Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 7

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Hello everyone.

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I know many of you wanted to kill Sahil. But let us leave him alive for a few chapters.

Now with the seventh chapter.


Ragini stood there shocked. She was unable to understand why Sahil was telling that he was ready for the marriage. That too so soon. She thought after what all happened today he would demand a huge explanation from her. But what he did was something she least expected.

Shekhar: But beta you wanted some time to understand each other. And now..

Sahil: Yes uncle but now I think that I am ready to marry her. I understood that Ragini is the perfect person for me.

Shomi: But Sahil in just one day how come you decided this?

Sahil: I have seen her behavior with the kids at the orphanage. I feel that I am ready for the marriage.

Daadi: Arey this is a very good news. I will talk to your mom and to pandit ji also to decide engagement’s date.

Sahil: Thank you daadi. I think I should leave now. Bye.

He goes from there giving a smile to Ragini to which she doesn’t smile back as she was literally shocked.

After Sahil went out, Daadi comes to Ragini. She keeps her hand on Ragini’s head.

Daadi: Now you will soon be the daughter in law of Raheja family Laado. Forget your past and live happily from now. I will call Maya ji and tell her the good news. And you go and take a bath. You got completely drenched.

Ragini slowly walks into her room and latched the door of the room. She sits there crying leaning her back to the door.

She remembers the moment when she and Laksh got married. She was feeling
really helpless.

Ragini: I can’t give myself completely to this marriage. I can never forget you Laksh. My love for you will never change.

She sits there crying and remembers her memories with Laksh.

Then she thought how did Laksh get to know that she and Sahil are going out today. It was not possible that he accidentally saw her and started following them.

Then she recollected how Swara called her in the midnight and how she told Swara that she was going out with Sahil.
She understood that Swara might have told Laksh about all this.

Ragini: Tomorrow will be the end of all this.

Raheja house

Sahil enters the house to see Maya waiting for him with a bright smile.

Maya(seeing him): Sahil, Ragini’s daadi called me and told that you said that you are ready for the engagement. Is it true?

Sahil: Yes ma, its true.

Maya: I am so happy for both of you beta. I think that you are perfect for each other.
But how did you take such a big decision in just a few hours? Is everything alright?

Sahil: Yes ma. Everything is fine.

Saying so he gave her a bright smile and went into his room.

He opened a book and took out a photo. It is Ragini’s photo.

Sahil(speaking to the photo) : Ragini you might be wondering why I took this decision even after what all happened today. But what shall I do Ragini? When I saw that Laksh hugging you today and you taking that much care of him, I felt like killing him. And that’s when I realized that I started loving you. I love you Ragini. You will be only mine. I won’t even allow that Laksh to come near you. When I felt that if our engagement get delayed I may lose you to Laksh,I decided to get engaged to you. I already lost my love once and I will make sure that I will not lose you. Ma also says that we are perfect for each other. And very soon even you will realize this. This is the photo that ma gave it to me before I came to your house that day. I didn’t see it as I was interested in marriage. But now this photo will always be with me. I will make you mine for sure.

Next morning

Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh woke up with a heavy head. He saw the surrounding and he was surprised. He was in his room. He couldn’t remember
how he reached there. His head was spinning. The last thing he remembered was that he was hugging Ragini on the road.

Just then Sanskar came inside with a glass of lime juice in his hand.

Sanky: Lucky how are you now?

Laksh: I am having a terrible headache bhai

Sanky: Drink this lime juice.

Laksh takes the glass and starts drinking.

Laksh: How did I come here bhai?

Sanky: Kaka told that Ragini brought you
here last night.

Laksh feels happy as he understood that Ragini still loves him and is trying to cover her love.

Swara enters the room and says.

Swara: Laksh, Sanskar. Ragini called me just now. She told three of us to come to
the Durga Mandir.

Laksh: What? But did she mention the reason?

Swara: No. But we need to go there. Just hurry up.

Three of them get ready and leave to the temple.

Ragini was standing at the same bridge where she pushed Swara into the water.

Just then Swasan and Laksh came there.

Swara: Ragini why did you ask us to come
to this place?

Ragini: Because it all started from here.
And today I want to end it here.

Laksh: Ragini I am sorry for what I did yesterday.

Ragini: You better be sorry Laksh. Do you have any idea what you did yesterday? If there were any other person in Sahil’s
position he would have broken the alliance. But he decided to get married to me.

Swasan and Laksh were shocked to know this.

Ragini: If he would have broken the
alliance my family would have been embarrassed because of me again.

Laksh(holding Ragini’s shoulders):, I love you. Please say a no to this marriage. Don’t worry about the family. I will tell ma and papa to talk with your family. I love
you Ragini.

Ragini(holding her tears): Do you really love me?

Laksh: Yes Ragini. Can’t you see it?

Ragini: If you really love me Laksh then
enough of all this. Please don’t try to stop this marriage anymore. Stop all this.

Laksh removed his hands from her
shoulders due to the shock. He never expected that Ragini will ask him something like this.

Ragini: Leave me alone for God’s sake Laksh. And Swara and Sanskar please stop trying to unite both of us.

Swasan were still in shock. But Swara came forward to explain Ragini. But Ragini showed her hand to Swara asking her to stop.

Ragini(crying): Swara, you know that you are my biggest strength. I need your support now Swara. I am going to enter a new life and I want you to be with me in this. Please Swara.

She joined her hands in front of Swara. Swara who couldn’t see her like that came and hugged her tightly.

Swara: I am with you from now Ragini. I won’t allow anyone to break our bond again. You are the most important person for me in this world.

Ragini broke the hug. She eyed Laksh who was on the verge of tears.

Ragini: Now you please prove your love Laksh if you think it is true.

Saying so she left from there.

Laksh sat on his knees with a thud and started crying.

Laksh: I love you Ragini and I will not come in your way anymore. If this is all that you want from me I will definitely do it for you.

At Baadi

Ragini enters Gadodia house to see Sahil and Maya sitting there.

Maya: See my bahu came. How are you beta?

Ragini(taking her blessings):I am fine Aunty.

Maya: Start calling me ma beta.

Ragini: Ji ma.

Daadi(coming out of the kitchen with sweets): Take these sweets Maya ji.
(Seeing Ragini)Laado good that you came. Maya ji and Sahil have come to give you gifts for Ghangaur festival. You have to put vrat for Sahil tomorrow beta.

Ragini: Ji daadi ma.

Maya gave Ragini a few gifts. Sahil gave her a gift which was packed.

Sahil(whispering to Ragini): I know that you are in a dilemma that why I agreed for the marriage. That’s because I want to be with you in your future (With a different tone) each and every minute.

Raheja’s left after that.

Ragini(placing the gifts on the bed in her room)(in mind): Tomorrow for the last time I will keep vrat for you Laksh, for your long life. You are showing your love by sacrificing me and I am showing my love in this way.


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