Thanks for all your support friends and sissies. This is Bala here again after a long time. Hema di, we are from south and my sister name is Saranya in short Sara. Deeksha di, sorry for not making it clear. Dp doesn’t know about Sanskar’s kidnap at that time. He just called aman to talk with him about his return. I will try to present my stories without confusion.once again sorry… Asra sissy, I returned to Kolkata.My company didn’t gave me leave more than four days in a row.leave it… we all are fine. How are you? How is your studies?

Story starts…
Episode 29:
Swara’s POV
Dp uncle called me in the mid of night and told me to check Laksh. I sensed some worry in his voice. I went out of my out house and walked towards MM.
I entered MM and saw Laksh in stairs. He was running towards rooftop.
“Laksh…” I called his name but he was marching towards roof top. I followed him.
We both arrived rooftop. He was standing in the corner.
“Laksh…” I called his name once again. but he didn’t turned.
“Sahi!” he shouted suddenly and raised his hands as he was trying to hold someone’s hands. His voice filled with so much of pain.
What is happening with him? is he remembering about Rago ka? Did he remembering about Rago ka’s death? No… he couldn’t …
I walked towards him but he suddenly climbed on the side wall of roof top.
“Whatever happens, I will never leave your hand in that birth Sahi. Hea mera Vadha”Laksh shouted again.
I hold his hand and pulled him as much I can.
He landed on floor and he eyes started to… I saw Sanskar took Laksh in his embrace next minute and trying to sooth him.
“My Laksh…” my mind went to numb.

“Laksh…” I whispered . slowly… he fall unconscious and Sanskar left with him.
“no Sahil… May be he waited for a long time for his little family who could support him to withstand the pain which was burning in his heart… still, he may be waiting for you both …”Laksh words ringed in my ears.
I stood while someone hold my hands to help me.

I raised my head to see.. it’s my Sahil.
I hugged him tightly and let my tears go down.
“Swara ka, what are you doing here? Why are you crying? What is that sound?”Sahil asked me concernedly and tensedly.

“why did he love her so much even after she left? Why did he himself putting in so much pain?” I swallowed my words after hearing Sahil’s question.
He don’t know about Laksh’s condition. He wouldn’t withstand if he knows. I can’t tell him. I wiped my tears.
“nothing Sahil. Laksh had some nightmare…” I said.
“is he ok?”Sahil asked worriedly.

“he is” I lied.” He will..” I muttered in a low voice.
“Sahil, you go to our room. I will come once I talk with Dp uncle” I said.
“ ok, I will go once I see laksh” he said and left.
“no … I couldn’t let him to see Laksh in that state” my mind yelled at me.
I ran behind him but he entered Laksh room before I stopped him. I stood at the entrance of the room.
I can see Sahil’s shocked face by seeing Laksh’s state.

“How many days he has endure this pain like this? Is it not any way to save my Laku? “Sanskar asked Dr while looking at Laksh .
“ I don’t know… He shouldn’t love his wife as his life… he shouldn’t witnessed his wife death… he shouldn’t had memory loss… after memory loss, he shouldn’t had remembered his love… even he remembered his love, he shouldn’t had restricted himself to accept the truth which leads him to hallucinate … he shouldn’t have trying to follow her even after knowing it will be his death…”Dr blurted out in an expressionless tone and continued his dressings.
I saw a long drop falling from Sahil’s eyes. Sahil sat on the bed nearby on Laksh’s foot.
“each and every fullmoon day, he is going through this pain. my Laksh don’t deserve this pain dr… I am scared dr to lose him… please save him… do anything to make him normal”Sanskar pleaded. I felt he is trying hard not to breakdown.

Dr looked at him and left the room.
I entered into room. Laksh face still shown the pain. I caressed his hand and hold his palm without touching his wounds. I sat beside Sanskar and touched his shoulder.
He looked at me … I don’t know why I hugged him. I felt his hot tears falling on my back shoulders.
“ we will save Laksh , Sanskar. we will make Laksh move on his life,Sanskar. I will be with you forever as your strength to recover my Laksh” I said. I don’t have any other way to save my Laksh. I have to get into this family… I have to be Maheshwari to hold my Laksh’s hands with all my rights… as a Bhabhi… I looked at Laksh.

