Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode -16)

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Hey Meethi is back with another episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…Yes it's the 16th epi..and i m on cloud 9…yippppee!…So now i will start wid d epi..

The scene starts on sanlak who r sitting on d bed thnkng smthng (in laksh's room)…Sanskaar-Bhai wat is thiis programme abt wich they were talking..
Laksh-Bhai i also want to knw..u knw ma spclly came to call swara frm..he stops..and thnks wat were u gng to say if bhai asked wat she was dng in my room then..bach gaya.
Sanskaar understands..frm where bhai..but is interupted by laksh…bhai wat will b d programme…he nicely chnges d topic..
Sanskaar-See this riddle cannot be solved until we go there and see..
Laksh-But it will be wring if we peep..peeping is nt ri8..
Sanskaar-Oh mr road side romeo..agar tu doosro ke paper par *peep* nhi karta toh tu abhi tak 4th std mein hota..
Laksh-Point…but then thinks..ek sec i was talking abt peeping in someones room not in exam..
Sanskaar smirks..its one thng..u dnt want to come.
Laksh-Bhai frm wen u become so daring..?.
Sanskaar-shut uo and concentrate and come..
Laksh thinks..my nerdy changed into daring…who did this magic…

And dey both leave…

Swaragini's room…

Ragini and swara are sitting on the bed and bowls of popcorn and glasses of coke is kept in the trays around them..(samjha kya irada hai?)…
Ragini-Di i m so excited….horror movie after lot of tym…di…mazaa ajayega…
Swara-Yup ginu…waise bhi we couldnt sleep tday due to jetlag..and we slept a lot in the afternoon..so..
And they both give each other a hifi…
Swara-Ginu go switch off d lights..I will start  d movie..
Ragu-Yup di..and she goes and closes d door…
And switches off d light..
And they start watchng d movie..its 1:45 am..and they both r unaffected by d movie..they both r getting bored(wat i meant was they were not afraid..and were thinking how bakwaas (bad)d movie was..but unhe kya pata ki aage kya hone wala hai..)…
Swara-Ginu..wat type of movie is this..on d name of horror it is 0..
Ragu-Yes di..how boring it is..waise bhi its gonna end in 15 min..

Suddenly they hear footsteps..

They both get afraid..guyz jst imagine d scene…??
Ragu-Ddd…iii…kkkaaauuunnn hhh…ai.
Swara-I dd..oonntt kkn…w  ggg..iinnuuu..
Ragini-Aaltu jalaltu aai bala ko taal tu..
Swara-Stop it ragu..we dnt believe in ghosts ri8..it may be sme one..
Ragini-Di its 2 am..who will b their..i m telling u its the aatma of..
Swara-Shut up..there is no aatma waata in this world..
(Our mischievous ragu is afraid of ghosts..some one is gonna take a lot advantage  of this i must say??)
Suddenly they see two figuress…approachng them in d darkness…
Ragini-Di see there is sme1..it is moving ddii…mujhe bahut darr lagraha hai..
Swara-Ragu dnt be afraid ur sis is there na..
The figures are approachng close to them…they are almost near themm…ragu and swara are hell afraid they dont knw who it is..as they realize  at it is almost there they were gng to shout…but some one keeps their hand on their mouth…the light switches and its is seen they are none other our heroes who r coverd wid blanket..swara is angry seeing themm..whereas as ragu's face is full of sweat..sanlak r laughng continuously..seeing their angry faces..and afraid faces…

Swara-How could u both do this?(angrily)
Ragu-Di inse baat karne ki zaroorat hinahi hai..they both did this deliberately…Sanskaar knew that how afraid i m of darkness and ghost..and laksh..i can forgive him because he didnot knw this..
Swara-No no ragu he also knew abt it..its waste of tym to talk to them…all boys r the same..waste..
Ragini-Yes we will not talk to them..
Swara-laksh get out off d room fast..(angrily)
Ragini-Sanskaar u also go out (burning in anger)…

Laksh and sanskaar understand that its better to go or else they will not be alive..(their future lady loves r angry on thm na!)..they quietly room and swara bolts d door..after they hear their footsteps indicating tat they left..they both start laughing…nice acting ginu..swara said…to wich  ragu replied saying this ji di..ur also not less.

