Swaragini- The Power Of True Love Episode 33

Hey Everyone! I’m back with Episode 33. Sorry for a long wait again…I feel so bad for leaving u waiting. Plz plz do forgive. I don’t do this on purpose. I have extremely busy…

Epi starts…

Sans-Miss Ragini Gadodia would u have the honour to become Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari? Would u spent ur whole life with me? Will u marry me?
Ragini stood there stunned… She knew the answer. She didn’t even need think abt it once….
Rag-YES… Staring right in to his eyes…Sanskar became really happy… He adorned the ring her finger and stood up. He kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly and she hugged him back.

Rag-Sanskar but I’m scared. What if Karan does something to u bcuz of me? I can’t live without you.
Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face looking into her eyes which were filled with fear of losing him.
Sans-Ragini just remember one thing… Till u r with me nothing can happen to me. Together we are stronger. Ragini smiles and nods…
Rag-acha come on nw I’m really hungry. After that both ate food Sanskar had prepared and left for home.

As they reached they all the family members sat togther having a discussion. Swara sees them..
Swa- great di and sanskar are here we can ask them.
Rag-ask what shona?
Rp-we are planning to have ur and Sanskar’s Engagement for tomorrow. Ragini looks shocked and surprised..
Sans casually-oh ok… Ragini looks at him and elbows him. Sanskar finally realises what Rp said…
Rag-we only went on our first date today. What made u all think abt this?
Shek-oh come on both of yous. U can tell us nw..
Suj-exactly there’s no point hiding it nw. We knw everything..
Ragsan looked at ther family confusingly. Laksh notices this…

Lak-areh u both became confused. Let me show u.
He goes and holds Ragini’s hand shows the finger with the ring which Sanskar proposed with. Ragsan realise and start blushing in embarrassment….
Swa-Sanskar u have finally proposed to my di. I’m so happy. Sanskar smiles but then his expressions turn in to suspicion.
Sans-wait a minute. hw did u all knw I proposed? U only seen the ring nw but u were discussing from before hand. I didn’t tell anyone abt it.

Swara looked at Laksh.. Laksh took a big gulp…Ragsan notices
Lak- choro na bhai (leave it bro)
Rag-why did Swara give u that look?
Lak in mind- oh god this junglibilli cant keep normal when u tell her something…
Sans-lucky would u kindly answer Ragini.
Lak-ok I will tell u. But u have to promise u wouldn’t get mad.

Lak-ok basically I went to ur room earlier today and I opened ur cupboard to fine my book which I left in ur and there I saw small black velvet box. I didn’t want to open but I couldn’t resist so I opened it and saw a ring with RS engraved in to it and knew u were going to propose Ragini today. I was really happy. First I thought to tell everyone but then thought that u both u should tell.
Sans confusingly-so hw did everyone get to knw?
Ap- Sanskar u knw ur brother na he cant keep anything in the small stomach of his.
Lak starts to tell…

Ap and Sujatha are happily talking amongst each other. Laksh comes and sits next to them…
Lak-kya batay ho rahi hain?
Ap-kuch nahi just talking abt Ragini and Sanskar. That they should get married. Me Sujatha really want that to happen…
Lak-oh don’t worry bhai has set everything. This will happen soon. SujAp look at him… Lakash
realises what he said and bites his tongue..
Lak-i am going… He was abt to leave Sujatha pulls him by his wrist.
Suj-what did u just say?
Lak worridly-what did I say?
Ap-u knw something…
Lak-i don’t knw anything.
Ap-Laksh don’t change the topic tell us nw or I’m cancelling all ur credit cards and debit cards.
Lak-mom that’s blackmailing.
Ap-learnt it from u only beta
Laksh finally gives up and tells them everything. SujAp get extremely happy.
Lak-ok nw u better not tell anyone else abt this. Bhai should tell this to everyone. SujAp nods and Laksh leaves from there.
Suj- as if we’re going to keep this a secret.
Ap-obviously we are going to tell everyone. And just like that they told everyone and all started discussing abt engagement and marriage.

Flashback ends…

Sans-lucky nw u r gone. I will see u later…Laksh hides behind Ap…
Dp-ok nw leave this come and sit with us and tell us if tomorrow is ok with ur engagement?
Ragsan look at each other…and then turned around to everyone.
Everyone were extremely happy and all started hugging each other. Swalak hugged…but aparted quickly after realising..
Sumi-suji nw were are becoming official family.
Suj-haan both quickly get married I want my grandchildren.
All laughed and Ragsan blushed.
Rag-I am going to my room. She decided to go to her room to avoid the embarrassment….
Laksh hold her hand…
Lak-where r u going my soon to be Bhabhi? Sit down with us.. He makes Ragini sit down forcefully and puts her hand in Sanskar’s hand.
Lak-bhai dont let her leave.

Shek-waisy Suji bhabhi sed right. After Ragini’s wedding it will be Swara’s turn…
Swara who was smiling stopped and moaned like a kid…
Swa-dad but I dont want to get married
Lak-that’s good who wants to marry u junglibilli…
Swa-u leave me der hadi. I will get u married to ur princess frog bcuz no one’s going to marry u either. Have u seen ur face look like a gorilla
Lak-shut up junglibilli. U look like baboon…
Swa-u shut up.
Adi-both of u shut up…we’re have so much to do and u both here are arguing. Swalak pull out their tongue to each other and
fold their arms facing opposite direction.
Swa-he started it
Lak-what? She started it
Rag- stop it nw both of yous. Both are behaving like little kids.
After Swalak stopped their bickering. Everyone planned for Ragsan’s engagement. Whilst Ragsan shared an eyelock and were lost in each other. After a while they all went to their respective rooms…

Ragini is in her room brushing her hair in front of the mirror thinking
abt her and Sanskar moments… She smiled to herself…Swara enters the room and notices
Swa-acha nw stop smiling to urself and tell me what happened at the date? Hw did Sanskar jiju propose?

