swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 3

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Scene 1.
Ragini leaves for Mumbai.She is dressed in long skirt and top. She sits in train and says bye to sumi and sekhar. Train leaves. Sumi tell to sekhar : last time when we had gone to Mumbai we lost our one daughter and now our another daughter . she cries. Sekhar comfort her.

Scene 2.
Swara and lucky are on road. She tell : you fool,stupid, idiot, nonsense how can you come to my concert . you think that you are better than me so now I will show you. Lucky: what you will do now? Lion
Swara: Lion, you elephant.
Lucky: you crow. Swara: you dog. Lucky: dog, how dare you. You cat. Swara: you.. . she slips and falls in Lucky’s arm. Kabhi Jo basal barse plays in background.They both get into their car and go.

Scene 3.
Ragini reaches Mumbai station. She goes out and search for taxi but she does not get any . she sees a guy standing near his car. She goes to that person and ask that why taxi is not there. He turns .He gets mesmerized seeing her. He is Sanskar. Mehrbaan song plays in background. Ragini tells can you tell me plz. Sanskar does not respond because he was continuously looking at Ragini’s face. Ragini says : o hello, can you listen me. Ragini moves her hand in front of Sanskar’s face. And says: o hello. She keeps her hand on Sanskar’s shoulders and tell are you here? Sanskar tell oh yes. Today’s is the strike of taxi drivers so you’ll not get taxi today. Can I drop you. Ragini agrees. He ask for address . she tell the name of any PG. They reach the PG. Ragini was not able to open door of the car. Sanskar help her and open the door.she was about to go. But she turns and tell thank you to sanskar . Sanskar ask for her name. She tells Ragini and goes. Sanskar was looking at her. Mehrbaan song plays in background.

Scene 4.
Swara reaches her home and tell How can he call me cat. If I am cat then he ghost. I’ll just show him. I’ll give open challenge to him and when he’ll lose then he will understand . she sleeps.

Scene 5.
Lucky in his room. Tomorrow I’ll show to swara. Ohoo not swara ‘ The rock star swara’ she thinks she is better than me. So get ready to lose miss rock star.

Precap: lucky and swara are playing guitar in their college campus. Swara meets Ragini.

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