Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 15)

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Hey Meethi is back with the 15th episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens ??…Thank u all for your wonderfull comments…and silent readerz thank u so much for reading…?

So now I will start with d 15th epi…I know u all r damn excited 4 this episode  as it contains.. ohk i ll stop u all read and then tell 4 sure give me ur reviews…

The scene starts in Maheswari Mansion…

Sanlak and swaragini are shocked to see each other….

Laksh-wat r u both dng here?…
Sanskaar-Yes..how did u find that we live here?..
Ragini-oh mr sadu..we r not ur stalkers that we will  do so much hardwork to find ur address …and btw why will we come to ur house!..
Swara-So u both live here…

Ap-arre stop first tell how do u all know each other…
Swara-Actually aunty..we met for the camp in manali…last month..their we met eachother..
Sanksaar-But how did u reach here…
Ragini-Voh actually…
Ap interupts her…and tells d whole incident to sanlak…laksh got very angry though he didnot show it…he thought..how could sme1 eve tease my swara..that boys..i wish they come before..me …i will show wats the price of troubling and giving pain to my shona….(so protective abt his shona..i must say??)

Here sanskaar was also angry..seeing d the antiseptic cream applied  on ragini's lip corner indicating that she was bleeding their…he himself couldnot identify..y was he angry 4 his junglee billi (ohoho *his*)…
Ap-What r u both thinking..go to ur room..and get freshen up i will prepare 4 d snackss..
Sanlak leaves and then she asks swaragini also to do the same…

And ap leaves 4 d kitchen..
Ragini gets freshen up soon and comes down..suddenly she hears a scream frm d kitchen.(the scream was not so loud n was only audible to ragu who was passing by d kitchen)…she goes towards d kitchen and sees ap's hand which is burnt by the hot water..
She goes to ap..
Aunty r u fi9 shd i call pari di…oh jst saw her leaving wat shd i do..aunty u go and rest..
Ap-How can i go i have to prepare d snacks..
Ragu-aunty dnt worry..i will cook and aunty b4 u ask me that i know how to cook or not i am telling u that i knw cooking and i will make very tasty dishes so aunty go and rest and do apply cream…
Ap smiles and thinks..how sweet she is..and she leaves…

Ragini starts cooking d snacks..

Wen ap was gng towards d room swara saw her and saw that ap's hand was severly burnt..
Swara-Aunty..ur hand…wat happened r u fi9..come i will apply the antiseptic cream…and drags ap to d room be4 she could say smthng..
And swara starts applyimg d cream..now al thnks both d sisters are so gud and helpful..
(They both have started buttering their sasu ma frm now only?????? hahaha)..

Here ragini prepares d food and serves it on d table and calls every1 …every. 1 comes to d dinning table and sees..so many tasty dishes  on d table..sanlak directly sits..and starts eating d foof quickly…ap enters…Sanskaar-ma how tasty delicious the food is !ma maza aagaya…

Ap smiles and says beta i have not cooked the food..ragini prepared it…
Laksh-Wah ragu ur food is amzing…
Sanskaar thinks wen ragu told jer hobby of cooking..so this junglee billi really knows cookng and how delicious food she cooks….
Swara-Ha ragu ur food lyk always is amzing..fabulous..maza agaya…
Sanskaar-Ha ha acha hi hai..
Ragini -Okay..sanskaar frm ur talks i thnk u did not lyk d food so u will not have d gajar ka halwa haina koi nahi di laksh and aunty u will toh have it na..
Sanskaar- thnks .. i toh dont like gajar ka halwa only…yucks i hate it..hearing this lucky spits the water he was drinking and coughs..
Ap-Wat did u jst say..sankskaar u dnt like it..
Sanskaar-Yes mom ok i m done wod my dinner bye..good night all..
Ragini smiles..and lucky starts laughng. Swara also smiles seeing lucky laughing…and ragu serves d gajar ka halwa to all…
The dinner ends..and lucky goes to his room ..only swara and ragu..along wid ap r left.
Ap-U both go and take rest in the guest room..u bth r already tired…
Ragu-Di u go i will cme after helping aunty..u go and pls do d
Swara-Ok ginu..bye aunty…
Ap-Swara d room in on the frst floor…take a left..
Swara goes up…

The scene changes to swara whose confused abt the room..she takes a right ..instead of left and enters a room…

Swara-Wow so big room is this..nicely decorated..with…
Lucky-Paintings ri8?..
Swara turns and sees lucky..
Swara-Tum yaha..
Lucky-Madam this is my room..d guest room is on d left .

