Swaragini – My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter Four )

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Hey guys I’m back with chapter four and I’m extremely sorry for being late I was busy with my cousin’s wedding functions and my exams are also nearing that’s why I will not be able to update regularly but I will try to update twice a week. I hope you all enjoyed the last chapter. If you all forgotten my ff then here are the links:


Chapter 1

character sketch

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So let’s begin,

Recap: Water fight of Swaragini.

Both Swara and Ragini were staring at each other shockingly but they both soon came into their senses by hearing clapping sound, ‘’Wah kiya stlye hai ghar aae mehmaan ka swagat karne ka’’ (Wow! What a great way to welcome a guest) she said sarcastically ’’Ya phir ye kirpa sirf mujh per hi ki gai hai’’ (Or this special treatment was just for me) she continued with an angry tone ‘’Radhika I’m really sorry by mistake I threw the water on you my aim was Ragini not you but she bowed and you were standing there and this is how it happened’’ said Swara trying to justify herself, ‘’No no no La….’’ Ragini was about to say but she was interrupted by Radhika ‘’Miss Gadodia I want to be professional right now not personal so I will prefer you to call me Miss Radhika or simply Radhika I hope I’m clear’’ said Radhika, Ragini nodded silently,

Swara were wondering that what did she meant by this but her thoughts were interrupted by Resham’s voice ‘’Radhika dear I think you should go and change or else you will catch cold, Ragz can you please take her to the room next yours till then I will make some coffee for everyone’’ she said ‘’ Thank you Resham at least now I know that someone is there to take care of me in this house’’ said Radhika and both RagDhika headed toward upstairs, ‘’Why do I have a feeling that they both know each other from before’’ said Swara suspiciously and followed them to the upstairs, here upstairs RagDhika were in Radhika’s room and Swara was standing outside the room to listen their conversation, ‘’ What is this Laado? Since when did you know my family and you didn’t even told me about it and why did Swara looked angry and annoyed when she saw you? Are you even listening to me? Laado tell me what is happening here I’m very confused’’ said Ragini, ‘’Look Ragu I promise I will explain you everything but at least let me change first ok’’ said Radhika holding her arms ‘’Fine I’m waiting for you downstairs come soon’’ said Ragini, Radhika gave her a node and Ragini headed toward downstairs without noticing Swara who was hiding behind a pillar to listen to the conversation ’’So I was right they both know each other but why are they hiding this from me, I have to find out as soon as possible’’ said Swara with a determined face. After few minutes everyone was present in the drawing room because Radhika told them that she has to make some things clear to everyone. ‘’I know you all must be having many confusions in your mind so you can ask me one by one so who’s the first’’ said Radhika, Resham was the first one to raise her hand

‘’Actually Radhika I have a question as we all know that you own one of the most successful music company of India ‘’RAAG’’ so it means that you really don’t need to work as a Lawyer then why are you managing two professions? ‘’ questioned Resham, ‘’Actually it’s because I love to sing and compose music but it was my mother’s dream that I should become a lawyer and it was really hard for me to choose one thing so I choose both, anyone else?’’ she continued, now Swara raised her hand ‘’Radhika I want to know that if you both know each other from before you came here or not?’’ asked Swara, ‘’I knew that you would ask this Swara but you should have me this before only instead of listening secretly to our conversation’’ said Radhika with a smirk on her face,

Swara was embarrassed and both Ragini and Resham were eyeing her unbelievably ‘’Ok I will tell you, actually I’m a paid guest at her house because I don’t like to live alone and I don’t have a family to live with and she is also working as a deputy MD in my head office and she is also my one and only friend, we are just like sisters right Ragini?’’ said Radhika. Ragini nodded with a bright smile, something flashed very clearly in Swara’s eyes….. Jealousy yes she was jealous of their bound because Ragini was her sister not Radhika’s and she never shared such a bound with her since their mother’s death. ’’And she knows nothing about what is going to happen next because I kept it as a surprise for her’’ continued Radhika, Swara believed her keeping all her suspicions aside because she knew very well that Radhika Mehra never lies, ‘’Now it’s my turn,’’ said Ragini eagerly,

‘’You have to tell me now that what is going on here,’’ said Ragini impatiently. ‘’Ok then I think that I should start,’’ said Radhika while taking out some papers from her bag, ‘’You both read these papers carefully to confirm that whatever I’m saying is written in these papers or not because these paper contains your father’s will,’’ said Radhika handing them the papers. Both of them were reading it very carefully and Radhika was taking out some cotton balls from her bag, she gave two to Resham and took the remaining two for herself,‘’What are these balls for?’’ Resham asked confusingly,

‘’Put these balls in your ears if you don’t want to lose your hearing sense’’ said Radhika while she put other ones in her ears and Resham also did the same ‘’NO! this impossible, how could he do this to us,’’ shouted Swaragini at the same time and both Radhika and Resham almost jumped hearing their horrifying scream, ‘’Ok as both read the papers now I will tell you in detail that what is written in these papers, so according to his will he had divided all his property and business in two shares, one for each but you will only get this share only if I approve’’ said Radhika with an expressionless face ‘’What does this mean,’’ asked Swaragini. ’’Swara as you know that a few days before his death, your father came into my office to change his will.


