SWARAGINI : The Sisters Story { Epi 2 }

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SWARAGINI: The Sisters Story { Epi 2 }
Hiii…Nilu is back….. N a big sorry for late episode….but as I have scholarship exam I need to study more…..N I will post episodes late….sorry…. thank u for the comments… Let’s start the Episode 2 ….super excited 
Swara starts studying but her mind is disturbing her by the thought of ragini…..she thinks 4 a while n with a heavy mind she goes to sumi
Sw: Mom why was ragini away from us from so many yrs….
Sumi: I knew that u will ask this Q. n I’m ready to ans u …..so listen carefully….

There were 2 small girls playing very cutely in garden…of course they r swaragini…..sumi, Shekhar, dadi n dada….all were laughing by seening their own daughters playing very funnily…..Swaragini were very fond of each other….they always supported each other……they loved each other very much { as u all know them }

After some years…… In the D’souza mansion every1 were crying…..Sumi was holding a photo n was crying n it was the pic of Ragini….yes Ragini was kidnapped…..

Flashback ends in between bcuz of swara

Swara: OMG!!! {Little tears were in swara’s eyes}….why mom what happened

Sumi: yeah im telling u na {Sumi was also crying}

Flashback continues:

Ragini was kidnapped bcuz Arijit chachu {elder brother of Shekhar} wanted money n their property for his business so for that case he kidnapped Ragini…..

Dadi n Dada went to search ragini bcuz if whole family will go then Arijit chachu may harm their company or some1 else…..

When Ragini was found we decided that we will not unite again as something again may happen to us….so for these many days she was away from u…..{note that bcuz dadi lived more with ragini she grown her in a traditional way…n she dislikes swara as she lives modern but dadi also loves swara} {I know this separation is not very serious 1…bcuz I want everything positive}

Flashback ends

Swara: Ma now we will never go apart…We r safe na now…no 1 will separate us na….bcuz now I don’t want to lose my Ragini di again….I love her very much

Sumi: Shona don’t worry ….nothing will happen to us now we all r safe….

Swara: Maa but where is dadaji….

Sumi: your dada left u shone…only for the sake of all of us….

Swara: Ohh I will miss him maa {cries}

This all conversation is listen by…..Ragini ….she ran in her room n started crying…..she never thought that her sister loved her so much….at that movement she wanted to her them both but couldn’t ……..
Episodes end with sad faces of swaragini n sumi

Precap : The Sisters Talk

Here the Episode ends…….
Hope u like the Ff…… Bye……. 🙂 🙂

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    Thank you every1 for your cute comments n the story will also continue cutely 🙂 🙂

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