Swaragini pyaar ka bandhan episode 2

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Swara was rushed to hospital .

Sanskar was shouting for doctor as soon as they reach there.
Doctor arrived and checked her
Doc:O my god! Here condition is very bad we have to shift her to icu as soon as possible .(to nurse) keep ready the ot we have to operate her .
Soon operation started.
All were very much scared n was praying to god for her well being.
After sometime doctor came out of the ot All rush to him.

Ragini:Doc how is swara now ? She is fine na ?
Doc:No mrs.maheswari is in very critical state she has loss lots of blood n she got hurt in her head very badly n chances of her survival is very less .
All were scattered by hearing this.
Doc:N we immediately need blood for her.
Laksh:Then what are u waiting for go and give her blood doctor.
Doc:Its not that easy mr.Maheswari. the blood group of swara is very rare AB- n it is very hard to find.
where is her parents?
Sumi n shekhar come forward. sumi was not in a state to hear anything.
shekhar:Doc my blood group is A+ n her is B .

Doc:I am sorry to say but if in half n hour she dnt get blood she will die.
All were dishearted n helpless all were searching for blood from all there sources.
Sanskar was just sitting like a lifeless body.
Suddenly ragini standup n went somewhere.All were confused by her action.
After sometime she came back n rush to the ot.

Doc came out:Yes did u get the blood?
Ragini:Yes doc my bloodgroup is also AB- just now I remember n I have checked also .
Doc:Oh thats great please come with me.Btw who r u to her because its a very rare group.
Ragini:We r sisters doctor.
Then both went to ot n after 2 hours opertation is done.
Doc:Operation is successful but still she is not fully out of danger.Now pray for her.If within 12 hrs she didnot get conscious she may skip to coma.
Ragini:(crying)please doc dbt say like this.

doc:I am sorry we did our best.
■■■■10 Hours later■■■■
All were very scared as only two hours are left n swara is not responding.
Ragini became furious n went inside the ICU.
Ragini:(hold her hand n cried) please swara get up I know u r angry with me but please I am sorry I will never do anything which will hurt u please shona get u .
We r swaragini na u only told this without swara ragini is nothing please get up swara u cannot leave me like this.

She was talking with her after a while she became angry n scream:if u will go leaving me alone then ok I also promised u I will also die n u will be responsible for that r u listening swara u will be responsible .
Soon swara did a slight movement she hold ragini’s hand n ragini saw this n become happy.But soon she started breathing heavily.
Ragini went out n search for doc .
Soon doc come n check her.
All were very much tense.

Doc:God blessing n ur love has brought her from death bed she is recovering .No need to worry now anymore.
All become happy.
All came back freshing up.Except ragini n sanskar.
Ragini went to sanskar who was sitting in the sme position from yesterday.
ragini:Sanskar your swara is ok now u go n meet her.
No respond.he was just murmuring something.
ragini shake him n bring him to reality:Sanskar she is fine.
Sanskar look towards her and cried heart out:Its my fault ragini she is suffering because of me .
Ragini:No sanskar she is ok now go n meet her.
Sanskar stand n started to go towards her.
***ICU ROOM***

Sanskar enterthe room n saw her sleeping n there was bandage on her head hands legs.her right hand was fractured.
Sanskar come n sat beside her n cried.
Sanskar:I am sorry swara I m useless not able to take care of u .I am sorry.
Soon she gain concious n wsaw him.
swara:(hyper/shout)who r u …..Who r u …..what r u doing here…..MA MAAAA……*Hold her head* ahhhhh my head …..
All rush to her after hearing her scream.
Sumi rush to her n hold her.
sumi:Shona calm down beta …..
Swara:ahhhh ….. maa my head my head Is paining…..who r they*pointing to Maheswari family*
Doc come there :Please u all go out I will check her.
All went out sanskar was crying sujju n ap tried to control him but cannt.
Doc:Mrs.Maheswari lost her memory n we really dnt know what she remembers what not.N by looking her condition we cannot stress her to remember anything if we do so her condition may be worse.Now she is sleeping we have given her injection.
Swara gain conscious n sumi enter in her room.
sumi:Shona r u fine beta?
Swara:ha ma I am fine but my head is paining what happened to me ma?
Sumi:U meet with an accident beta.
Swara:Oh but why I cannot remember anything?
Sumi:U r weak na that why?
Shekhar enter the room n went to her.
shekhar:Beta r u ok now?
Swara:Yes uncle I am fine.
Both were shock that she is calling him uncle.
Shekhar:Beta u r calling me uncle? But I am ur….
Swara:Ahhh.my head….
Sumi:Shona u rest beta.
Ragini was standing near the door n was looking at her.
swara:Ra…gini why r u standing there come to ur sister
Again shock bt this time swara was also shock.
swara:Sister …..why I said like this ma

sumi:Becz beta she is ur sister only n this is ur baba
swara:what shekhar uncle my baba n ragini my sister. …… (her head start spinning n paining)ahhh….my head ma my head is paining……..She faint.
Doc:Dnt stress her please.
Sumi tell everyone about it n all were sad as they cannot meet her.
Now swara is much better.Ragini is not leaving her for a minute also.
She is caring her like a baby n swara also listen only to her.
Sumi:Swara beta u have to recover na please beta dnt be stubborn drink this soup.
swara:*making faces*no ma its so yaak in taste I am not going to eat it plz.
Sumi:No u have to u r becoming stubborn day by day swara eat it.
Swara:No ma I…..

A voice came from the door:what is where?
Sumi:Thank god ragu u came now u only make her eat this soup she dnt listen anyone xcpt u beta
Ragini:Ok ma you come her n sit n take rest for a while.I will make her eat this.
Swara:*make face*no ragu please I dnt wanna eat please
ragu:*smile on her cute expresion* my cute sister u have to eat it then only u will be fine na now be a good girl n eat it.
swara:No ragu please…..I
ragu:Tujhe meri kasam
Swara:this is not fare u always do like this ok fine.
sumi was adoring there bond n was smiling.
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆

Sumi shekhar n ragini took her to badi as she dnt remember anything about maheswari.
Dadi come n did her aarti n bring her to her room.
Swara:*to sumi*ma yeh marwaran bangalan ka drama kab khatam hua .aur dida kaha hai.
sumi:bhot din pehle shona u jyada soch mat .Aur teri dida sarmila masi ki waha gai hai unki tabiyat thik nahi hai n ish liye.
Swara:oh accha hua .
Dadi:Swara beta manne maaf kar de maine thari baat….*interupt*
Ragini:Dadi swara ko aaram karne dijiye please.
Dadi look towards ragini n ragini asked her to keep quiet.

Ragu make swara sleep n she came to the hall n tell dadi everything about her condition.
Dadi:Mane yeh pata na tha mane maaf kar de beta.
ragu:Its ok dadi but please dnt bring any topic sbout maheswari.
Dadi:But beta that is ur sasural na then how….
ragu:Dadi I said na I have brokeup all the ties wid them n now swara also dnt remember anything n doc said not to give her stress .When she will get her memory back she can go back to sanskar again but I will nof go to laksh any more.
Dadi:Ok beta as u say I will not force u now.

Swara is now fine.she was roaming around when suddenly she remembers smthng n faint there.
Ragini saw her n rush to her somehow bring her home back n call the doc.
ragi-to doc:Doc please she na what happen to her she was fine but suddenly dnt know whT happen she faint
doc:I think she must have seen or remember something about her past n she has stressed her mind please take care of her she is just recovering she is not totally fine.
Ragu:But doc what can we do now
doc:we cannot do anything ragini
ragu:But what doc is there any option.?


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