Now they have to beg 4 our forgiveness..and as every1 knws we r not gng to forgive them easily (dramaqueens they r )…
Swara-But we have to teach them a lesson
Ragini-Di i knw how to teach them a lesson..
Ragini-Di i have a plan in my khunkar brain hahaha ..listen …she tells her a idea which is muted…

The scene changes to sanlak..
Laksh-its ur mistake bhai..u only told us to peep in their room..
Sanskaar-Yes but the idea of frightening them was urs..
A flashback is shown..

Where sanlak peep in to swaragini's room and see and hear them telling tat the ghost movie is boring ..and they make a plan to scare them….
The flashback ends…

Sanskaar-Hmm but now we have to ask r forgiveness we both knew that ragu is afraid of ghosts and darkness .
Laksh-Yez bhai but how..

The scene ends…

Precap- Forgiveness…and….plan….!

☆Now wat is the plan in ragu's khoonkhaar mind??
☆How will sanlak ask 4 forgiveness…

☆Will SwaRagini forgive themm…to knw keep reading ❤

Hey hope u liked d epi..was it interesting and upto d mark..pls do comment ur views…as said be4 ur comments motivate me to write and yes one more thng…a double dhamaka offer…if i get more than 25 comments i will post the nxt part today..pukka promise!???..

Take care…?

Thanks 4 reading ??


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  1. Awesome and swaragini sooo much pranks .

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much ashnoor. ??

  2. Moni_ragz

    Wooow.. waiting 2 no wt will happen in next epi.. update it fast..

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Moni_ragz?

  3. Awesome…….

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Tara?

  4. loved the episode much…… plss update the next part today only…. eagerly waiting for swalak and ragsan scenes

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much sona??

    2. Meethi

      Yes will try to post soon

  5. Awesome

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Niriha ❤

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Vk?

  6. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Ragz_teju❤

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Sindhura di?

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much J?❤

  7. Awesome… But it was a bit short dear but overall amazing epi….

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo very much Isha❤❤

    2. Meethi

      Yup will try to give longer epi..?

  8. Asra

    awesome dear…waiting for nxt one…plz update soon….tkcr dear….

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much Asra❤Yup will update fatafat?

  9. Fantstc

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much pooja ❤

  10. Inu

    Superb epi. So funny

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much Inu❤

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Blackmailing for comment,mummyyy??????..Loved the chappy dear.. Keep going.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Meethi

      Sorry Uma if u felt i m blackmailing..dear it was jst for fun..i m so sorry if u felt bad???

    2. Meethi

      Thanks ❤

  12. Jazzy

    amazing yaar ragini is very naughty

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much jazzy❤❤..she indeed is..its jst d beginning she’s gonna smthng big..soon??

  13. Sreevijayan

    Awweee..very sweet update dr

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much❤

  14. Fairy

    Hahahahahahaha grls rocks bpys shocked 😉 😉 …swaragini r jst amaznggg…heheheh sanlak u r gone now 😉 😉 omg!!!rago ke dimag m plan. Wohooo sanlak ab to gaye 😛 ..waitng eagerly for nxt part…update ws damnnnnnn fantastic 😉 keep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉

    1. Meethi

      Thank u sooo much dii❤❤

    2. Meethi

      Yes will tey to update

  15. Meethi

    Thank u soo much..di❤❤

  16. A.xx

    fab loved it and i think they r also going to scare them and maybe video it and use it as blackmail,,,anyways loved it so post soon.xx

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much..❤..lets see yes i will try to update soom❤

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