Flashback starts…
Laksh, Ragini , Swara and Sahil stood before the huge entrance of Anna Universtiy –CIT campus.
“you are going to study here ,Swara… is it your dream naa you study here in Anna Unversity Main campus?”Laksh said.
Swara nodded yes in tear brimming eyes…
“my dream become true, Laksh mama…”Swara said while side hugging Ragini.
Laksh smiled by seeing her excited state.

“hmm… Swara, I have a gift for you “Laksh said while grinning.
“Gift?”Swara asked surprisedly.
Laksh took a box which was wrapped by gift cover.
Swara opened the box eagerly and saw a beautiful black golden Parker pen inside.
“Thanks anna…”Swara shook Laksh in excitement and released him after a light hug.
Laksh smiled at her antics.
“Rago ka, don’t you think they both are overreacting?”Sahil asked.
Ragini smiled and then nodded.
“leave them, Laksh. wait! don’t you feel something burning ?”Swara raised her one eye at Sahil while Sahil shown his tongue.

“wait! Laksh, you presented me a Reynolds pen while I joined in that boarding school.”Sahil complained.
“I will gift you the same Pen when you will join in medical college. My Sahil will write prescriptions by using that pen”Ragini said dreamingly and caressed Sahil’s cheeks.
“Thank you Rago ka”Sahil said smilingly while making face at swara.
While speaking, they reached Hostel’s entrance. Swara’s face filled with unknown fear and sadness.
Swara took her luggage and put a step forward. Tears were brimming in her eyes for the separation.
She put her luggage on floor, ran towards Ragini and hugged her.

Ragini caressed Swara’s head.
“I don’t want to stay away from you all… I .. I will…”Swara sobbed in middle of tears.
“Swara ka, even nowadays LKG will be better than you”Sahil mocked to make her normal.
“yes, I am worse than a LKG kid.”Swara sniffed in the middle of sobs.
Ragini looked at Laksh and then broke their hug.
“Swara…”Ragini cupped her face.
“trust me… these four years will go like four days, Swara…”Ragini said.
“is it?”Swara asked like a kid.

Ragini nodded in yes.
“Give me a sweet smile,Swara and go inside”Ragini said.
“you all are sending me away from you…”Swara said .
“Swara…”Laksh stressed his tone made her sit in chair which was kept in hostel entrance.
“Studying here isn’t your dream?”Laksh asked softly.
“but.. I don’t want to stay away from you all”Swara said.
“Swara… who said you are staying away from us?”Laksh asked.

Swara looked at him confusingly while Laksh put a new mobile in her hands.
“we will speak with our little angel everyday and Sahil’s boarding school is nearby your university only. You can meet him every weekend and on semester holidays, I will be here to take my sweet angel to our home. This four years will go like a minute swara”Laksh said.
Swara looked at him without saying a word.
“Swara… if anytime you need me, I will be there to hold your hand. This path may look bit different but I hope you will get wonderful college time swara.”Laksh said while holding swara’s palms and pressed it gently in an assuring manner.

Swara got a flash about shekar.
Flashback in flashback starts…
“Anjel, let’s go inside…”Shekar said while standing infront of a school and holding little swara in his hand.
Swara nodded negatively.
“I want to be with you Appa and mma…”Swara said in her childish tone.
Shekar bended towards her and kneeled infront of her to match her height.
“My anjel always be happy to make sand castle’s naa…”Shekar asked.
Swara nodded her head with a bright smile and then frowned.
“but it’s all get destroyed easily”Swara said with a cute frown in her face.
Shekar suppressed his smile.
“if you study well, you can build long long buildings as this school and no one can’t destroy that.”Shekar said.
“really…” swara asked while widing her eyes.
Shekar nodded his head positively while pulling his anjel’s cheeks.
“And if my anjel needs me, I will be there to hold my anjel’s hand”Shekar said.
Swara smiled as she didn’t cried before.
Swara stepped inside the school with the dream which her father sowed in her heart.
Flashback in flashback ends…
“Can I hug you,once?”Swara asked with hesitation and tears trembling eyes. Though they were in a bond of brother and sister, she always stayed within a line and respected the values which her maa taught.

