Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 2

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Hello everyone.
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It is becoming difficult for me to post two stories. So for today here is the next chapter of Tere bin nahi lage jiya.


Ragini went to her room. She wanted to open the cover as soon as possible.Everything related to Laksh made her feel special. And this surprise was making her feel more precious than anything else in the world. She reached her room and opened the cover.She saw a beautiful long peach color gown.


Laksh was walking on the terrace waiting for his lady love. He badly wanted to see her in that pretty gown. Suddenly he heard the footsteps. He turned back to see his angel coming to him wearing that beautiful gown. But in proper sense she added beauty to that dress. She left her hair open which was curled at the ends. She wore a silver bracelet. And she wore simple yet elegant ear rings.


The whole terrace was not less than any dream world for Ragini. All the walls were decorated with orchids. A small table was placed with two chairs. A vase with red roses was placed. A path was created from the steps to the table with rose petals.

She stepped on the rose petals when he came walking to her with a mesmerized smile. He offered his hand to her which she happily accepted. She placed her hand on his hand. Laksh immediately pulled her and she landed on his chest. Her hands were on his chest and his hands were on her waist. Surely he was her Prince Charming. He was dressed in a black three pic suit.

Laksh: So Mrs.Maheshwari how did you like the surprise?

Ragini: Laksh everything is so beautiful. Thank you so much.

Saying so she hugged him placing her head on his chest. He wrapped his hands around her waist.

Laksh: Come my dear princess please be seated.

Saying so he held her by her shoulders and took her to the table. He made her sit
on the chair. And he went and sat down on his chairs.

Ragini: Not bad Laksh. This surprise was very nice.

Laksh: Ragini the surprise doesn’t end here.

Ragini: Acha what else is there?

Laksh: Come I will show you.

Both of them got up from their chairs and Laksh entangled his fingers with her one and took her to the edge of the terrace wall.

Suddenly Ragini heard sound of fireworks and she was astonished seeing the fireworks reading

I Love You Ragini.

Just then she felt someone on her neck. She saw a beautiful diamond chain and saw that Laksh was fixing the chain. It had a pretty half heart shaped locket. LAK was written on it.

Ragini turned back to face Laksh. Laksh was smiling at her.

Ragini: Laksh this is so beautiful. Thank you. But why is the locket only half hearted shape??

Laksh: Kyu ki..

Laksh showed her a pendant that was in his neck. It had a similar half heart shaped locket and RAG was written on it.

Laksh continued.

Laksh: Because the remaining half heart is with me.

Saying so he brought both the lockets near and they immediately got attached to each other.

Ragini: Are they magnetic?

Laksh: Yes madam. They are magnetic. So when ever we come a bit close this will pull us more closer to each other. And you are wearing the half in which my name is written and I am wearing the half in which your name is there. And when we come together it automatically becomes Raglak.

Ragini’s eyes become wet listening to whatever Laksh said. Surely these two people need each other for their existence. A tear escaped from her eyes.

Laksh wiped the tear with his thumb and nodded in a no. Ragini smiled. He held her hands in his hands.

Laksh: Ragini today I want you to promise me something.

Ragini: What is it Laksh?

Laksh: Promise me that you will always be with me. That you will never leave me. Because Ragini if you leave me, (his voice starts breaking) I will not be able to live.

Ragini hugs him very tightly. He wipes his tears that were falling out from his eyes. Ragini breaks the hug.

Ragini: Now you also promise that you will always be my side. Aap hamesha hamare saath denge.

Laksh: Waada raha. Now can I dance with my beautiful wife?

Ragini: Yes you can.

They started romantically dancing on Saans Mein Teri song.

At the end Ragini and Laksh were lost in each other’s eyes and were swaying to the music.

Laksh: I want to tell you something Ragini.

Ragini: Tell na Laksh.

He came near her ear and whispered I love you Ragini.

Ragini: Laksh I also want to tell you something.

Laksh: Hmm tell na.

Ragini also went near to his ear.

Ragini: I am hungry Laksh.

She started laughing and Laksh frowned listening to her. He held her hand and took
her to the table. He made her sit.

Laksh: I will be back jaan.

Saying so he went and brought a tray with some vessels that were covered.

Laksh: Chef Laksh Maheshwari’s special
food is ready.

Ragini: That’s a good joke. You and cooking is impossible.

Laksh: I made it myself. I swear.

Ragini opened the lid to see Maggie in the
vessel. She burst out laughing.

Laksh: Why are you laughing?

Ragini: You made Maggie?? And you were
like you did something that would make you a chef overnight.

Laksh: Ragini I made the maggie alone
without anyone’s help. And you are teasing me.

He fakes anger. Ragini comes to him and
holds her ears with her hands. She cutely says sorry.

Laksh: I will forgive you if you feed me.

Ragini smiles and starts feeding him and
he also feeds her.

After finishing their dinner, Laksh lifts her in his arms and takes her to another side
of the terrace. She sees a bed that was
completely decorated with rose petals. And the bed is surrounded with diyas. He places her on the bed and the night
witnessed Raglak’s love. But little did they
know that the next day had something in store for them that would break them completely.

Next morning

The love birds were peacefully sleeping in each other’s embrace. The birds were chirping and Ragini slowly opened her eyes. She saw Laksh sleeping hugging her tightly. She suddenly hit her head realizing that they were getting late for breakfast.

She had to make breakfast for her lazy husband who will be late today also. She slowly moved to get out of his embrace. But she felt that something was stopping her. She looked to see what was stopping her. She saw that the lockets she and Laksh had in their neck have entangled.

