SwaRagini– Milke Jodeingen Rishton ke Sur : Introduction

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Ragini loved Lakshya and Lakshya loved Swara, a sad love triangle. But the only person that was sad, was Ragini. One half of SwaRagini was in love while the other was in agony. But, if someone were to pick up the pieces and fix Ragini, then it would have to be the guy that called Ragini his duppate wali dost. Because Ragini wasn’t someone who couldn’t be loved or she wasn’t just defined by the clothing she wore. She was Ragini– innocent, shy but somehow courageous at the same time, kind hearted and selfless. Ragini Gadodia never gave up on the things she was passionate about, she never gave up on the things and people she loved, so how could she give up on Lakshya, you ask? She turned evil and tried to do exactly what was done to her, snatch her love back. No. That’s not Ragini. That’s against everything she stands for. Ragini gave up on Lakshya because just as much as she loves him, she loves her sister. Her sister, the girl she fought for. The girl she was willing to sacrifice everything for. The girl she was so different yet similar to. Their appearances, the clothing they wore, their approaches to everything in life seemed so different but were actually pretty similar. Ragini was restricted but she was also a free bird. Ragini Gadodia isn’t just a girl who is ‘traditional’ or a girl who does things to make her Dadi happy. That’s just the girl you see when you scratch the surface. Only her sister Swara knew who she truly was. Actually, anyone who actually observed every little thing she did would get to know the real her. 

Ragini Gadodia: selfless, beautiful, under appreciated, in reality- a mystery waiting to be solved. 

Swara Bose, that was her name before Ragini practically uprooted everything related to her own existence to share it with Swara. She practically gave up everything she had for Swara. She fought with her own grandmother, the woman she never said a word against no matter how reasonable she was being for Swara and her mother. What did Swara do in return you ask? Swara fell in love with her sister’s fiancé. As much as Swara hated herself for snatching her sister’s love, Ragini kept loving her and reminding her that she deserved true happiness. Swara had two choices, give up on her love for her sister or let her sister suffer in agony while she got married to the man she fell in love with, Lakshya Maheshwari. Swara being the person she is, chose the third option, the option where both sisters suffer together. Because they were Swaragini, when their names are connected, then how can their souls not be? Ragini is her everything. Her sister, her role model, her little baby that she wants to shield from the world. Swara may not be as selfless as Ragini, purely because they were two different people with different ideals, but she was still one of the purest and kindest souls to exist. Swara was the only one who knew that Ragini was actually selfish. Ragini was selfish because that’s how she was made. An inbuilt system of wanting others to be happy all the time. Ragini was selfish in a way that she would selflessly give up everything to make others happy. Every puts themselves above others,but Ragini valued other’s happiness more because in a way, it made her happy. That actually wasn’t selfish and Swara knew that, but she realised that her sister had hidden so many things deep in her heart that it didn’t matter. Swara believed she was selfish, but Ragini knew that her sister did things in secret to ensure her happiness. To Swara, somehow nothing meant more than Ragini. They were meant to fight, laugh and tease each other, but to never leave each other’s side. Meanwhile, Swara believed that everyone deserved to be happy, people existed to help people and that Swaragini were born to protect each other. Swara came first and therefore she naturally took up the responsibility of being the older sister, but somehow Ragini still ended up being her shield. Siblings maybe envious of one another, but never in a million years would Swara let any such feelings come in between her and her soul sister. Swara Gadodia: outspoken, pure, strong and a protector, she would protect Ragini and make her happy no matter what. 

Because, while Swara grew up without a father, she still had her mother. Ragini seemed to have grown without a father despite having one and Swara was willing to give up everything if it meant her sister would be happy. If her sister told her to, she’d jump of a bridge. 

Swaragini, a tale of how two sisters do everything in their power to ensure the other’s safety and happiness. Swaragini, a story of two sisters who fought by each other’s side despite all their differences. Swara may have found Ragini’s methods wrong, Ragini may have found Swara’s persistence annoying, but that wouldn’t change a thing. Because, though Swara and Ragini found each other at a later point in their life, they ended up becoming the most important people in each other’s life. Swaragini, sisters, best friends. Enemies? Never. Even if things did go wrong, they’d never let that happen. Because, the thing that mattered the most to both of them, was each other’s happiness and well being. 


Lakshya Maheshwari, the man who became a barrier between two loving sisters. He chose a girl based on how she looked. According to him, Ragini was obsessed with him because of how she fell for him just like that, but what he didn’t realise that the girl he was ‘in love’ with also fell in love with him for the same reason Ragini did. Because, he helped the sisters unite. He helped Ragini give Swara the happiness she deserved while he helped Swara protect her Ragini from anything that hurt her by officially becoming her sister. In a way, the sisters fell for him because of each other. Because he helped them find each other. Lakshya Maheshwari was a playboy, an arrogant, selfish, attention seeking, bratty manchild. But, that was because he didn’t get enough attention as a child. That was because his brother who in a way tried to shape him into a fine young man, just left him midway. Lakshya was probably misunderstood, but no one knew if there was any way he could come back from this arrogant shell that he had made of himself. From the looks of it, it seemed like he was becoming a shell of a human being with no empathy whatsoever. He seemed to have become a selfish man, unlike the selfless one that tried to make him better. 

Sanskaar Maheshwari, the man who had finally had enough of people just stepping on him like a doormat. The man that had been willing to give up everything for his family, but had now finally given up on everything. He had given up on being the ideal child of his family. He knew that though his brother loved him, he had always felt like he was inferior because of him. But, when he left home for the sake of his family, it seemed like everyone had turned their back on him. Like the world had turned against him. He was all alone. He was once the backbone of the family who always supported them, but now everyone had seemed to have forgotten that he existed. When they found him at the Gadodia’s residence, they sort of used him as an excuse to get Ragini and Lakshya married. They used him as an excuse to fix their broken engagement. Because, all that mattered to them was their reputation and all that mattered to him now, was his revenge. Not exactly revenge, but finding out why they did what they did. And maybe something else. Just maybe.

This is the story of how they learned to accept life. The story of how they learned to change their destiny, but also how at one point they learned to love and accept it. The story of the girls who were step-sisters by chance, soul sisters by choice. The story of Ragini stopped trying to make her family accept her for Swara, the story of how Swara gave up everything she had for Ragini, the story of how they found love amidst their suffering, the story of how they were each other’s protectors, each other’s solace.

Hi guys, I saw a lot of comments about how Can you see and love the real me should be RagSan, but since this story was going to be RagSan, I didn’t wanna make the other RagSan. Besides, can you see and love the real me is actually a story that has fantasy and I really didn’t wanna make it RagSan there because I wanted to write a story where Swaragini actually fixed relationships and each other, and that’s where I wanted to bring in RagSan with certain serial type twists and turns. If you’ve read Episode one of my other article, do give me suggestions for the main lead: Veer Malhotra(I actually sort of imagined him as a younger version of Varun or Aashim Gulati or Shaheer Sheikh(I actually have way too many options or his character).

And as far as this story is concerned, it’s 100% RagSan. It will focus mainly on Ragini and SwaRagini’s relationship as sisters and how they selflessly end up doing things only for the other. Hope you like it.

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