Swaragini – All are Right in their View (Not a fiction)

Hi guyz. This is not a fan fiction. I just wanna share my opinion and wanna know what others are all thinking. That’s it. Not in any particular order of favourites.

Lakshya Maheshwari :

Rich spoilt young playful boy who enjoyed his youth age to the core changed himself to be a matured, serious business man after his friendship and love with a girl. He everytime sacrificed his own desires and wishes. Initially he unwillingly accepted to marry ragini who is not of his type coz of his family and coz of his father who wants him to marry her. Somehow though the alliance broke, he again agreed to marry her only for his mentally ill brother sanskar. Since his brother listened only ragini and who threatens not to take medicines in the absence of ragini and threatens to commit suicide if laksh doesn’t marry her, laksh is forced to marry her. He accepted this alliance unwilling only for his brother’s welfare. He punished himself for ragini’s accident and prayed to god for the first time by injuring him physically to make her well. God gave him happiness for time being. His family accepted his love with a bengali girl. He dreamt his life with her. But on the day of marriage, a video played his emotions. He who believed his lover extremely even after hotel, drug, disco incidents failed to trust her on the day of his marriage. He recollected all the incidents happened before and correlated with the video and got trapped in his friend’s (Ragini) emotional blackmails. He believed his friend than his lover. To save his friend from others’ taunts, to save her life and to prevent her from committing suicide he proposed to marry her. He didn’t think about future and married her. Even after marriage he couldn’t take his marriage life to next level coz his heart is still loving it’s first ever love. The mistake laksh did is he didn’t trust his love at a time when he must have believed. He taunted her cheaply in anger without thinking. He believed his brother when he was acting but didn’t believe when he said truth (on his wedding day as well as when drunken sanskar showed proofs against ragini). He didn’t believe even when swara explained him before her wedding day. He accused her that even when god comes and say, he won’t believe her. Then even after doctor explained him, he made call to the person who admitted her for treatment. Then he regretted. He made sure that his brother sanskar didn’t love swara as he said in drunken state. He confirmed with him. The very next day he pleaded her to come back to his life. Though his brother didn’t love her, she is his sister-in-law. He should have accepted the fact and gave respect to our tradition and culture. He again blackmailed her, forced her and then acted to get her back. His love made him mad. Even it can be said ragini made him like her. But it backfired when he came to know she tried to swara characterless infront of his family. He took out all his anger,frustration, thinking about all the lies she told and how she did bad to swara, he kidnapped and tried to kill. He didn’t come forward when all accused swara for ragini’s kidnapping. He saw her getting arrested quietly. But atlast he regretted that if they are bad, we need not be bad and accepted the fact that swara is no more his’. He even wanted his brother to talk to swara once to clear their misunderstanding. As of now he is suffering to get rid of ragini and stressing himself to save his family from ragini. He is not bad till now and not bad anymore. His deep love and anger made him to do so like a normal human being. His one mistake took his life to hell.

Sanskar Maheshwari :

A young, obedient, matured, good hearted boy who fell in love with a bengali girl. He went against his family to marry her secretly. He built a love palace in his heart for her. When he is about to ignite light in it, he lost his love forever. Kavitha has been killed infront of his eyes. His heart broken completely seeing his love dead. Now his anger turned towards his brother come close friend lakshya to only whom he shared the info of marry her. He didn’t know that his brother actually wanted him to unite with her with their family’s blessing. He thought wrong about his uncle and unaware that he only put killers behind the bars. His dream demolished. His love had been killed infront his eyes. He wanted revenge for this murder. He want his uncle to lose in his business and his brother to lose in his love to make them understand his pain. Though he took ragini’s help initially but latter he avoided her. Though she followed amd helped him to make her wish come true, he always regretted for sharing his revenge plan with her. His unknown connection with swara gave him so much pain when she was dancing without her conscious after he gave her drugs. Eventhough his mom sujatha called him to enjoy that scene, he avoided it. Her words badly affected him when he had stolen her mobile. He just wanted to break SwaLak bond but never tried to kill any of the both. He could have killed swara since his love has been killed coz of laksh according to him. But he never thought of it. Even he saved her from mohini. Anyhow swara changed his thoughts and helped him to get back to his family with happy mind. He tried hard to explain laksh on his wedding day but failed. After a lot of effort he brought swara back to mandap to get married to laksh but it went in vain. She helped him to come out of dark life. In return he used himself as a weapon to help swara to unite her parents. He joined his family after 5 yrs. He could have been happily with them. But even after knowing they will not accept him, he helped swara. She became a medicine for him to forget his first love as both of their loves were unsuccessful. Eventually he fell in love with her. He was silent even after she insulted his love for her and blamed him for undone mistakes (( like fighting with laksh coz his badmouthed about swara, kept karwachauth virat for her, brought her to meet laksh without knowing that laksh will ask her to get back to his life etc etc…)) trusted her blindly at every circumstances. From adharsh’s girl friend to ragini’s kidnapping even when all proofs were against her. But he finally got hurt when she doubted him, whom he thought as his love and life. As of now he is hurt as she didn’t even consider and trust him as a friend. But he doesn’t wanna hurt her. He is thinking that everytime swara is forced to stay in MM (for uniting her parents, for memory loss ragini, for preventing laksh from committing suicide, to save MM from ragini now). He want her to move on in her life with her career. He is protecting himself from another heartbreak and saving swara from ragini’s mistreat (like servants, ordering goons to make her go from MM). He was bad but not now.

Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari :

A cute, innocent, traditional, obedient, family loving girl turned to a vamp because of madness in love. She loved her family so much and never uttered anything against them. She never talked with boys before. For the very first time she started to dream her life with a guy whom their family chose for her. She loved him whole heartedly and thought him as her husband not as fiance. She was shocked when swara told laksh didn’t love her. But the very next second her dadi gave her false hope that he is avoiding her to solve his family problem. She is ready to give up her love for her step mother and step sister. She chose to unite their parents over her love when her dadi gave her options. But she believed laksh will marry her when he announced their alliance infront of all in badi to take her to his MM mansion for his brother. She stopped her own engagement when her step mother fell sick and unconcious. She was not interested to get engaged in this situation when her step mother is not feeling well. She is completely heart broken when she came to know her step mother acted to be ill to the engagement because laksh is loving her step sister. He couldn’t bear this continous disappoints and betrayal anymore. She wanted her love at any cost. She chose a wrong path. Though she was initially guided by sanskar, latter even after he asked to change herself, she walked in the same path with her own knowledge. She was crazy about laksh that made her to kill her sister who initially refused that she didn’t love him but afterwards said that she love him after ragini’s kidnapping (RagSan plan to bring distance between SwaLak). Even after marriage, in fear that swara will snatch laksh from her if her truth comes out she turned more badly to hid her truth. But after her revelation, though swara stood by her, she felt jealous of her closeness to all as everybody hated her. She became completely negative. When she came to know that her own husband kidnapped her, her mad love turned into brainless hatred. If she felt betrayed by laksh then she should torture only him. But she is making lives of Maheshwari people a hell who blindly believed her lies too. Her dadi instead of giving moral values, making her bad. Even we can say ragini is like this only because of dadi. As she has been brought up from birth by her dadi and she has been grown up seeing her deeds ((fighting with neighbours, many manyy lies, killing her daughter in law, false accusation on her DIL that she tried to kill her)). She need an good guide and she should rethink all once and turn positive.

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari :

A charming, bubbly, brainy, naughty, modern girl turned to be a dumb brainless weak daughter in law. She loved her family a lot. She loved her neighbours eventhough they badly treat her. She wished to save a girl, from a spoilt rich boy, who didn’t believe, blamed her mother for her own mother’s death and illtreated her. She always wishes to do good things to others. She believed all her close ones. She wanted to save her step sister from a boy who is unwilling to marry her coz their life can’t be happy. She was angered when she came to know that his would be brother in law is loving her. But when she hugged and when he kissed her, she felt something, a strange feeling in his true touch. She stood by him even when his family was against him. She trusted him completely that he didn’t plan ragini’s kidnapping but some 3rd person is playing. She was the first one to use brain to doubt sanskar but trusted her sister completely. She forgave sanskar even after he ruined her respect. Her trust and heart got broken on the day of her marriage that her own sister cheated, betrayed and tried to kill her. She then never thought to snatch her sister’ s husband or thought to prevent them from getting intimate. She want to unite her parents nothing else. She felt their love is weak coz of lack of trust. She forgot it as days moved. After laksh bringing out ragini’s truth, she worried for her sister and asked laksh not to open out. When all were against ragini she stood by her. But really her trust got shattered and pained a lot to know her sister trying to defame her as characterless. Everytime when she has been accused, none believed her except sanskar. She fights with him for everything always. He does everything for her but she never understood that. But after he opened out his heart and broke friendship with her she started loving him. Yet she couldn’t say it to him. Brilliant swara now became dumb. Her brain is not working like before. She could have blackmailed ragini for tried to kill her twice, false molestation accuse on sanskar, kidnapping her mother and dadi for trying to kill Sharmishtha. She could have warned them and got back MM property. But don’t know why she is like ordinary dumb bahu. Initially her character is like she speaks very frankly but now always keeping quiet.

Swaragini is different from other serials in two ways –
1. Everytime girls wearing traditional dress are shown as heroines and modern dress wearing girls are shown as negative characters. But here its totally different.