Meanwhile in Sanskar’s room it was the same situation. Laksh was also asking the same to Sanskar…
Lak-i want full details bhai…let me hear hw romantic u r
Ragsan explained every detail abt the date to Swalak but stopped just when the kiss part came..
Swa-what happened then di?
Ragini blushes…
Lak-what next?
Sanskar thinks abt the kiss and turns red…
Swalak to Ragsan-can u tell what happened next? Ragsan come to their senses…
Ragsan to Swalak-kuch nahi. Now go and sleep.
(Guyz I hope u understood what was going on. Swaragini and Sanlak were in their own rooms. All 4 weren’t together. I just merged the scenes).
Swalak gave them a confusing looks.
Swa-ok I’m going to di but u also go to sleep nw It’s getting late and tomorrow is ur engagement. u need to look fresh and beautiful and I will come and check if u sleep or not because I knw u like to stay awake till late. Do u better sleep ok?
Rag-yes my mother as u say…
They say good night to each other.

In Sanskar’s room Sanskar also tells Laksh to go and sleep. He was trying to make him so he can
go and meet Ragini… As soon as he leaves Sanskar teleports to Ragini’s room who was just abt to sleep…Ragini feels his presence and sees him in her room…
Rag-Sans… Sanskar quickly puts his hands on her mouth before she shouts. He takes his hand off.
Rag-Sanskar wht r u doing here?
Sanskar pulls her closer by her waist…keeping his arms around it…
Sans- came to meet my wife to be. I can’t live a second without her nw. …….. Ragini blushes
Sans-ok come with?
Sans-just till ur balcony…
Rag-ok I would but. Shona sed she will come and check on if I’ve slept or not…I cant leave from here…
Sans-oh god what do we do nw?
They think wht to do and Sanskar gets an idea…

Sans-Lucky can u come here plz?
Laksh teleports and says yes bhai…
Sans-can u cover up for us? We are just going for a little while. We be just outside near the balcony.
Lak-sure bhai? But wht do I do? And who do I need cover up from?
Ragsan glance at each other tensily.
Ragsan-Swara… Laksh looked at the shocked.
Lak-what??? No ways!! Wt if she comes here? I don’t want to see junglibilli. Sorry but I cant do this.
Sans-plz lucky
Lak-bhai no
Rag- lucky plz for ur bhabhi?
Laksh melts hearing that and pouts…
Lak-fine but only for Bhabhi
Rag-thank u lucky… She side hugs him…
Lak-ok go nw and plz come back quick…Ragsan nod and leave happily holding each other’s hand…Laksh lays down on the bed civering himself with blanket pretending to look like Ragini…

After abt 5 mins Laksh as fallen asleep deeply and Swara enters the room and looks at him thinking it’s Ragini…
Swa-aww that good di has gone to sleep…
She was abt to leave but stop..
Swa-why don’t I sleep with di after she gets married I wont even get this chance… She hoes and lays next to Laksh hugging him from the back… She can’t see his face cuz it’s covered with blanket…. After a few mins she was fast asleep as well…

Outside in the balcony…
Sans-i have to shw u something
Rag-wt is Sanskar?
Sans-this…. Saying that he suddenly got lifted off the ground. He was levitating. Ragini looked
at him shocked.
Rag-Sanskar u can levitate? but hw?
Sans-i discovered it yesterday. But only me, u, Shona and Laksh have this power because only the charmed ones have thses powers. Ragini got excited…
Rag-let me try…teach me
Sans-ok hold my hand and slowly start lifting ur feet up one by one. Make ur feet feel that the air is the ground…..Ragini tried to doit but she couldn’t…
Sans-come Ragini u can do this. He encouraged her and Ragini tried again and she finall did. She was very happy. It was as if she was flying. Being one a vampire was one of the bestest thing that ever happened to her but not more than Sanskar.

Rag-Sanskar does Swara and Laksh knw abt this yet?
Sans-i don’t think so… If they did everyone would’ve known by nw. But don’t worry we’ll tell them tomorrow.
Rag-yes we will… They will be super excited.
Ragsan started to fly and play around with their new powers.

A while later Ragsan are looking up at the sky which looked beautiful with stars and the moon shining brightly…. Sanskar takes Ragini’s hand and holds it tightly….Ragini looks at him and their eyes meet. They look in to each other deeply and see immense love for each other.
Sans-thank u Ragini… Thank u for coming into my life. before I came to dehradun I never enjoyed my birthday and nw I knw why it’s because u weren’t there with me. U knw mum told
me we were born at the same time and that’s why since birth we share a connection. And that connection us heart connection. Our hea…Ragini cuts his words.

Rag-our hearts are connected. Pain is to one but both of us feel it. One of us is happy the other is more happier and seeing each other happy make u want to do anything for that person. Even give ur life..
Sans-for u I can take someone1’s life or give my lif…
Ragini put his hands over her mouth… She hugs him tightly
Rag-dont ever say abt giving ur life. Already I nearly lost u once I can lose u completely. Because I need u. I can’t live without u Sanskar.
Sans-dont worry Ragini… My life wont go that easily.. Till u r with me… I will always be there for u when u need me. Just a whisper a way. Even Sanskar can’t live without his Ragini. He breaks the hug and Ragini smiles. She peck his lips and Sanskar kisses her forehead. They again hug tightly in each other embrace….after few mins they were sitting down on the chairs and talking. Ragini fell asleep…her face was buried in his chest. Sanskar smilied and wrapped his cosy arm around her and also slept. Both were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace.

Epi ends

Precap-Ragsan’s Engagement… Swalak Jealousy…

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