Swaragini Raglak ff Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya Chapter 10 – Lucky Returns

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Hey everyone.
I am back with the next chapter of the story.
Thanks a ton for all your encouraging comments.
Please keep reading and comment about the best dialogue also.

I know all of you are quite excited that Lucky is back….
I am also equally excited.

So here we go with the 10th chapter..


The next morning

“Uaaah uaah…”

Ragini opened her eyes listening her little baby boy crying. She woke up and took him into her arms. And she understood that her naughty baby had wet his diaper.

Ragini: Tho ye baat hain. I was wondering how come you wake up so early. Badmaash. Chalo.


Shivansh was going through a few files when Ragini entered the room with Ridaan in her hands. She was wearing a red knee length top and a cream palazzo. As usual looking gorgeous.

Shiv: Good morning.

Ragini: Morning Shiv. Have you ordered the breakfast??

Shiv: Yes. Btw Ragini how are you feeling now?

Ragini: Yeah feeling much better.

Shiv(keeps the file aside): Ragini I have gone through the proposals of both Bundelas and Maheshwaris. And I have decided who are apt for the partnership.

Ragini was praying in her mind that Bundelas must be the partners. She has no courage to meet Maheshwari family and especially Laksh again.

Shiv: We will be dealing with the Maheshwari Group.

Ragini was shocked. What she had been wishing till now also is not going to happen. They have to deal with Maheshwaris. She can’t request Shivansh to change his decision as she knew doing so will arise doubts in his mind. And she doesn’t want him to compromise anything because of her.

Shiv: Ragini where are you lost?

Ragini: Shiv is it necessary that I should also be a part of this project?

Shiv: Ragini are you joking? You are the project head. It was you who had been working on this project very sincerely since these many months. Then what happened now? Is everything alright?

Ragini: I am okay Shivansh. But what about Ridaan? I need to take care of him also na.

Shivansh: From when did that become a problem? We will take him along with us as usual. I don’t think Dp uncle will have any problem with it.

Ragini: But this isn’t our office. How can we just take him like that.

Shiv: Arey baba it’s ok. I know you will manage.

Ragini couldn’t speak anything. She had been managing her work along with Ridaan all these months. And she was sure if she tells Shivansh that she can’t manage things anymore he will never believe.

Helplessly she agreed to become the part of the project.


All the family members came to know about Ragini and Ridaan through Swasan and Uttara. Laksh didn’t come out of his room since he came back from the party last night.

AP: I am very happy Ji. Finally we got to know the whereabouts of Ragini. Till today I have seen our Laksh fighting with himself when there was no news of Ragini. Now once she comes back to the house my son will also be back to his original self.

Swara: But badi ma. I don’t think that will be so easy. All of us have hurt her a lot. And it’s going to take her some time to come back to this house.

AP: But we can’t sit without doing anything silently. We need to do something to get her back into this house. And then all of us will convince her.

Sanky: Don’t worry badi ma. Once they agree to this partnership we will do something or the other and bring Ragini back to the house. I don’t want my Lucky to be in this state anymore.

Suddenly Sanskar’s phone rings and he answers the call.

Sanskar(on call): Yes. Oh tell me Shivansh. Oh that’s great. Yeah. Sure. Thank you. Bye.

He ended the call.

Sanky(to family): Its a good news. Shivansh has decided that he will do the
partnership with us.

Sujata: Dekha jiji. God listened to our prayer.

AP joined her hands and thanked God.


In Maheshwari Group of Industries

In the conference room

DP,RP and Sanskar were waiting for Ragini and Ridaan. They heard the door knock.

Sanky: Please come in.

The door got opened and they saw Shivansh standing with Ragini holding Ridaan in her arms.

Dp and Rp were very happy seeing her after a complete year whereas Sanskar was happy that now his friend will bring that old charm back to the MM.

Shiv: Hello uncle.

Dp: Hello beta.

Shiv: Uncle this is my wife Ragini and my son Ridaan. And Ragini this is Dp uncle and Rp uncle.

Ragini: Namaste

Dp raised his hand and kept it on her head and caressed her hair. She could still feel that fatherly touch. Dp always loved Ragini
among all his daughter in laws. He knew
that she was a perfect bahu since he met her for the first time.