2. Swaragini Story writters make effort to bring it’s trp down while all others try to maintain it in top 10.

Actually guyz I thought of sharing my opinions. It’s because I was fedup of fights between SwaLak & SwaSan fans blaming each other. I think both SanLak are good. But fact is, swara got married and he too got married. It will not look good bro-in-law marrying sis-in-law. It’s better all to move on in their life.

For fighting SwaSan / SwaLak fans … not an advice but just thought to say my view.

For swasan fans – laksh loved swara truly deeply. He did everything for his love. He regretted his mistake for trusting her and wanted her back. It’s common in reality too. Now he realised the fact. Even swara believed proofs than sanskar. Likewise laksh believed video than swara. Will be say Sanskar not to accept swara ?? No right ? Thn y to blame laksh ?

For SwaLak fans – Even we do mistakes and later regret. Should sanskar be blamed till now for his past mistakes? He tried very hard to unite swalak. But destiny brought them together. Is it like all marry their lovers ?? Don’t we have some unsuccessful love before marriage? There is love after love failure. It will be good for everyone to move on in their married life if both are willing to give a chance to it. It’s not a crime to love husband/wife even if we had past unsuccessful love.

All four are looking cute, beautiful, charming, hot, handsome, smart ?? we can worry if pair for our heart throbbing person is not good ?. All four are looking damn good. We will enjoy seeing them. First time ever in serial history, all the leading actors/actresses are highly superbly extremely good with flawless acting. Crystal clear performance by all the 4 and also by supporting artists. We will enjoy watching them performing.

And of course it’s after all a serial and fake story. Why to fight among us ?? If story writters really wish to entertain us, thn let them show good plot, not a pool of negativity. We ll enjoy many FF flooded here which is far better an creative than current swaragini. Watch the soap daily but don’t get tensed. If you want to see fun, nok jok, romance then read FF ?. U will be cooled.

Guyz this is just my opinion. I won’t say it is only right. I thought of sharing my view here. So you guyz also share what’s in your mind and what’s ur view about these chars.
Extremely sorry if I had hurt anyone’s feelings. I really reallyyy apologize. I wished to show that all 4 are/were good. Sorry for any harsh opinion. Share your thoughts.

  1. Really Tara you said it! After all it a daily soap ?and the work of the writers is to just stretch the story and to make good character into bad one ☺ and of course upsetting us audiences by giving a twist ????

    1. Hahaaa.. ? exactly. They have to stretch to make more episodes. They think if they unite d pairs we ll not watch thereafter. Actually this only irritating us. They can drag or stretch but without too much negativity. No serial can drag like kumkum bhagya. But it always in top 5. Coz of much fun, nok joks, good winning over bad sometimes, etc.. but this story writters showing like bad winning always.

  2. i agree with you tara…. and you said it well…. thumbs up…

    1. Hi5 dear .. ??

  3. I totally agree with u and in the serial what they are showing it does not have any logic. .because when laksh went to jail they showed that ragini wanted to bail him but 4 dadi she couldn’t, she was helpless and when she gained all the property suddenly she became a vamp and swara who used to be a straightforward girl ,she has become so dumb now and 4 all this things I think audiences are loosing interest now to watch the serial..thats my thinking…

    1. Yaaa we couldn’t predict ragini’s character. After her truth revelation she cried seeing her suprt for her to laksh. But later changed. Similarly they showed like she was ready to take laksh out but refused coz of dadi. Though all have proofs against ragini and dadi, they are keeping quiet even swara. Writters showing logicless track. Tey assume us logicless like them. Only d stry writters need to be accused. No fun entertainment love romance emotion. Only negative things winning.

  4. you r crct tara

  5. Hey loved the way you described everything.
    Even i do feel same… and i m happy that its a episodic analysis…
    It was much needed on this page.. cause every 2nd person is blaming one of the character. And they forgot that its just a story. People are fighting over their favs. Every character’s fan are juddging other. That he did so m so wrong. Or she ruined it. But its all inter-connected.
    I have comment regarding swara wants to mahan or ragini is devil or sanskar ruined ragini or lakshya attempted murder on his own wife. But its all circumstances. Writers are showing every aspect of a person.
    Loved yours analysis.

    1. I have seen* comment

    2. Thank you kiara. Yeah I’m also sooo fed up. Whenever I see people commenting in Facebook instagram uploads, tey fight seriously. Swalak fans vs swasan
      Then swara vs ragini. Hate ragini, hate sanskar etc etc.. It will be better if they scold stry writters for not entertaining us. Even tes kinds of cmnts are also responsible for tejaswi’s quit. Though many suprt her, she wud have seen hate ragini cmnts. All chars justified and actors perform brilliantly. Only tes stry writers making the track a crap.