Laksh nodded and Swara hugged him, put her head on his chest.
“Sometimes I call you as Laksh anna sometimes mama… still, I don’t which I should continue… you always been there as my elder brother as well as my friend for me Laksh … now, when I long for my appa, you are here to make me feel the same which I felt with my Appa… I know Laksh you will be with me to guide me in my lifepath by holding my hand like a father hold her daughter hands … but that makes me hard to live away from you all even it’s for my study Laksh… your love is making me hard to stay away from you all ”Swara choked and broke the hug.
Swara stood and got inside while Laksh and Ragini was staring the way Swara went inside.
“do you want this?” swara who was in school uniform was flashed in his eyes. He smiled by remembering that memory and a small drop fallen from his eyes.

Sahil signed Ragini to look at Laksh. Ragini put her hand on Laksh’s shoulder.
“Laksh… what is this like a kid?”Ragini asked while hiding her tears as she know it’s needed for her little sister’s future.
Laksh wiped his tears and smiled broader.
“nothing Sahi!”Laksh said. Ragini entwingled her fingers with Laksh , hold it tightly and blinked her eyes once as she understood him while Sahil hold Laksh’s another arm.
They stood there for five more minutes in the same position till Laksh got came over from his feelings.
“Sahil, make her meet you at least once in a month though you are busy. Be with her always”laksh said.
“Let’s go Sahi”laksh continued
Swara got into her allocated room and stared Raglak and Sahil whose were leaving, from her window.
“ is it your family? are you going to stay in hostel for the first time?” a voice asked her.
Swara startled by hearing voice suddenly from back of her and turned in fear.
She saw a girl who was giving a friendly smile to her.
“I didn’t thought to scare you. Actually, I have seen your family downside . you have a lovely family” the girl said.

Swara smiled and nodded positively.
“Look at me, I am speaking a lot without introducing me… I am Astra from Andhrapradesh”the girl said and extended her hand for a handshake.
“ I am Swara… Swara Vani “Swara shook her hand with Astra.
“Do you have two names?”Astra amused.
“hmm! My maa want to keep my name as Vani but my Appa want me to name Swara… so they decided Vani as my certificate name and Swara to call me in house… you can also call me as Swara… not only me even they did the same for my brother… Sahil and Raj”Swara said by remembering her family. a small tear welled in her eyes because of her memories.
Astra understood her and to divert her started to ask questions.
“I am CSE First year… what is your department?”Astra asked.

“I am belongs to civil…”Swara replied.
“civil?”Astra asked surprisingly.
“my dream is to be a architect”Swara answered and soon immersed in their talks without knowing it’s a start of new friendship.
Flashback ends…
“I will hold your hands to release you from all your pains Laksh” I muttered and looked at Laksh. I saw Sun rays started to fall inside the room.
I felt some weight at my Lap. I looked. Sanskar was sleeping by keeping his head on my lap . I looked at Sahil who was sleeping by keeping his head nearby Laksh’s foot while his body on the chair. It should have pained him.

