Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 10 (last)

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Me & My best friends 


Ragini’s POV

“Relax Ragu, I’m calling him.. one min”. Swara said dialing his number .

The number you’re calling is not reachable

“Wait.. I’m calling Rohan.. sanskar must be with him”. She said again holding me .

Swara : hello Rohan.. where are you? Is sanskar is there with you?

Rohan : swru ,what happened? I informed you that I’m leaving today na.. we are going to Airport..

Swara : Rohan wait for me .. I’m coming there.. don’t go before I reach.

Call disconnects.

I and swara ran downstairs , sat in car and drove to Airport. I wanted to hug him and tell him please don’t go . How can he go like this ? Leaving me and leaving his dream job as well. Why he left … he’s my best friend , can’t he understand a simple thing that I need him ?
I wiped my tears off my cheeks and looked at the traffic.  Hell… I hate Mumbai’s traffic so much…

Swara looked tensed too . And this traffic seemed to be never ending.
I looked angrily at the traffic when I heard rain drops falling on the ground. Airport was just 10 min from now but if we wait in traffic like this then It would take hours to reach Airport.

My heart started sinking when I saw the timing. It was Sanskar’s flight time now…


He was already gone maybe.

Without thinking anything, I opened the door and started running to Airport. The rain drops were falling on me and I was totally wet but I couldn’t care less about that. All I thought was Sanskar…
I couldn’t let him go … I love him..

I finally reached Airport. I looked everywhere. My eyes went around searching for first love of my life … my sanskar…

I broke down in tears when I didn’t saw him anywhere  … how can I be late

I dropped down on my knees covering my face with my hands….but  my heartbeat suddenly increased when I felt a touch of familiar hands on my shoulder. My eyes widened at that sudden tap and I turned back and saw him standing right in front of me… sanskar…

“Ragini.. are you okay? What are you doing here ?”. Sanskar asked me picking me up from the ground.

I looked in his eyes..teary eyes… he looked in mine..and then without a second thought I wrapped him in a tight hug…I tightened my grip around him when he tried to pull back…

“Don’t go”. I whispered bringing my mouth close to his ears.

“But…”. He said in a low voice.

“Please..”. I said loosening my grip to look at his face .

Sanskar’s POV

Why did she hugged me if she didn’t even love me..
Why is she making it harder for me to leave.  I pulled back from the hug and tried to hold back my tears.

“Don’t make it hard for me Ragini , both of us know that you don’t have any feelings for me”. I said controlling my tears but sadness could be felt in mu voice.

And then my eyes widened in shock.

She gave a light kiss on my cheek and then hugged me again this time even more tightly.

“I love you sanskar”. She whispered in my ears.

She pulled back and looked in my eyes.

“I do love you sanskar… please don’t go… that night… that kiss… that was the most special moment of my entire life… I don’t regret it .. not at all .. you know what .. I’m dumb, I ran behind Arjun when My love was right before my eyes… all those talks with you… every moment I spent with you is really special for me… YOU are special for me… I never felt this way for anyone before… you know even though I always fought with you earlier but I really got sad when you stopped fighting with me…please don’t go sanskar….I think I might give up everything just to be with you….. it feels like Home when I’m with you.. I love everything about you.. I love you,I really really do.. please stay… don’t go”. She said looking in my eyes , tears running down both of our cheeks.

I hugged her .

“I won’t… I won’t go… I would never ever go away from you… I love you too Ragini… I never thought I would fall in love with you but this happened… I don’t know how and when… but I told you my deepest secrets and my biggest fears because I felt really comfortable… I feel very comfortable when I’m with you… “. I said hugging her.

“Don’t go then”. She said looking at me .

“I would never”. I said giving her a smile and wiping her tears.

Promise ?”. She asked .

Promise“. I said holding her hand close to my heart.

“Well .. uhm..ahem.. ahem”. I turned back to find swara standing there.

“You guys didn’t told me anything… I’m your best friend.. both of you. Well I’m not talking with you guys.. huh”. Swara said making a angry face.

“Awww.. sorry swru… next time I will tell you promise”. Ragini said hugging swara

“What do you mean by next time?..are you gonna fall in love again”. I said to Ragini widening my eyes.

“No.. I didn’t mean that”. She said looking sad.

“I know… I was just joking… cheer up Ragu”. I said laughing.

Swara also started laughing.

“Where’s Rohan ? “. Swara asked me looking confused.

“Our flight got delayed, so he took another flight to new york because he had to go there for some buisness “ . I said smiling .

Ooh“. Swara replied.

Rain already stopped. We planned to hang out together today . Swara called Laksh. He also came and then we went to a restaurant .

Ragini’s POV

I couldn’t stop smiling.  I was in love.. in love with the person who used to annoy me the most?. Everything seemed to so nice , so calm . His deep brown eyes made my heart skip a beat whenever he looked at me . My heart would start racing when he gave me a smile.

Swara ,laksh and sanskar.. all three of them were busy talking and joking but I was lost in my own world . This is how love felt like. It all felt like a dream . I couldn’t believe he was there for real.. just an hour ago I was crying and now I was smiling like an idiot.

Yes I took time to realise that I loved him but now that I finally realised I would never let him go.

I had never thought that I would fall in love with my best friend. But….this happened.  My best friend became my first and last love .

“Heyy… where are you lost ,Ragu” . ? Laksh aksed shaking me .

“What.. sorry..”. I said coming to my senses.

“Pehla nasha pehla khumaar”. Swara teased me and we all laughed.

“Ok.. let’s take a group selfie.”. Laksh said taking out his phone from his pocket.

We all smiled and then shared a group hug.

And then I and Sanskar were finally alone at Swara’s house. Swara and Lucky went to other room but not before teasing us and singing  ‘pehla nasha‘ ?.

“So did you replied the company that you’re joining “. I asked sanskar.

“No .. But I’ll send my confirmation and required documents right now, otherwise I won’t be able to stay here in india without a job”. He said taking his phone out to mail them some documents .

“You know what?You look really cute right now”. I said smiling .

“Hey .. don’t call me cute?”. He said frowning.

Huh“. I said pouting.

“Let me concentrate on my work for five minutes… you know I can’t resist that pout ….you look like a baby when you pout”. He said with a smile on his face. The smile that I die for.

“I’m a baby only… your baby”. I said hugging him and giving him a light kiss on his cheeks .

“I love you very much Ragini”. He said wrapping his arms around me , my face resting on his chest , where I could hear his heart beat. He felt very warm . And his arms felt like the safest place in the world. I felt like being in his arms forever.

“I love you too”. I said tightening my grip around him.

And I was so sure when I said those three words , I was so sure of my love for him..I knew that this was not just my attraction for him. It was love… I felt so different when he talked to me , when he hugged me , whenever he smiled at me… it was a different feeling and I knew it was love.


So this was the last chapter ??. I will miss writing this sooo much…? hope you liked this chapter. Thanks to all of you for reading this ??? I love all of you.. thanks for always liking and commenting.  Thanks for your support. And sorry for mistakes.

And I have planned some more stories on RagSan… well I will inform about my future plans on RagSan later.
And epilogue is ready I will post it tommorow or day after tommorow.

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