Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 30

Recap:Swasan and Raglak fighting.Swara decides to make them realize their mistake.

Swara and Ragini go to their respective room to pack their bags.Swara comes to her room and sees Sanskar.She ignores her and start packing.Sanskaar sees her and taunt.
Sanskaar:Biwi ki weakness yehi hain ke jab jagra ho,Mayke ho aye(Its wife’s weakness that when They get into a fight,They go home.)
Swara:Yes! Main apne hi ghar jaa rahi houn.Yeh mera bhi Ghar hain Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari!Main yahi rehne wali houn.(Yes!I am going to my house.This is also my house Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari.I am gonna stay here only.)
Sanskaar looks at her and she goes.She turns and thinks
Sanskaar:Kaash tum mujhe rokhte!Kya itni naraaz ho mujhse?I wish u would stop me!R u that angry with me?).
She gets teary eyed and leaves.Sanskaar looks at her.
Sanskaar:Kya itna bura laga mere baaton se ke jaa rahi ho?(Did u felt that hurt with my words that u r going?)

Its morning,Swara comes down dressed in a blue salwar kameez.Ragini too comes down dressed in a gold saree.They look beautiful as usual.They serve everyone breakfast.They see Sanskaar and Laksh coming and taunt them.Samar joins them for breakfast.Swara flirts with him to make Sanskaar jealous.He fumes in anger and leaves.Swara smiles and winks to Ragini.She smiles.

Soon,Its night.Laksh in unable to sleep.He recalls Ragini and gets sad.
Laksh:Shayed maine kuch zyaada hi boldi hain.Mujhe usse maafi magna chahiye(Maybe i have told a lot.I should apologize to her )

He goes to the guestroom where Swara and Ragini are staying.He knocks the door.Swara opens it.
Swara:Kya hua Laksh?(what happened laksh?)
Laksh:Swara,mujhe tumhaari help chahiye.(I want ur help)
Swara:Konsi help?(Which help?)
Laksh:Mujhe Ragini se maafi manga hain par wo tho meri baat hi nahi sun rahi hain(I want to apologize to Ragini but she is not even listening to me)
Swara smiles and takes him in the room.She asks both of the to patch up and goes out of the room.Ragini and Laksh look at each other.

She comes out of the room and sees Sanskaar.They taunt each other.She looks at him and remember their Happy and romantic moments and gets sad.She turns and cries.She thinks
Swara:Kya itni naaraz ho ke mujhe sab kuch bhoolne ke liye bhi nahi kahoge?(R u that angry that u wont even ask me to forget eveything).She tries to go but he holds her hand and bends on his knees.She looks at him.

Precap:Samar comes and kidnaps Swara.she shouts.

Credit goes to:heera

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