Swaragini – Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi (Part 8)

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Swaragini: Phir Bhi Hai Zindagi

Part 8


Lawyer office.

Lawyer: Are you sure about this divorce, Mr. Maheswari?
Laksh: I won’t be any sure than now, Mr. Singhania. I just can’t let my name be attached to hers anymore. She doesn’t deserve it.
Lawyer: Alright, as you wish. Get her signature as soon as possible so that we can proceed with the other formalities.
Laksh: Thank you.

Maheswari Mansion.

Sanskar comes home with Swara after their stay at Baadi the previous night.

Sujata: Where were you both?
Sanskar: We had to stay at Baadi as it was already late. We will be going there again later as the Sengupta family are coming to visit Ragini.
Annapurna: Speaking about her, how is she?
Swara: Ragini is fine, Bade Ma. She haven’t stop praising the Senguptas all night. She likes them so much.
Durgaprasad: Sanskar, even we want to meet and talk with Ragini. We’ll follow you to Baadi later.
Sanskar: Okay, Bade Papa.
Sujata: Where is this Laksh? He is missing since morning.
Uttara: Bhaiyya said that he is meeting the lawyer at his office.

The scene changes to Baadi at Gadodia House. Shekhar and his father were shown sitting at the dining table while Dadi serves them. Suddenly, they hear Dida calling out for Ragini.

Dadi: What happened to Shobha? Have she gone mad calling for Ragini?
Shekhar: Maybe she must had a dream.

Again, Dadi hears both Sharmista and Dida calling out for Ragini. Confused, the three of them went out of the house and saw Ragini coming down the stairs from the terrace. Shekhar, Dadaji and Dadi were shocked as they can’t believe their own eyes to see Ragini all well. Ragini with the dried clothes, comes to Bose House

Dida: Ragu, where were you?
Ragini: Nani, I just went up the terrace to collect the dried clothes. Why are you calling me for?
Dida: Your mother is going to prepare food for our guest, so she wants to know what are their favorites.
Ragini: Since I went to their house, they only have vegetarian food, so I am not sure of their favorites. And Ma, today I want to cook for them. So, you and Nani are forbidden from entering the kitchen till I say so that you can.
Sharmista: Alright. Fo whatever you want to.
Dida: When will Swara and Sanskar come here?
Sharmista: It seems that Sanskar has some work at his office so they will join us later.

Ragini goes inside the kitchen and starts to prepare food for everyone. As she was busy cutting the cauliflower, her mobile rings and Anjana’s name displayed on the screen.

Ragini: Hello, Anju.
Anjana: Hi, di. How are you? I missed you so much during breakfast.
Ragini: I am fine. I miss you too anf can’t wait till lunch time. How is Nandita aunty and Divya aunty?
Anjana: More excited than me to meet you later, di. I called you to inform that we will be coming first there as Rudra Bhai cannot join us.
Ragini: That means he won’t be coming?
Anjana: He will come later.
Ragini: Alright. Come soon. Love you.
Anjana: Love you too, di.

By afternoon, all the food were prepared, so Ragini goes to her room to take her shower. Then, she comes out with her wet hair in a royal blue salwar kameez. Outside, Ragini heard some noises so she went out to have a look. There, Ragini sees all the Sengupta ladies talking with Sharmista and Dida.

Anjana: Di!! How are you?
Ragini: I am fine, Anju. Ma, do you know them?
Sharmista: Yes, beta. Divya and Nandita were my close friends when we were young.
Divya: And today because of you we met back after many years.
Nandita: Where is this Rudra? He just went to park the car
Ragini: He is here? But Anju said…. Anju!
Anjana: Sorry, di.
Ragini: He may be looking for the house. I’ll go and see.

Ragini walks out of the house to look for Rudra. She sees him talking with on his mobile with someone. She forwards her hand to call him and at the same moment, Rudra turns around, that makes both of them to dash with each other and making Ragini fall in Rudra’s arms.

Saiyaan mere saiyaan
Saiyaan mere saiyaan (mere saiyaa re)
Saiyaan mere saiyaan
Saiyaan mere saiyaan

Mere saiyaan re, saiyaan re
Saancha bole na jhoota mahiya re
Mere saiyaan re, saiyaan re
Jhooti maaya ka jhoota hai jiya re ho o
Abh kis disha jaaun, kit main basera paaun
Tu jo thaame sambhal jaaun o ho
Saiyaan mere saiyaan

Mere saiyaan re, saiyaan re
Mere saiyaan re, saiyaan re
Saancha bole na jhoota mahiya re

While Ragini and Rudra having their moment, there comes Laksh with the divorce paper. He sees them in such position, makes him shocked for a moment. Then, he claps his hands while smirking, which jolts the former both.

Laksh: Wow… wow… wow. WOW! What a scene to watch.
Ragini: Laksh???
Laksh: What happened, Ragini? Why did you went pale looking at me? Ohhh, I get it…. because wasn’t expecting me when you are having a moment with your lover.
Rudra: Mr. Maheswari, mind your words. It is not what you think it to be.
Laksh: You just stay away from this, Mr. Rudra Sengupta.
Ragini: Laksh, what happened to you? Stop behaving like this.
Laksh: Are you scared? Embarrased? That your affair with this man have come to the lime light?
DP (who just came along with the Maheswaris): Laksh?
Laksh: Come here all of you…. look at this daughter in law of yours.
Sharmista (also coming from inside with Dida and the Sengupta ladies): Laksh! Don’ t dare to say another word about my Ragini.
Swara: Why are you creating a scene for?
Laksh: Scene? I am creating a scene? It is not me who is doing tht but your loveable sister is, Mrs. Sanskar Maheswari. She is enjoying her life with her new found lover while I get destroyed.
Sanskar: Lucky, stop this drama right away.
Laksh: You too, Sanskar? You are also taking her side? Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheswari…. Yucks! I cannot even digest your name being taken along with mine. We are not even legally divorced but you have already found a new partner. How long will this relationship be? Does he know what you have done?
Rudra: Laksh, I am again telling you that we just friends. Don’t let your words fall out that will make you repent later in your life.
Laksh: Is there anything else to repent about in my life? I am repenting and regreting for believing her over everyone and also the one I love. She is the reason for my destruction.
Annapurna: Don’t say like that, Laksh. Ragini loves you.
Laksh: Love? This girl loves me? No way…. she is just obsess of me. And as I said before, a girl like her can never feel love in her live. She is nothing but a baggage of sin.
Sanskar: Lucky, that is too much already. Stop this nonsense.
Laksh: You shut up! You are not less too, Sanskar. You are reason I lost my love.
Swara: Sanskar is not the reason, Laksh…. You are. You didn’t believe in me during that day. Do not blame anyone else for your own stupidity.
Laksh: My stupidity was to come in this type of girl’s words. You made an end to my life and gave the name of love to it but now I think you don’t love me. You loved my money and properties. Now that you got someone richer like Rudra Sengupta you are in therun to trap him?
Sharmista:Laksh!!!! Enough of all your antics. Don’t dare to badmouth my daughter as ypu don’t have the rights to do it.
Laksh: Look who is supporting Ragini? You are elder than us just for the sake of name but the fact is you are the same like Ragini. Like mother like daughter. Both destroyed men’s life in the name of love. Both of you are cheap, third class, no standard women!

There was a hard sound, making everyone startled and the next moment Laksh’s cheek starts to burn. He looks up, holding his cheek and sees an angry Ragini in front of him.

The screen freezes on Ragini and Laksh.

To be continued…..

Precap: Ragini signs the divorce paper and throws on Laksh’s face, asking him get out from there and her life while Laksh stands shocked.

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