    3. I was also fed up tara.
      Fan fiction pages or the serial pages on social sites have many negative comment regarding each character. Swara wanted to sort out things. But in return we got comments like she is acting to be mahan.
      Ragini fans are blindly belving her saying that she did right but haters are slamming her with comment that are awful. In all this they forgot that its a serial not a real life story. And by the end of the day it will end.
      Its writters responsibility to maintain a good plot. But he is also a human. Some time the plot is awesome and sometime dreadful. We have to understand that at the end we will be satisfied by the story.
      And the swalak and swasan part. Its the most irritating one. Accept it that what writers have planned . 99.9% we are helpless and cant do anything to chnge the plot.
      And for now if writers promise to make the main four character positive and bring a new troble rather this time in a twisty way where whole family stood by each other then its worth watching.

    4. True.. 100% true. I completely agree with u. Each nd evry wrd of urs is true and right

  6. It’s so true Tara. Completely support ur point of view

  7. i agree wid u…

    1. Thanks roshani

  8. Thank you sindhuja, roja, roshani. Hi5 for having same opinion

  9. U r absolutely correct ?? this was something which we really need as we were fighting like morons for pairs-swasan swalak…for sisters-Ragini n swara….u r Right ? these actor’s are flawless n working as they are told…..we should appreciate them……

    1. Yes dear. They are acting superbbly. They live in that char and perform amazingly. Thats y v love or hate that chars. It reached us so much. Fighting is unnecessary.

  10. I completely agree with u Tara

  11. u r superb…….
    agree wid u……….
    i stopped watching dis show………..
    actually i dnt like indian serials……
    all serials r good at starting bt aftr sometime all r same………
    trp not everything yr……….
    na bole tum na maine kuch kaha,ek hasina thi,mahabharat,zindgi abhi baki hai mere ghost,badi door se aaye hai,tmuc……..dis serials have unique consept and really good than dis stupid serials………..
    u said dt 4 leads are very good….u r ri8 they are very good bt dear dis serial like dt product which have very nice covering bt inner product is really bad…..like dikhta hai wahi bikta hai……..

    1. What to do ? Stry writers are making the plot irritating and not using the popular and fabulous actors properly. Other serials have good plot but actors r nt good. Here all actors are superb but plot is bad.

  12. Ur crt tara everyone is crt in their point of view ..
    N fed up with these writers .
    Writers should stop negativity

    1. It will be no.1 serial if they stop this much negativity. Then this serial will have both elders and youngsters audiences

  13. I absolutely agree with u Tara! Ppl fighting so uselessly! N especially when ppl scold or use harsh words against any character,its very irritating! Its natural to like a character in a show! But giving harsh comments is seriously very rude!! After all they are actors doin excellent job! What 2 do if writers are making them worse!?

    1. Exactly ramya. They are doing their job perfectly. But writers are outta ideas. Fans must understand. The problem is that they don’t take it as just acting and fighting with ome another

  14. We just feel bad due to the plot
    But the writers don’t even mind our views or actor’s views
    Always shows same plots,negativity,dumb actions without any logic…………
    Writers won’t respond even if Ragini’s character Tejeswi quits… Due to negativity

    1. This serial will no.1 if they listen to our views and implement oue expectations. Don’t know y tey r not considering our expectations

  15. U r right dea.. Nowadays ffs r better than serial.. V r enjoying all ffs..

    1. Yeah me too dear

  16. Even I agree with you all………After all its a daily soap……….and if we want to entertain ourselves we can read ff…….and even write them…….I think telly update has provided a great platform for young generation to enhance their ideas and put them in words………hats off to telly update for providing such a great platform????

    1. Yeah they gave us gr8 platform. These FF are really entertaining us a lot and making us happy

  17. u r correct dear i 100%agree with u

  18. I like your thought dear

  19. Way of expressing evry1 feeling is different .. i accept ur opinion… ur words how each feel frm their point of view.. nd how situation has played a major role in their character… bt i liked ur thoughts…

  20. Please reply to my comment

  21. i totally agree with you????

  22. Varsha Darshini

    In my point of view I agree with you. And I think Ragini will be soon turned into positive and they live together. Really its nice

  23. its a geat true thought…….sad fol laksh but he was 1st love of swara but sansakr is 1st TRUE love of swara as destiny has broght them together o reality should be accepted. I don’t like the extra good nature of swara cz due to this she has created misunderstandings among her and sanskar’s relation. ragini said to Annapurna that u did wrong upbringing of ur son as he never learnt to love an innocent girl.is this innocency to treat elders like servants??? I m shocked that how can writers turn the female lead into negative. without ragini how can swaragini continue?? after all this if ragini is turned positive how will laksh accept her as he hates her nd how will anybody believe that she has changed?? moreover kavita is gonna enter who might play the role of cameo and unite swasan……..hope sth god happens and swaragini rocks or else this show will be flop……

    waiting for the smiles on everyone’s face when a good plot arrives till then we should enjoy ffs…

    thnk u for ur views tara

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