Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 5

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Sorry for late . Thanks for commenting on last chapter.  I hope you guys like this one too.

Me & My Best friends



Ragini’s POV

I was completely shocked after what Arjun said. Why did he said that we are dating without even asking me. How could he?… I was lost in my own thoughts when my eyes met sanskar’s eyes. His eyes were full of tears… he looked hurt… his eyes seemed to tell a story , an untold story as he was trying to hold his tears back. I looked at Arjun who had a smirk on his face ,that made him look hotter than he already was but I couldn’t care less about that , now at this moment all I thought was sanskar . I took a step towards him to ask why he had tears in his eyes. But he went from there the very moment.

“Sansk..” . I tried to call him but he was already gone to the other side of the house.

Swara and laksh were busy with each other so they didn’t noticed him. I thought to follow sanskar but someone suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me and the next moment I was pinned to the wall . I opened my eyes and saw Arjun. His eyes had some magic into them which made me forget all what happend seconds ago….in all these years I always thought to be this close to him and now I was. We were very close .

So… do you?” Arjun asked me .

“What!! Sorry I didn’t understand “. I replied coming to my senses but a part of me was still lost in his eyes.

“Do you like me ? I’m sorry for doing that.. for telling your friend that we are dating… but I promise I meant that… I like you… very much… believe me”. Arjun said holding my hands and looking straight into my eyes.

Damn!! That look literally killed me. I think there should be a rule of how much hot or cute a person can look. I literally started shaking… but of course I couldn’t let Arjun think that he already has this affect on me . I was bound to play “hard to get girl” character .

“Oh.. yes I was shocked to hear that too…but I don’t mind dating you … you’re not that bad but I need to think about it , I need some time to say yes or no”. I said controlling my smile.

“Yeah… take your time and till then we can talk about us.. so we will get to know each other … umm how about dinner tonight”. Arjun asked.

“Dinner sounds good… see you at night then”. I said trying to sound as formal and calm as I can and then walked towards Laksh and swara who were getting back into car.

I rushed to the car and was going to sit but then bumped into something or someone…oh !! It was Sanskar. He still didn’t looked very happy. I tried to ask but he ignored me and sat in the car. We were on the way to our hotel and there was an awkward silence in the car.

“Oh hello ,god has given us mouth to speak so why are we sitting like this “. Swara said looking back at me and sanskar and breaking the silence .

“Ooh.. haha… actually I was tired” . I tried to fake a laugh but both swara and laksh caught that it was fake and gave me a glare.
How could I be so fool to think that they won’t catch it.. they were my best friends afterall.

“Relax Ragu.. we know you’re tensed because of that sudden proposal”. Laksh said smiling to comfort me.

“Yeah and we forgot to tell that since it’s our last day in goa.. so I and Laksh thought to spend sometime together… I mean me and him, I hope you guys don’t mind”. Swara asked me and Sanskar.

“Yeah absolutely fine with us… even I forgot to inform that I’m going to dinner with.. umm.. Arjun”. I said blushing.

Swara and laksh looked at me and smiled making me blush even more.

“Don’t trust him so early , he is just a stranger.” Sanksar said completely disagreeing with me.

“I know him since 4 years… you’re just Jealous “. I said looking at him , rolling my eyes.

“Oh hello ,why would I be jealous.. ! Whatever… go wherever you want.. I don’t give a damn”. He said trying to play cool but it was clear he was annoyed at the thought of me going out with Arjun.

Huh“. I replied rolling my eyes again.

Hours passed and now I was getting bored in my hotel room , I was nervous ,or may be excited, or may be I was just too happy to go on a date with my first crush tonight. I had already decided my dress for tonight so I had nothing to do but wait for Arjun’s message . I was lost in my own world , staring on ceiling when I heard a knock on door. I opened the door and found Sanskar there. I don’t know why but I was happy to see him. I smiled and called him inside the room.

“I was just getting bored here so I thought to come and just talk to you… uh ….umm… if you are not busy”. He said nervously.

It was the first time I heard him Stuttering. What made him nervous ? He was hard to understand .

“Yes why not Sanskar … we can”. I said.

We both sat down on my bed and talked endlessly . No doubt he has a very good sense of humour . We talked about our life , families, friends, etc. It felt so nice talking to him. He listened to all my stupid talk with a cute smile on his face. His smile… perhaps the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. His eyes sparkled whenever he smiled. Oh noo… what I’m thinking… he’s just my friend.

“Feeling hungry”. I mumbled hoping he wouldn’t hear.

“Chocolates?”. He said giving me a choclate that was in his pocket .

“Haha… thanks… you heard?”. I said laughing embarrassingly.

“I have got good ears I think”. He said smiling back.

“You’ve good smile too” . I said without even realising .

He was going to say something but was interrupted by a call on my phone. It was Arjun. He sent me address and said he’s coming to pick me up in an hour. And then call got disconnected .but now I wanted to talk more with sanskar . I wasn’t even excited for my date . I looked at sanskar. It fell silent between us.

“Have a good date”. He said exiting from the room.

To be honest that time I felt like grabbing his arms and telling him ‘don’t go’. I don’t know what type of feeling was this. But for the first time in my life I felt like this. Maybe because I was too nervous to go on a date with my crush. Or maybe because Sanskar was my good friend.

I tried to convince my mind that he’s just a good friend.

I kept my phone on table and went to stand in front of mirror. I wore my dark blue dress , left my hair open and then after getting ready checked myself again to see If I am looking good. Then I got a call from Arjun that he’s waiting on reception. I went downstairs and saw him standing there. He was looking like a living god or something. How on the earth is it possible to look this good.


Precap : conflicting thoughts .


so I hope you guys liked this chapter. Again I’m so sorry for late. So what do you guys think about ragini… does she really like Arjun or it’s just a… what she feels about sanskar. Sorry for mistakes.

Next chapter on 2nd june. Thanks for reading, please like and comment to support me.


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