Shivansh: So can we discuss the details of
the project?

DP: Yes.

After sometime

Ragini: So I have covered most of the
information required. Any questions?

Sanky: Yeah. I actually wanted to ask
whether we are going to renovate an
existing buildings into the hospital or buy a
plot and complete the construction?

Ragini: I am still working on that point. But
I strongly feel that renovation of an
existing building can be more easy and take less cost.

“I don’t think that is a good idea.” a voice
is heard.

The door of the conference room is opened. And Laksh enters the room. He
was wearing a white shirt and a blue
blazer with a pair of black jeans. He was back to the old Laksh’s avatar-from clothes to beard.

Laksh: I don’t think buying an existing building and renovating it is a better idea.
Instead we can build our own building
according to our design for the hospital.

Ragini: Mr Maheshwari. Whatever you
are speaking is nonsense. Lot of money will be wasted in buying a plot and then constructing a building will consume lot of

Laksh smirked seeing her anger.

Laksh: Ragini…..ji who told that we need to buy a new plot. (He turned to DP) Papa,on the occasion of our marriage you
gifted me and your bahu(eyeing Ragini) a plot na. Can we construct the hospital
in that plot?

Dp: Yes beta. Why not? If you want to use that place for such a good cause then definitely go with your decision.

Shiv: It’s very kind of you to offer but Laksh will your wife be okay with this?

Laksh(seeing Ragini): Shivansh me and my wife have promised each other during the time of our marriage vows that in every good deed I do she will have an equal part. And as far as I know her she will be the happiest person once this hospital starts functioning. So I know it’s a yes from her side also.

Ragini’s eyes sparkled. She looked down and wiped her tears.

Laksh walked to Ragini.

Laksh(forwarding his hand):So I think the deal is locked Ragini..Ji.

Ragini(shaking hands):Yes Mr Maheshwari. But being professional I prefer Mrs Singhania.

Laksh stiffened listening this. His knuckles became white.

Laksh: But since I call Shivansh by his name I would prefer the same with you also Ragini ji.

Both of them shared an intense eye lock.

Shiv: So Dp uncle the deal is locked. But I would like to see the site once. Ragini do you want to come along?

Ragini: No Shivansh. I don’t think Ridaan will be comfortable there. I will take him back to the hotel.

Shivansh: Okay as you wish. But I will be taking the car with me now. How will you go to the hotel?

Ragini: That’s ok. I will take a cab.

Laksh: Shivansh if you don’t mind. I will drop Ragini ji at the hotel. I am going home anyway.

Shivansh: Yeah. Seems to be a good idea. Ragini instead of going alone by the cab Laksh will drop you.

Ragini: But..

Dp: It’s ok Ragini beta. Laksh will drop you. Let’s go Shivansh.

Saying so Dp, Rp, Sanky and Shivansh went out.

Laksh went near to Ragini and pulled her close holding her waist.

Laksh: Looking gorgeous in red as always.
And I am also wearing blue. The color you always liked on me.

Ragini pushed him and went to the cradle in which Ridaan was kept. She caressed his cheek. And he gave her a cute smile. She picked up a sipper which she found it to be empty.

Ragini: There is no water in the sipper. I need to go and bring some.

She looked at Laksh who was staring at her lovingly.

Ragini: You please stay here. I need to bring some water for Ridaan.

Laksh: Anything for you.

He gave her a flying kiss. She gave him an annoyed look and went out of the room stamping her foot.

Laksh slowly went near the cradle. He lifted Ridaan slowly. His heart was beating very fast. He was never so nervous when he took a baby into his arms. His sister was always in his arms in her childhood.
And he also took Shubh into his arms quite a few times. But now he was hell nervous. As he lifted Ridaan into his arms, that little baby smiled. His smile automatically brought a huge smile on Laksh’s face. He kissed Ridaan’s forehead. He touched his nose with his.
He felt really content.

Laksh: Aww mera champ. Mera brave boy. When I left your Mamma alone, you came as a blessing for her. You gave her the reason and the strength for her to fight. Now papa will make sure that you and mamma come back happily to YOUR home.

Listening all this that little boy giggled happily even though he couldn’t understand what Laksh was saying.


So how did you find the comeback of Lucky. Do comment.

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