swaragini: my side story episode 28

Hello guys Yes about Nadaan dil season 1 Actually that part was over where ragini struggled between laksh and sanskar but now its will be ragsan wholly laksh will be there but very rarely .I honestly did not remember the episode number so I call that as new season as its new track and new beginning . Ok what do you feel about silsila 2.

Everyone was happy for ragini .Sanskar was still hugging her ..
Swara stormed out of the room in anger and laksh followed her

Laksh: swara one minute .Listen I know you did all this to hurt ragsan but let me tell you dont you dare hurt the little happiness in this family
Swara: what do you think Laksh ,Am I a villain or something.Stop it .I am your wife atleast for namesake trust me
LAksh: I wish I could but you have lost trust
He goes away angrily but swara glared at ragsan room

Ragsan room
Pari : ragu i am so happy for you .Your baby will bring happiness and smile in to this family. Pari and aadarsh Leave for their room leaving ragsan alone

Ragini: I am so happy sanskar
Sanskar :I am scared ragini
Ragini gets concerned. Ragini cups her face and makes him look into her eyes
Sanskar: I am scared .What if anything bad happens .
Ragini: sanskar I know you are worried about swara but she is not that bad .Trust me and moreover I promise I will take care of myself and i know you will be there .I know you will never let any harm come to me .
. Sanskar hugs her
Sanskar : yes I will never let anything happen to you . Laksh is not able to see them but he suspects something is wrong
Ragini comes out of her room talking on phonShe places her feet over the carpet of the stairs and suddenly the floor beneath her seems like shaking and . she suddenly slips and is about fall .
Ragini: Sanskar!!!!
She screams and holds her stomach tightly .She fells down and rolled down the stairs .
Sanskar rushed out of the room hearing to ragini
Laksh was trying to think what swara was planning when he heard ragini scream .
He ran out to check on her .
Meanwhile remaining everyone has rushed out to check ragini .
Sanskar’s heart skipped a beat seeing ragini like this .
He sat beside her and took her onto his lap .
Ragini was unconscious .There was a scratch on her forehead .
Sanskar was dead worried.
Sanskar started patting her cheeks ..
Sanskar: ragini get up.Nothing happened to yo trust me ..I will never let happen anything to you
Sujatha : lets take her to hospital.I just hope baby is safe .Nothing happened to babySanskar: doctor can I come please I am her husband .Please
. Doctor thought for a minute
Doctor : yeah sure you the husband you can come inside
Sanskar rushed inside
Doctor w. as checking ragini and sanskar was just looking at her with pain
Later doctor tried to talking to sanskar but he was just looking at ragini lost.
Dr: Mr sanskar
Sanskar ignored him and started walking towards the bed .His eyes had fear,his heart had pain

Sanskar held her hand and she could feel him,.
She opened her eyes slowly
Sanskar : I am sorry Jaan .I should have not let this happen to you .I am responsible for this
Ragini nods in NO
Ragini: No sanskar I was not careful .YOu are not at fault .
Sanskas nods his head in no while he close his eyes as tears slipped them
Sanskar: as your husband its my duty to protect you .I should be with you every minute .I should not have let this happen to you anything could have happen I am stupid
Ragini holds his hand
Ragini: no sanskar you are the best husband anyone could ever get

.Both cry holding eachother Family members came inside to see ragini
Sujatha : dr is the baby ok? nothing ahppened to baby na .
Ragini immediately broke the hug and placed her hands on her belly with fear
Doctor smiled at her
Doctor: dont worry MR.Maheshwari .Your baby is safe .
Swara exclaims
Swara: what? how is that possible .She fell from stairs and rolled a lot
Everyone glare her
Doctor: I know but mr.Maheshwari kept her hands on her belly Due to this there was minimal effect on baby
Swara rolls her eyes

Someone gets angry
Someone: how come the baby is safe .I planned so well..I have to do something else

Guess who that person was

I know small update but better than nothing na

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  2. Amazinggggggggggg sis. Plsssssss kill swara soon. Silsila I wish to see mishaan together.

    1. Shrilatha

      Yaar seriosuly after ragsan and tevar I am in love with Mishaan

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    1. Shrilatha

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  4. Superb but very short update. Update soon.

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  6. Awesomeeeee wanna chop swara into pieces.

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  8. Superb wanna know about that person.

  9. Awesome. Yeah it’s better than nothing to update. Do update weekly once.

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