Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 10

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for all your beautiful comments. I am sorry if I couldn’t reply to them.

Yayy Dida is back. Dhamakedar entry na. Let’s see what she does now.


After two hours the bus filled with Maheshwari’s and Raheja’s was waiting outside the Baadi for the Gadodia’s. All the couples sat next to each other. And Uttara was sitting next to Maya. Laksh and Sahil were sitting alone with the seat next to them empty.

Laksh was wearing a black shirt and a pair of jeans. Sahil was wearing a cream shirt with a pair of jeans.

Gadodia family got into the bus and Shemish sat together. Daada and Daadi sat next to each other. Then Ragini got into the bus wearing the green anarkali. Laksh got mesmerized seeing Ragini but he scolded himself that she doesn’t belong to him anymore. But his inner voice was was unable to accept this.

Seeing Ragini Sahil got adjusted in his chair giving place for her to sit.

Daadi: Laado go and sit next to Sahil.

Ragini hesitantly nodded yes and was about to go but just then.

Dida(who got into the bus): Wait Ragu.

Seeing Dida after so long Swara came and hugged her.

Ragini: What happened Naani maa? Why did you stop me?

Dida: I will sit next to Sahil. Atleast I need to get a chance to speak with him na beta. You go and sit somewhere else. I will judge how good Sahil is for you.

Saying so Dida sat beside Sahil and gave him a forced smile.

Dida: You don’t have any problem na beta?

Sahil(frowns but with a smile): No Naani.

Dida: Go and sit somewhere Ragu beta.

Ragini didn’t know what to do because only the seat next to Laksh was empty.

Dida: Sit na Ragu.

She silently went and sat next to him.
Laksh’s feelings which he was trying to control since so long started coming out of his heart again. How much he wished to hold her in his arms and never ever leave her.

The journey began and everyone started speaking to each other. Dida was irritating Sahil with her talks on all the unnecessary things and was successful in keeping him away from Ragini. But Laksh kept staring Ragini without blinking his eyes. He was frightened that after blinking his eyes she will again disappear like a beautiful dream.

Ragini was really nervous sitting so close to him after so long. But she felt his continuous gaze on her. And turned her head. And he turned his eyes towards the window.

Laksh(in mind): I can’t meet your eyes Ragini. I can’t control my emotions once I look at the love for me in your eyes.

Ragini(in mind): I can understand how you are feeling now Laksh. But it will be really very difficult for me to get married to Sahil now but I have to do it.

Uttara: This journey is becoming boring. Why don’t we play something?

Sanky(teases her): Play football then.

Swara: Stop it Sanskar. Why don’t we play something like dumb charades?

Uttara: Good idea, but what about teams?

Dida: All the people sitting to the right side of the bus are in one team. And rest of all are in the second team.

So Daada Daadi, Shemish, Adarsh Pari and Raglak were in one team. Rest of all were in second team.

The game began. Adarsh told Uttara Golmaal 3 which she acted and Sujata guessed it. The game continued

Uttara: Next Ragini Bhabhi. Come I will tell you which movie you should act.

Ragini stood up to move ahead when the driver suddenly applied brakes. Due to which she was above to fall back when Laksh held her safely in his arms. They had an eyelock.

Sahil who was seeing this got really angry. He said ” Ragini are you ok?” breaking Raglak’s eye lock.

Ragini(standing up): Yes I am okay

She went to Uttara who told her the movie name in her ear.

Ragini started acting the name of the movie but none of the team members were able to guess it.

Ap: Which movie name did you give her Uttara?

Uttara whispered in her ear.

Ap: But how will she act it now?

Uttara: Ok Badi maa. Bhabhi why don’t you take any of your team member’s help?

Dida: Yeah Ragu. Take Laksh’s or anyone’s help.

Ragini got startled by this. She looked at Laksh.

Uttara: Come Bhai, help bhabhi.

She whispered the movie’s name to Laksh. He thought for a while. And opened his arms in SRK style. Then he acted like he was playing guitar.

Adarsh(shouting): Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge.

Uttara: Correct bhai.

Dida(in mind):Even now Dilwala only will take the Dulhania with him. My Ragu will marry Laksh.

Later at night

Everyone were sleeping in their seats. But Ragini was unable to sleep. She was having a splitting headache. All this bus journey was proving to be more tiring than she expected to be.

She turned her head to other side. And her eyes met with his eyes the person’s eyes whom she loves, whom she is destined for. Laksh neared her and whispered.

Laksh: What happened Ragini? Are you alright?

Ragini(avoiding eye contact): Yes Laksh. I am fine.

Laksh: Stop lying Ragini. I can still read your eyes. So tell me what’s wrong

Ragini: I am having a headache. I am unable to sleep. But why haven’t you slept till now?

Laksh(in mind): Kaise bolu ki tumhe apne paas dekhna chahta hoon Ragini. Who knows when I will get a chance again or not.

Laksh: I was unable to sleep because of the snoring sound.

Ragini: Oh.

Ragini held her head with her hands as she felt her headache troubling her a lot. She closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt a familiar touch on her forehead pressed it. She opened her eyes to see Laksh pressing her forehead softly trying to reduce her pain.

Ragini: Laksh..

Laksh: Itna toh haq hai mujhe. Just lay back.

And he kept pressing her forehead. After some time the bus stopped at a dhaba and the driver got down for some refreshments.

Everyone were fast asleep except Raglak.
Sahil who was irritated due to Dida’s constant talk was sleeping leaning on to the window. The lights in the bus were turned off.

Laksh(still pressing Ragini’s forehead): Ragini, we are at a dhaba. Do you want some hot tea. It may help reduce your headache.

Ragini(in mind): Its better I have some tea or else Laksh will not sleep whole night taking care of me.

Ragini: Ok Laksh.

Laksh: Let’s go.

Ragini: You sleep. I will come back soon.

Laksh: I won’t allow you to go alone at this point of the night. So let’s go.

Raglak got down the bus and went into the dhaba. The driver who had his refreshments came back. He couldn’t see that Raglak were not there in the bus due to the darkness in the bus. He started the bus and drove away.

Raglak came back after sometime only to see that the bus was not there and they both were left alone in the middle of the night at a place where they had no clue about.

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