SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 16)

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Episode 15
Sanskaar sat lost in the thought of Swara and his feelings. What was going on? He needed expert advice, but his expert was, god knows where.

“Way to Lucky, the time I actually need you, you are lost somewhere in the world,” he sarcastically said. What a situation?

It was an hour and there was no sign of her or any sound. Come on, it was not that bad that she had to sit there moaning over it like someone was dead.
His body froze and his eyes widened when he heard the screeching noise of a familiar car. His new car. He hurriedly sprinted towards her room to be met by an empty gaze.

No, no, no, he thought as he ran back to the front, metal doors, yanking them both open. This was not supposed to be happening. He quickened his steps as he reached the empty white doors of the garage.
Shit, Idiot girl.

His gaze swiftly scanned through the vast garden before him, zooming in on one black car, his Porsche. Another loud screeching sound halted the sound to an abrupt stop. A victory smile creeped up his lips, when he spotted her in the driving seat, trying to get the car to move.

The smile immediately died when the car raced through the open gates, into the vast woods infront of the mansion. What now? He ran a quick hand through his hair, pressed the knob to open the other garage. The garage door opened rather hastily and Lucky’s red Porsche lay there, shining brightly. A lesson needed to be taught to this girl not to mess with him and his stuff. Wait a minute, how did she get his keys anyways?

Damnit, he kicked the engine to run and charged up behind Swara, who was a pretty rash driver than he expected her to be. She seemed to be trying to run away from him, but her car stopped midway again.

Why was that happening? Something was drastically wrong. He was just a few inches behind her, speeding up once more to pull the car right next to hers. Panic and fear started to take over his face when he saw out of the open window her car hitting the side bars, along the road. She was clearly not able to get the car in control, he car swirled and hit all the bars next to her.

“Hit the breaks Swara,” Sanskaar shouted on top of his lungs. Thank God, this was his private property, so noone was on the roads at any time.

A sigh of relief blew across her face when she saw him yelling at her. Her eyes began to turn desperate and helpless as she smashed the brakes with all her might, but they still didn’t work.

“They are not working,” she screamed with fear in her voice. For the first time, he saw fear and desperation in her eyes.

She tightened the clutch on the wheel, while he pulled even closer to her car.
“What do we do?” he roared in frustration, he was in the left of her. So, she couldn’t even move to his car. His heart stopped beating, his lungs started to stop taking any more breaths in, everything altogether just stopped working seeing her frantic state.

Both of the cars were still mindlessly driving across the stupid road, her car began to speed up, still clashing into his for every few seconds. He needed to get inside her car, she wasn’t Ragini who knew all about cars.

“Swara, keep driving, don’t slow down or turn anywhere. Keep going straight,” he instructed her while she kept nodding to all his words.

He quickly took out his phone and called his secretary, “Come to the second last exit to the highway, NOW.”

The exit to the highway for just a few miles from this place, enough time for Jake to get there and control the car, so he could jump into Swara’s.

“Sanskaar, if anything happens to me, can you please take care of Ragini,” she told him with tears running through her cheeks like a river of water. She cries too?

“Swara, calm down. Nothing will happen to you. I am there na? I will make sure to unite Swaragini at any cost. Trust me,” he assured her with guilt and panic running through his body.

She concentrated on the road for a few seconds and screamed out, “Still, please promise you will take care of my sister just like yours. I have been living only for her, now that I am not going to b-”

“Swara, I promise to take care of her, but nothing will happen to you, my men are on their way. I will save you,” he yelled out in assurance. Nothing will happen to her, he won’t let anything happen.

“I need to make a confession,” she blurted out while keeping her eyes still on the road. Now what?

“Go ahead,” he drawled at her.

“I am sss–oo–r happy now,” she quickly said with a frightened voice. Why couldn’t she just say she was sorry. Even at this point, she is thinking twice to say sorry. What a dramaqueen.

“Swara, your face is pale, your voice is scared, you’re crying, you are not happy at all. Stop lying. What is it?” he colding asked.

“Sanskaar, I am sorry. I don’t want to leave you with a bad note,” she said in most pleading voice ever, melting his cold and brittle heart.

“Swara, I am telling you, you are not going anywhere. Just watch, you will get up tomorrow morning to annoy me again.” he tried to gain back her confidence, which clearly she had lost.

“That’s nice of you, but I can’t keep up with this control anymore.” she shouted back with extreme pain in her voice.

“Swara, no, just 2 minutes,” he warned her, calling his men.

“Where the hell are you?” he screamed on the phone, with his head throbbing with the fear of losing her.

“Sir, we are there on the right.” he heard a voice on the other end.

“Finally, I’ll give you 2 minutes to come and quickly get into the car,” he ordered Jake and stopped the car for 2 seconds merely when he quickly got in.

“Take control, I am going to the other car. When I say go, slow down the car.” Sanskaar said, pulling the car right near Swara.

The cars were just a few centimeters apart, when he let go of the steering wheel and tried to get out. The cars clashed once jerking him away from the door to Swara. The gush of the wind threw pushed him back, slamming to the open door of Swara’s car. He moved out with the help of his arm up on the top, the wide open door, was slamming into the other. The minute he finally stepped into the other one, Jake slowed down the car.

Swara’s face was priceless when she breathed a sigh of relief, stopping the tears from her eyes. The pain and sorrow she saw were all gone. He grinned at her and pulled her towards him, while she happily embraced his body. He jerked open the car door and flung out both their bodies out of the car, crashing hard to the concrete cement ground.

He looked back at his black Porsche slamming into the tree and finally coming into a halt with a loud sound and little fire from the trunk. He glanced at the angelic, fainted figure in his hands.
How did the car lose control and the brakes fail at the same time? He scanned the fire of the car, which was being put out by his men. His eyes zoomed in on one little piece of wood that came out of the engine and a few screws lying down.

That’s when it clicked to him, someone purposely played with the mechanism of the car. It was intended for him, for him. But who? Who got into the mansion without him knowing?
Only SwaSan….I know! I wanted to add RagLak too, but this was already an intense moment so I wanted to project them only. Again, no bias at all, RagLak will have their own sometime later. Next one will be the continuation of this with RagLak too!!

So now, do you think there will be an equation change between Swara and Sanskaar? Do you think Swara will start to fall for him for saving her life? Who do you think wanted to do this to Sanskaar? Keep reading to know!!

Guys, as I mentioned earlier, I started another ff. It is not of Swaragini, but don’t ignore just because of that. It is something different, try it…..

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