sorry for that too. Please support and encourage me. I hope you all are doing well. Love you all. Take care.


Adi 🙂

Recap:  Ragsan

Sanskar side hugs Ragini and takes her from Rathore Mansion.


Sanskar: Ragini from now onwards you are mine and i’ll never let another tear to drop from your eyes i promise that.

Ragini looks at him and smiles weakly.

Sanskar hugs her.

Sanskar: i love you Ragini.



Sanskar and Ragini comes to temple.

They get married.

Sanskar fills Ragini’s hairline with sindoor.

Sanskar: no matter what happens Ragini i’ll be always there for you.

Voice: Sanskar !!!

Sanskar and Ragini looks on.

Sanskar is shocked seeing his family over there.

Sanskar: bade papa.

DP comes and slaps Sanskar.

Sanskar looks on.

Ragini is shocked seeing this.

RP: How dare you Sanskar?

Sanskar: papa..

RP: Dont call me that Sanskar.

Sanskar: please listen to me papa.

Sujatha: what more is left to say Sanskar?

Sanskar: please..

Sujatha: what was the need to do something like this Sanskar? You could have asked her atleast once.

Sanskar; i would definitely asked you all but the situation was.

DP: Dont blame the situation Sanskar you are create your situations.

Sanskar: bade papa.

AP: Enough Sanskar ..you dont have to justify your actions anymore.

Sujatha comes to Ragini.

Sujatha: and who are you? What do you think of yourself ? why have you snatched our son from us?

Tears comes from Ragini’s eyes.

Sanskar: mom dont you speak like that to her.

Sujatha: see what have you made him. Its not even one day and she has already turned my son against me.

Sanskar: mom you cant blame her for all this it was all my decision.

DP: We cannot accept your decisions Sanskar.

RP: Yes Sanskar for your so called mistake we cannot spoil our family’s reputation.

Sanskar: what does that mean?

DP: You have to choose Sanskar either us or her.

Sanskar looks on.

Ragini looks at him with teary eyes.

Sujatha: Sanskar comes home.

Sujatha and AP cries.

Sanskar looks at them and again at Ragini.

Ragini closes her eyes fearing the worst.

Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand tight.

Sanskar: she left her family for me and if she can do this so can i.

Sujatha and AP are shocked to hear this.

RP: What nonsense are you talking Sanskar. You are coming with us. You alone are coming with us.

Sujatha: haan Sanskar.

DP: No need RP if he wants to be with her then let it be. But never show your face to anyone of us after this. You are dead for us.

DP RP  &AP goes.

Sujatha: i’ll never forgive both of you for ruining our family.

Sujatha goes.

Ragini hugs him and cries.

Ragini: its all because of me.

Sanskar hugs her back.

Sanskar: no Ragini its not like that.

Ragini and Sanskar looks on.

Sanskar; from today you are my only family.

Ragini: and you are mine.


Ragini and Sanskar packs their bags.

Sanskar: this city has given us so many memories and i know that we are leaving behind many things here. But i promis you that we will make more beautiful memories in Banglore.

Ragini smiles at Sanskar.


Precap: Banglore

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      Thank you so much Yaar Aditi ?❤️ preparations are going good.. How are you dr

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      Thank you so much Tanvi di ❤️? I’ll try to give regular updates di ?

  4. Vinu

    Nice…u use to say u r not good in romantic way of writing but now particularly this some unspoken things ff is romantic…u r dng good…

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      Thank u so much Vinu di ❤️? it really means a lot to me really… Thank u so very much.. Love u soo much take care ❤️❤️❤️?

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