Laksh: Now you can’t run away from me bacha.

Ragini: Were you awake?

Laksh gave her a sheepish smile. She nodded her head as if he was hopeless.

Ragini: Laksh wake up. We will be late for breakfast. Get up.


The Maheshwari family were having breakfast. Ragini was serving food for everyone. In this process Laksh winked at her and she started blushing.

Ap: Arey Shekhar ji Sharmishta ji, Kaaki saa please come.

Whole Maheshwari family was surprised to see Shemish and Daadi at their house at that time.

Dp: Namaste. Aaiye. Aap log yahan??

A voice: I only called and asked them to come here.

Everyone was shocked to see Sulekha(Parineeta’s mom) standing on the stairs.

Sujata: Sulekha ji aap?

Sulekha: I only called them. They have a right to know what their daughter did na.
They have the complete right to know the truth.

Ragini started shivering. She was very tensed.

Laksh: What are you talking aunty. Kaisi sach??

Sulekha: That your wife killed my daughter. She pushed my daughter into river.

Everyone were shocked. And for Laksh he
felt that this was all a nightmare and nothing else.

Laksh: Bas aunty. Stop lying. My Ragini can’t do anything like that.

Sulekha: I knew that none of you would believe me. So I came with the proof.

She showed the pictures of Ragini and Parineeta standing on the bridge and then Parineeta falling into the river to everyone.

Maheshwari and Gadodia’s were in deep shock till Laksh broke the silence.

Laksh: These photos are fake. I can’t believe that Ragini will do something like that.

Saying so he held Ragini’s hand. She looked into his eyes. They were teary. And she looked into them with her own red teary eyes.

Sulekha: If this girl could try to kill her sister what is a big deal for her to kill my

Laksh: Ok I will prove now itself what’s the truth

He went to Ragini and held her hands. He takes her right hand and puts it on his hand.

Laksh: Ragini kasam khao meri. Tell us that this photo is fake.

Ragini was unable to meet his eyes anymore. The person who trusted her the most is in front of her and she couldn’t lie anymore.

Ragini: The photo is real Laksh.

Laksh felt the floor beneath his feet snatched away. He couldn’t expect his bacha to do something like that. And now she is here telling that she did all that.

Sujata: Matlab you killed Parineeta?

Ragini was about to say something when she heard a voice.

Voice: Madam ji.

Everyone looked at him. (He is the same goon who was with the mystery man). He was holding a baby.

Goon: Now I can’t handle this kid anymore madam ji. I asked for a little amount of money and you didn’t give me. Now you yourself take care of this baby.

Saying so he handed the baby to Ragini. Everyone in the Maheshwari and Gadodia family were confused.

Ragini who was now happy that her Chotu is now back started kissing him.

Ragini: Chotu you are fine na.

Her eyes started welling up. Just then Shomi came to her.

Shomi: Ragu is he my Babu?

Ragini: Yes ma.

Shomi took the baby from Ragini and showered him with kisses.

Sujata: But Sharmishta ji lost her baby na?

Swara: I will tell you all what happened.

She explained how Daadi manipulated the situation to her advantage, how she gave the baby to nurse and how Chotu was adopted but someone came and took him away.

Shekhar: Ma I never expected you to steep so low. Please go away from here. I don’t want your shadow also to fall on my son.

Dadi went away.

Sanskar: But how did the baby reach Ragini?

Before Ragini could give an explanation Laksh went to the goon and held his collars.

Laksh: Tell me how Chotu reached you?

Goon removed Laksh’s hands from his collar.

Goon: This madam ji gave me this baby few days back. She told that I should take care of the baby and gave me some money. But she stopped attending my calls when I called her again for extra money. So I came to give the baby back.

Saying so he angrily walks away. He comes out of MM and calls someone.

Goon: Boss work is done.

Other side: Good job.

Inside MM

Laksh was staring the ground. He felt that his world turned upside down in just one day.

Sujata: Didn’t you feel ashamed before doing all this chori? We knew that you wanted this baby to come into the world. But you tried to keep a mother away from her kid?

Ragini had no answers. Whenever she lifted her voice to give a justification she was cut down by taunts.

But two things that pained her most was what her dad said.

Shekhar: In my life I always felt sad that Janki left me. But now I feel happy that Janki is not alive. Or else she would have died seeing your deeds.

Ragini’s strength gave up. She broke down on her knees. She was crying loudly. Just then Dp came there and lifted her holding her shoulders.

Dp: Ragini beta we know what you have done is wrong. You tried to keep a kid away from a mother. Thats because you were unable to accept that this baby belongs to your mother. You accepted that baby is only yours when you were faking
your pregnancy. We will forgive you beta if you confess your mistake and repent for it.

Ragini: When I didn’t do anything wrong why should I confess it papaji.

Ap: Dekho Ragini. If you won’t confess your mistake you can go away from this house.

This was another shock for Ragini. She turned to the person who was always there for her-her Laksh.

She went to him.

Ragini: Laksh..

Laksh: Confess it Ragini.

Ragini: Laksh I didn’t do anything. Wait. Do you also believe in all this?

Laksh: I don’t know about all that Ragini. But I want you in this house with me by my side. For the sake of our relationship atleast accept it.

Ragini: If you can’t believe me Laksh there is no meaning for this relationship. It’s better I leave from here.

Saying so she starts to climb the stairs.

Laksh: Tod diya na apna vada that you will never leave me.

Ragini: Vada to apne bhi tod diya Laksh.

Saying so she leaves from the main door.
Laksh cries loudly falling on his knees. He shouts “Ragini”

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