Swara bits her tongue..oh so sorry wo actually i got confused and entered ur room sorry..
And she tries to run outside d room but her leg gets slipped and she falls..but our hero hold her…in d nick of time..amd they share a passionate eyelock..their eyes are admiring eachothers face…and both thnk abt the feeling btween them…swara thinks…wat happens wen ever i m with him..laksh thinks..i love her…yes i do..the most pure feeling i have ever felt…shona i love u …they r still in d position wen..they hear some one cmg..and both come to reality..they stand..and are embarrassed…wen ap cmes..swara..mujhe laga hi..u must have got confused..come i will take u to ur room and i myself did d preparations..ragu told me abt it and she takes swara…bye laksh..good night..saying this swara leaves…

The scene shifts to the guest room..
Ragini is impatiently waiting 4 swara..she sees swara and says di..d preparations r done…u wait i will come wod few things and she winks and goes…
Ragini in mind..i knw if i knw u  truely i knw that u will surely come to kitchen to have d dessert..and she heads towards d kitchen..

The scene shifts to sanky whose is shown entering a place …quietly…he switches onn d light..and d place is shown as KITCHEN  (yes our ragu is ri8)…he searches 4 d halwa in d fridge we he hears..
Wow..I dnt like gajar ka halwa…its good ur not offering..it to me..
Sanskaar identifies d voice..and turns back..woh ragu..i was jst tasting 2 knw that have u cooked it up to d mark or u only lie abt ur cooking skills..
Ragini-Acha..and starts running behind him to hit him…Sanskaar also runs in his defence..while running they reach d hall…sankskaar is still running we he sits on the sofa as he was tired and ragu saw him..and  goes to d sofa and starts hitting him payfully but Sanskaar hold her hand and pulls her..Ragini falls..ragini is in top of Sanskaar they share a deep passionate eyelock …but alas their eyelock is broken by ap..who was cmg down..(today ap is disturbing every1 i must say!)…
Ragini gets..up and stands…ap comes towards her and tells her that swara is waiting for her to start…her program..
Ragini agrees and leaves while going towards her she blushes hard??…

The scene ends…

Precap: Programme!…challenge…

Now d question arises..
☆Wats d preparation?..the program…wat will b d challenge..

Thank you…i hope u all liked d ragsan and swalak scenes…pls do tell ur reviews coz i seriously want to knw whether u liked it or not…so that i can stand on ur expectations…

Thanks ??


And ya Take care…enjoy d weekend..and yes i will surely try to update in these weekends….??

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  1. More than awesome.loved it

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  3. Fairy

    Wohooooo super doooper amaznggg!!!!hehehhe reallly ap disturbed bth d coupless 😉 ..loved ragsan n swalak scene 🙂 😉 🙂 ..swaragini r full on butterng dere would b sasu maa 😉 😉 ….episode ws fabulous…keeep rockng n stay blessed ddr…waitng to know about d programme n cahllenge 😉 😉 tc

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  4. Ragsan scenes are awesome

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  5. A12345

    Awesme..update next part soon

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    2. Meethi

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    Superbly amazing dear???

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    Superb. Loved this.

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  8. Awesome

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    amazing yaa….i loved ragsan scenes…plz update nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  10. Ragsan scenes are nice

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  15. Moni_ragz

    Yestrdy only read all epi of tis ff…. loved it 2 the core… keep going ? evn hindi dialogs is funny nd cute..

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    Aweee…very sweet update dear…….

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  18. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    You made laksh so protective na???.. Loved the chappy dear.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Meethi

      Yup he undeed is..Thanks dear..Take care?

  19. A.xx

    fab loved it wonder what the challenge is and why does ap keep interupting them,,,loved the secens and post soon.xx

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