Shekher entered into Radhika’s office and knocked at her room ‘’Come in’’ said Radhika and he opened the door ‘’Oh Mr. Gadodia! What a pleasant surprise please come in,’’ said Radhika politely he came in and sat ‘’Radhika as you know that I’m have became very old now so I won’t be alive for a long time and that’s why I came here because I want to make some changes in my will, I want to divide my property in two shares instead of one’’ said Shekher. ‘’Ok Mr. Gadodia but on whose name you want the second share to be’’ asked Radhika (though she already knew whom was he talking about) ’’I want this share to on my younger daughter’s name’’ said Shekher ‘’Ok what is her name?’’ asked Radhika ‘’Raa..gi… Ragini Gadodia ‘’ said Shekher ‘’ I know you must be wondering that why I ever told you about my younger daughter, actually it is because’’ Shekher was about to say something but he was interrupted by Radhika‘’Because you held her responsible for her mother’s death and almost sent her to an orphanage but fortunately her Dida came to her rescue and took your daughter with her and since she left, you never asked about her well being also, you filled hatred in Swara’s heart for Ragini and now suddenly you realized your mistake and came here to change your will. Am I right Mr.Gadodia?’’ said Radhika,

Shekher was very shocked because he didn’t expected that she would knew this much about Ragini ‘’But how do you know this???’’ said Shekher weakly, there was a mixture of emotions that was clearly visible on his face, Radhika could sense that he was feeling very guilty but still she knew that in order to reunite Ragini with her family she would have to do this ‘’Seriously Mr. Gadodia what kind of father are you? How could you even think that Ragini was responsible for her mother’s death? Is she even your own daughter or you adopted her from that orphanage only where you were sending her?’’ Radhika shouted at top of her lungs. ‘’Stop it Radhika,’’

Sheker shouted and broke down ‘’Please stop it I know that I was wrong but you don’t know that how much I’m suffering because of my sin, her mother’s voice haunts me in my dreams, she keeps saying that I didn’t fulfilled the promise that she gave me I’m bearing all this since last 18 years, you will not understand what is going on in my heart, I just want to die, I want this unbearable punishment to end. Tell me what I should do?’’ cried Shekher. ‘’You should talk to Ragini uncle, if she forgives you then you will be at peace for rest of your of life and also after that, please talk to her once’’ said Radhika while consoling him, she took his phone and dialed Ragini’s number and gave it to Shekher,

‘’He…hello Papa’’ said Ragini from the other side, her voice was trembling with joy ‘’Beta I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry I know you hate me and I also know that I deserve this hatred , I’m a worst father dear but please just try once to forgive me I beg you, please Ragini say something don’t be silent ‘’said Shekher ,his voice was also shaking, ’’I forgive you papa …..In fact I never hated you, I was just angry papa please don’t beg me for forgiveness, I’m coming back papa, your daughter is coming ‘’ said Ragini. ‘’Please come soon to me, to your sister, I want to see how big my daughter has became, I’m waiting Ragini take care of yourself’’ said Shekher. ‘’I will papa you also take care bye’’ said Ragini while hanging up.’’ Thank you Radhika beta I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done’’ said Shekher happily ‘’You should have done this before only uncle so that you and your family didn’t have to suffers all these years, but do you think that Swara will accept Ragini ‘’ said Radhika ‘’ She would have to beta . I have a plan for it’’ said Shekher and told her about his plan.


‘’So this was his plan but unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to proceed with it and gave this responsibility to me. So you both will get the property only if I see you fit or else it will be given into a charity trust’’ said Radhika. ‘’This is not fair,’’ shouted Swaragini at the same time. They both lookd at each other ‘’Why are you mimicking me’’ again they both said at the same time ‘’Stop it! both of you’’ shouted Radhika. ‘’I think you both want to live a life like vagabonds don’t you, don’t worry I will help you with it, just give me a minute I will transfer all your property in that trust just wait’’ saying this she took her phone and was about to dial a number but Swaragini snatched the phone ‘’Ok ok ok we will do whatever you will say just don’t transfer the property please ‘’ said Swara pleadingly.

‘’Yes di….I mean Swara is right but seriously do you think that you will reunite us by blackmailing’’ said Ragini ‘’Oh really do you think that I’m blackmailing you very bad’’ said Radhika sarcastically ‘’Think whatever you want to think but I’ just doing my job and my job is to make you both physically and mentally perfect for such a big responsibility’’ said Radhika ‘’ What do you mean by making physically and mentally perfect?’’ said Swaragini ‘’Oh my GOD why do we both say the same thing together again n again’’ said Swaragini getting annoyed by their habit ‘’Because you both are sisters, now go and get some sleep because you both have to get up exactly at 5am or else you both will not get the breakfast tommorow’’ said Radhika ‘’And I will also tell you some rules which you have to follow and you both will a mannerism class also’’ continued Radhika with a smirk on her face. ‘’

This is not fair, you can’t order us like this we are not your servants’’ shouted Swaragini . ‘’My dears this is fair and you both know very well that what I can do right?’’ said Radhika ‘’Now go to your room and sleep’’ continued Radhika . Both Sawargini huffed in anger and muttered a curse under their breath and started going towards their rooms ‘’Where are you both going’’ said Radhika. ‘’Oh we are going to Paris wanna join?’’ said Ragini sarcastically. ‘’ Can’t you see we are going to our rooms’’ said Swara. ‘’ From now on you both will share a room that’s what ideal sisters should do right Resham?’’ said Radhika ‘’ Yes dear you are right like always’’ said Resham, both Swaragini were giving death glares to her and she went silent. ‘’Now you should go and sleep in your room. Resham had arranged the room for you both good night’’ said Radhika. ‘’Bad night’’ said Swaragini and went into their room. ’’Radz don’t you think this is too much ‘’ said Resham. ‘’I know it is but we have to do this in order to reunite them. I know you are worried but trust me if they will work together then nothing will be hard for them ‘’ said Radhika………………….To be continued

Precap: Radhika torturing……oops training Swaragini to be fit enough to get their shares of property

Hey guys so this was the chapter four I hope you will like it. I will update chapter five whenever I will get time. If you have any confusions regarding this chapter then you can ask me and criticism is always welcomed. I hope I will be back soon with chapter five till then take care……Bye

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