Swaragini – My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter Three )

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So let’s begin

Recap; The abnormal meeting of our Swaragini thanks to the lizard, Radhika’s entry and her bounding with Dida and Prachi.

Swara’s P O V

I opened the door only to find her standing at the door, she must have noticed my eyes which were flashing anger and hatred and I also noticed a look of disappointment and pain on her face, maybe she was expecting to something else to see in my eyes. My mind went blank for a moment, I wanted to do something to express my hatred but I was unable to do so, I wanted to say many things but the words were not coming out of my mouth, we were staring at each other like idiots for almost two minutes but thankfully Resham’s screams came to our rescue. We both ran upstairs to see what happened like CID Officers but when I saw that lizard I was screaming as if I was a Bahu of Ekta Kapoor’s serial who had by mistake seen her Saasu Maa without makeup and I ran towards Resham hugging her tightly in fear. At that time when I saw her I immediately shouted ‘’Ragu…..please save us.’’ I don’t know why but I felt very happy by calling her Ragu, and when she shouted at us I flinched seeing her anger, she was scolding us as if she was our teacher and we were her students, I was embarrassed as hell I mentally cursed myself for behaving like a small child but I also couldn’t help it because whenever I see a lizard I always behave like this, when asked me to come with her and offered her hand without even thinking once I held her hand and came down and held her arm tightly, and like before I was feeling that I was safe…..safe with my sister, Oh My GOD! What the hell is wrong with me today I’m feeling that she is manipulating me with innocent face just like she did with Dida and now she was doing it with Resham too, she became a big fan of her only in 30 minutes, we were sitting in the dining room I was working or pretending to be working on my laptop and Resham was eating her head, she looked very tired but still she was being polite, I decided to save her ‘’Ragini you must go to your room and rest after all it was a long journey you must be tired Resham will show you your room’’ I said pretending to be busy in my work, she went with her and I took a sigh of relief, I was getting sick of staring at a closed laptop from almost half n hour. Finally I opened my laptop to check some mails, and the first mail was of Radhika Mehra (Confused right? But don’t worry your confusion will be cleared soon) ’’Hello Miss Gadodia as you told me that your sister will be here today I hope she has reached because I’m coming with the papers and I will be there soon’’ it said ‘’Shit! that hitler is coming I should go and tell Ragini to be ready and come down, I went to her room and knocked the door but it was already opened, I pushed the door gently and I saw her sleeping like a baby hugging a pillow I want towards her and caressed her hair gently ‘’Ragu……Ragini get up ‘’ I said, ’’

Laado Maata just five minutes more’’ she said turning toward other side. Laado??? Now who is this laado, ‘’Whatever but I have wake her up what to do now’’ I said to myself, suddenly something crossed my mind. I went towards the side table, took a glass of water and poured it on her ‘’ Bachaaoo! Toofan agya baad agayi bhukamp gaya ‘’(Somebody save me storm has come ,flood has come , Earthquake has come) she said looking here and there shockingly,( Swara rocks Ragini shocks) ‘’Nothing has come ‘’she said and pouted ‘’Then from where the hell did this water came from’’ she said angrily. That was enough and I burst out laughing holding my stomach, ‘’Hey what’s so funny in this and why did you threw water on me’’ she said angrily, I was so busy in laughing that I didn’t realized that when did she got up from bed and took the jug full of water and threw it on me, (Now Ragini rocks and Swara shocks.) Now I was fully wet and she was laughing holding her stomach, now it was my turn I went in bathroom to get a bucket full of water and came back but she was still laughing I decided to take advantage of that moment and slowly went towards her but unfortunately she noticed me coming ‘’Hey Swara look this is not funny han I only threw a jug of water not the whole bucket’’ she said going backward ‘’ Muahahahaha now will save you from me my dear Ragu ‘’ I said laughing like a devil , I could tell that she was scared……really scared , she was still going backward and I was coming forward but suddenly she ran towards the door and went downstairs ‘’Dekhte hain kitna bhago gi tum Ragu Rani ‘’(we will see how much will you run Ragu Rani.)I said and followed her to the downstairs she was running and I was also running behind her, hearing our voices Resham came out from the kichten’’Oh my GOD! Are you both out of your mind’’ she shouted in disbelief seeing our condition ‘’ Yes we are ‘’ we both shouted at the same time while running, at last she stopped in front of the door tiredly which was open and I took the opportuntity and threw the whole bucket towards her but she bowed down and all the water fell on someone else, ‘’Oh Shit! Exclaimed Resham worriedly hitting her forehead, we both were laughing only until we saw the person’s face because after that we were rooted at that spot only because she was not a person she was a devil…. a real one she was Radhika Mehra the hitler and also my Dad’s lawyer who was now fully drenched in the water, she was looking angrily at both of us and we both gulped down in fear and that Resham was giggling seeing our situation , seriously what kind of friend laughs seeing her friend in a situation like this, I will not leave only if I was left by this hitler…….to be continued

Precap; Mannerism class of Radhika Mehra for Swaragini, Radhika and Resham joining hands to reunite Swaragini.

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