Swaragini: my side story (episode 23)


Hai ragsanians…

Ragini goes to take bath ..and Sanskar was arranging room..
Ragini comes out covered in towel…Sanskar turns around to find her completely wet and beautiful like a rose in the rain…ragini turns around feeling shy..
Sanskar back hugs her..
Sanskar: why r u feeling shy now after snatching away my dignity..
Ragini punches him playfully with her elbow ..
Sanskar: owww.
Ragini becomes concerned.
Ragini: did u get hurt …
Sanskar: haa why will I shout otherwise.
Ragini: sorry let me see..
Sanskar covers her waist in his embrace.
Sanskar : take Ur own time.
He started kissing her neck..
Ragini pushes him
Ragini: Sanskar I am already late..let me get ready..( she sees whole room was arranged cleanly.) I would have done it no..what was the need to do these..
Sanskar: I promised dadi that I will take care of her Laado…I have to keep the promise na..
Ragini: so u will do household work?
Sanskar: not only household work..I will do personal work also.
Ragini( amused) :like what?
Sanskar : like taking off this towel…( he tries take it off but ragini moves back.)making u dry.. dressing u up, applying Sindoor …and then..( he tries to touch her again..)
Ragini: without touching ..
Sanskar pouts..
Sanskar: nahi Bataunga ab tumhe..
Ragini smiles at him.
Ragini: awww mela chotusa kiddo..( she Ruffles have hair).now go take bath..we r get late.
Sanskar: so soon I have to help u to wear saree.
Ragini: no need I know to wear saree.
Sanskar: I will teach u new style.
Ragini pushes him into washroom.and then laughs at him..

Ragini enters kitchen .All the women were busy in work .
Ragini: Bhagwan ji bas daant na pade
Swara was cooking something.
Suji slaps her forehead
Suji: areh O akal ki Mallika ..that is rat poison not salt…do u want to kill whole family.
Swara: no mom…I mean chachiji.it is white so..
Suji:Then do one thing put two spoons specially in Ur plate…don’t try Ur talent on us..I don’t understand how come u r elder sister of Ragini…her hand-made food is like Amrit….
Swara gets angry..
Here Ragini comes inside nervously..
Ragini: good morning badi maa
AP: in fifteen minutes it will be afternoon Ragini.
Ragini bites her tongue..suji and pari hide their smile..
Ragini: sorry badimaa.wo breakfast
AP: no one ate breakfast till now.ur bade Papa is adamant that he wants to eat Ur handmade food only.
Ragini: sorry..( she bends her head).
AP could not act more and laughs out .
AP : don’t worry beta..they are fine with it..
Pari: but maa what Ragini can do if Sanskar is being romantic they must have not slept till 5
Ragini: no bhabhi we slept at 4:30..
Pari: acha..
Ragini realised what she said and blushes..
Everyone laugh at her
Uttara sees her with suspicion.
Uttara: bhabhi love byte..
Ragini immediately covers her neck..
Uttara: so bhai really gave u a love byte I was just testing..
They all were teasing her and swara was burning in jealousy..
Ragini makes gajar halwa for rasoi..
.swara sneaks into kitchen and adds lot of salt to it..
Swara: Amrit my foot…now taste this sweet urf salty gajar halwa..
She gives evil smirk..

Ragini serves food to everyone along with dessert..
She sits next to Sanskar..Sanskar holds her right hand tightly beneath the table..
Ragini looks at him angrily..But fakes a smile for every one..
Everyone was eating food and Ragini was staring at others..
Suji: ragu beta eat na..
Sanskar: eat na jaan..
He smirks.
Ragini glares him.
Ragini: leave my hand..( she says in his ear.)
Sanskar(loudly): ok jaan what is there to be shy..u want me to feed u na..done..
He takes a morsel and puts it in her mouth..Ragini eats it helplessly..
Sanskar: now eat..
Ragini tries to free her hand..but Sanskar holds it tightly..
She tries to hold spoon with left hand but is unable to do so..
At that time swara’s spoon falls down and she bends to pick it up..she sees the scene and gets irked.
She gets up..seeing swara’s expression laksh understands that it about ragsan so he bends down and sees..
Laksh: Ragini eat with right hand na.
Sanskar smirks at Ragini.
Ragini looks helplessly.
Sanskar: haa jaan..
Laksh : bhai if u keep u r left hand on table then Ragini’s right hand will come on table automatically.
Ragsan immediately leave hands .everyone smile at them ..swara rolls her eyes..
Now the dessert was served and all were waiting for DP to taste first..DP eats one spoonful…he looks at Ragini..
Swara(in mind): Ragini I feel bad for you.u end is in papaji’s hands.
DP smiles at ragini and she smiles back..and swara looks shocked.everyone starts eating…
Swara: did anyone changed it?.
She takes one spoonful and eats it….its was hell salty ..she spits it out…
Ragini looks on confused and laksh who observed this tries to cover it..
Laksh:swara can u eat slowly ..I know u r a bhukad but u should eat slowly..
He looks at suji and winks..
Suji: haa chori..waise u don’t do any household work..all u do in a day is either apply make up or eat like lady bakasur. ( Laksh controls his laughter)eat slowly it will not run..

Swara grits her teeth..
Actually halwa was very salty but everyone eats quietly so that Ragini doesn’t feel bad.

Ragini was about to but at the same time Sanskar pushes her hand deliberately and bowl falls down.
Sanskar: sorry Jaan I was taking one more chapati..
Ragini: it’s ok Sanskar I will clean.
DP: Ragini beta come here..
Ragini goes to him..
He and AP gives her a envelope.
DP: Ur rasoi gift.
Ragini opens it .they were flight tickets to Switzerland ..
AP: honeymoon package for you..go for somedays and enjoy urselves..
Ragsan take blessings from elders..
Swara: papaji?

Everyone look at swara..

Precap: swara’s plan to spoil ragsan honeymoon plan.

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