Swaragini: My side story (Ragsan) (episode 26)

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Ragini was shattered looking at them..
Ragini(in mind): kavi..kavitha .She is alive?

Ragini shuts her mouth with her hand to avoid her gasp.
Sanskar: YOu dont have any idea how it was without you…I just couldn’t take you out of my mind.
Kavi: same here sanskar but I was scared of your bade papa..I just couldn’t come out ..
She hugs him and cries.

Here ragini runs to the room .

Ragini(in mind): What should I do now. Should I leave and let sanskar be happy or should I stay back with my love.Sanskar loves kavitha alot ..He will be happy with her but me..He said he loves me .He cant live without me.But its kavitha his first love…I will talk to sanskar only he can answer this.

Ragini waits for sanskar while fighting her inner turmoil.
finally sanskar comes to room but his face was visibly upset and tensed.He sits frustrated and angry.
Ragini: Sans…Sanskar I need to talk to you.
Sanskar: Not now ragini.I dont feel good .
Ragini: but its important.
Sanskar: Please ragini I said na not now.Why are you irritating me like this.
Ragini: but.
Sanskar gets up and goes to next room angrily and slams door.
Ragini was shocked and broken.Ragini sleeps on the floor while crying.

Next day ragini wakes up and finds sanskar talking to someone on phone.
Sanskar: i dont care how but it should be done.
Ragini slowly entered the room.Sanskar dosconnectd the call .
One glance at ragini’s face reminded him of his last night’s behavior with her.
Sanskar: I am sorry ragini .I shouldnt have behaved like that.I was tensed.
Ragini:I know.
Sanskar : I will just come.
He goes into washroom.
Suddenly his phone rings and ragini hesitatingly picks it up.
Man:Can I speak to sir I was speaking earlier .
Ragini: He is busy you can tell me what it is.
Man: maam sir booked a to India
Ragini gets confused.
Man: just tell him maam that the ticket to kolkata is booked.
He cuts the call before ragini could ask more.

Ragini could not understand anything.

Suddenly the phone rings again and it was kavi.
Ragini doesnt know how to react
At that time sanskar comes .He gets tensed seeing the caller id.
He immediately grabs the phone.
Sanskar: ragini can u order coffee for me.
Ragini goes trying her best not to ask any questions to sanskar.
She goes out but hides and listens to sanskar.

Sanskar: why did you call.I said na I will call you what if ragini sees.Phone was in her hand.

Ragini becomes alert ….
Sanskar: No I havent told her anything.She will be scared.
I will tell her .First she should leave for kolkata.
Ragini remembers about the ticket

Tears string to her eyes.
Sanskar: I will convince her to go.She needs to go to kolkata .She has to accept that I found my love …Ok bye.

Sanskar calls ragini.
Sanskar: Ragini pack your bags.We are leaving to kolkata
Ragini: but sanskar..
Sanskar: Please ragini I dont want to stay here anymore.
Ragini nods …

Ragini(Sanskar chose kavita and he wants to leave me.I must not come in between his love.)

At airport
Sanskar : ragini please wait here i will come back.
Ragini burst out crying as soon as sanskar leaves.
Ragini: I never thought our love will end so soon.

Ragini sit down crying.
She feels a hand on her shoulder.
She turns around to find kavita standing there..
She has a harsh expresiion and was looking at ragini sharply.
Kavita: so You married sanskar?
Ragini nods.
Kavita: How could you .Do you know he loves someone else.
Ragini: Yes kavita.
Kavita:Yes kavita .Kavita is his life how did you dare take that place.
Ragini: I never took anyone’s place .I just wanted to make another place for me in sanskar’s heart..I love him truly. and she breaks down .
Sanskar comes there and sees ragini crying .
He immediately rushes to her..
Sanskar: ragini what happened.
Ragini moves away from him.
Ragini: Sorry sanskar I know you still love kavita And I dont want to take you away from her.
Sanskar: what are saying ragini
Kavita: one minute sanskar..Sorry ragini I was mean to you but sanskar is really important to me and I just cant digest this fact that he is in love with someone else…I have only him in this world.Hope you forgive me for my rudeness.

Ragini holds her hand.: No Kavita he is always yours.
Kavsan look confused.
Kavitha: one sec you think I am kavita.
Ragini was confused now.
Sanskar: ragini she is kavya ,kavita’s sister.She is like a sister to me.
Kavya: yes ragini sanskar is like a brother for me.After kavita’s death I ran away fearing DP uncle would get me killed as well. but now I understood that kavita died in accident and I also heard what karthik bhai did to you.I am sorry but kavita di was our center.We loved her and hence I could not accept anyone in my di’s place but i see why sanskar loves you.
Ragini gets happy and looks at sanskar with smile but his eyes were blazing angrily.
Sanskar averts his gaze to kavya

Sanskar: kavi flight ka time ho raha .Go.
Kavya nods and goes.

Ragini: sorry sanskar
Sanskar: does this sorry mean anything to you?
ragini looks on.
Sanskar: do you everytime this word of separation kills me ,one time for swara once for kavita …will you stop donating me without my permission…..
Ragini pleads him with eyes but he looks away and suddenly grabs her into tight hug and cries by burying his nose into the crook of her neck.

Swara finds something in ragsan room and smirks.

Swara: Now it will be easy to throw you out of this house ragini.


Sujatha: why did you do this ragini.
AP: we had expectations from you but you..

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