SWARAGINI Rishta Khatta Mittha (Chapter 8)

Sanskar sees swara laughing and get mesmerized. They both look at each other.Darmiyaan plays. Swara tell sir you have not answered my question. Have you ever laughed.ok I’ll teach you how to laugh . so sir for today you are not my boss and I am your teacher. Sanskar: you are only telling that for today I am not your boss and you are only calling me sir. Swara: actually sir. sanskar: again. Swara: sorry sir. Sanskar: Again . swara: ok ok s..s..Sanskar. Sanskar: now its ok. Swara tell :Sanskar see there’s a race . let’s participate please. Sanskar : but. Swara: plz . Sanskar: ok. They go. They hear the announcement that the game is only for couples. Sanskar : see. Let’s go from here now. Swara hold his hand and pull him. Swara : see what I am doing now. She go and show her ring to organizer and tell can we participate we have recently engaged. Sanskar look at her. A man comes and tie their one leg with each other and the race starts. They win and swara start jumping in excitement. They both fall they have an eyelock. Darmiyaan plays. They both get up.

Scene 2.
Laksh goes to mall to buy dress for swara. Ragini also go there for shopping. Ragini slips and falls in laksh’s arm.Ragini tell you. She gets irritated and goes.

Scene 3.
Swara and Sanskar start Talking. Someone throws acid on swara .Sanskar
Pushes her and saves her. But unfortunately acid falls on swara’s hand. She screams . Sanskar takes her to hospital . she cries sanskar sir sir.

Precap: swara ask sanskar if the acid would have been fallen on her face then also.. Sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth. Swara is shocked by sanskar’s answer .

You will come to know sanskar’s answer in next chapter. Till then keep reading . and plz comment plz plz .

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