Swaragini lovers ATTENTION !! (zuzu)

We have one very last chance to save swaragini n our fave couple..
Pls do watch Swaragini this week on Television..all Indian viewers are requested to watch it. If we will gain TRP this week, it will not go off air but slot will be changed.
Do u wanna loose it ? Or save it ? It’s in our hands now.. Pls watch on TV avoid watching Online.. Plzz ??
Repeat timing are
Night 1am
Morning 6am and
Noon 12 pm
We know 9:30 is main time of new telecast so please do watch to save SR..
If u can on TVs at repeat time please do to contribute to TRp if u can’t watch also just on the TV on time…
9:30 should watch must.. Please

Tell ur neighbours, frnds on SNS, school, collage, cousins and relatives, maids in ur house to watch SR.. From today please..

The ppl who are sincere n seriously die heart fans, will pay heed to it..
We beg u guys plss !!


  1. Ofcourse i will watch swaragini but if the time slot will b change then also swaragini will on air for 2 0r 3 months

  2. I am watching it and I will watch it for sure. One small request from me you please update forever yours 3 part ts please. It has been a month soon your last update . Of u updated in Facebook please give me the link please .

  3. Abirsha

    Raglak fans i can understand u guys are angry as raglaks didn’t get screenspace…. So u guys dont bother if it off air…. But just think once guys…. Will u get the same temish as couple again???? Chances are very less guys….. And like swasanians u too tweet rs about giving screenspace for raglaks day and night….. Surely u will get…. But pls do co-operate….. If swaragini go off air will u see temish in tv??? No it will take time for the actors to get next project…. So pls guys tweet to not end swaragini….

    1. IQRA222

      Shan even i am a raglakian but pls dont say like that we are not bothered by the of air news
      We also love swaragini and dont want it to end and that’s the reason we are watching the show

    2. Abirsha

      No dr in last post some raglakian commented that its better that swaragini go off air ad raglak didn’t get screen space…. So that only i told dr….. I know many raglakians are bothered….. But some want to go off air…. Sorry if my words hurt you

  4. Swaragini

    U r right dear

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