Both didn’t heard whatever I muttered before because both lost themselves by seeing Laksh’s condition. Thankfully,Sahil didn’t witness Laksh’s painful state. If he saw that, he would have prefer death than this. He love Laksh and Rago ka that much . I never told him that rago ka’s death was murder. I lied him that it was an accident which snatched Ragini and Laksh from us. I was scared that he would try to take revenge for Ragini’s murder. Then, I was attacked at my house. for world, it was just an accident that Gas cylinder bursted. But I have seen mysterious shadow around my house. Someone wanted to destroy us comopletely from root .I ran away along with Sahil from my state with the help of Astra. Astra helped me to get a seat at a college in her home town and I admitted Sahil in a school there. I completely hid everything from him. I spend most of the money which Appa kept in his savings and my jewellery which they saved for my marriage. But I couldn’t sell my Rago ka’s or my maa’s jewelleries. Moreover, Sahil wanted to punish that culprit who did that accident.
Flashback starts…

“Sahil, for dead people , we can’t risk our lives. Those people are rich.Try to understand…”I said.
“dead people…”Sahil looked at me shockingly. I still regret those words.
“they are not strangers Swara ka. They are our Laksh… our Rago ka…” he stammered.
I maintained a stern look and said,” if you still concerned about them, it’s swear on them that you leave about that case.”
He backed off…

“Swara ka…” he looked at me in disbelief.
“Sahil” I stepped forward but he stopped me by showing his hand.
“From now on Ms.Swara, we don’t share any relation. you are not my Swara ka whom I know… but I will be with you just for the promise which I made for MY laksh… just for my Laksh” he said in a determined tone.
Flashback ends…
I smiled bitterly when I remember that day. His love for his laksh made his love for me as hatred. He hated me from that day . he took his anger , pain for losing laksh and rago ka on me as hatred whenever he saw me as I restricted him . I made him live far away from me in hostel. Because he would be in pain whenever he hurt me . He studies hard to get a medical seat just to fulfil Appa’s wish and for Laksh words. He held 10th position in NEET examination. I got job as junior engineer in Maheshwari Constructions and we landed in Kolkata. Nowadays , I am getting my old Sahil back….
“Aaah!”I heard Laksh moan.
Sanskar and Sahil woke up next second and move towards Laksh.
“Laksh… is it paining?”Sanskar asked laksh.
Laksh stared Sanskar for a moment then started to hit him by his hand. I couldn’t understand anything.
Why did he beating sanskar.
“aah!”Laksh shrieked in pain as he hurt his hand while beating Sanskar.
I saw bleeding in his bandages.
“Sanskar, go and call the doctor” I said hurriedly and Sanskar ran to call the doctor.
Laksh looked at his bandages on his palm ,arms and ankles.
“what happened to me?”Laksh muttered by seeing his bandages.
Didn’t he remember anything what he did yesterday night?
Sanskar and Doctor stormed into room with kits.
“Again you Doctor! Why are you always back at me? Sanskar bhai, atleast change my doctor. I am exhausted by seeing the same face”Laksh said in irritated tone.
“because you are my special patient who never takes my advise . That’s why I am always chasing you…”Doctor said.
I can see laksh hide his chuckle.
“Don’t give any work to your hand and leg. Take rest. Mr.Sanskar, I have to take laksh to my hospital for check up. Do arrangements accordingly”Doctor said and Sanskar nodded.
“what? Noways… I have to office. I have a lot to do.”Laksh said.
“So, Are you going to show up to your employees with all these bandages?”Doctor asked.
Laksh looked at him , said no and nodded his head negatively.
“why did you try to beat Sanskar?”Doctor asked.
“ he went to America without saying to me. He made me worry about him for the whole day. He didn’t even called me once nor attended my call.”Laksh complained like a kid. His antiques are also same like kid.
“he should be fine…” I prayed to god.
I felt a long drop on my shoulders. I raised my head and saw Sanskar wiped his tears before Laksh notice.
“ I am sorry Laku… Can’t you forgive your bhai for this time?”Sanskar asked while holding his ears.

Laksh removed Sanskar hand from his ears.
“but not next time… when did you come?”Laksh asked.
“hmm… I didn’t bid bye to my sweet bhai! so, I came back in the mid way to bid bye to him”Sanskar said while Doctor did injection to Laksh.
Laksh slowly closed his eyes.
“Don’t disturb him for another two to three hours. He needs to sleep”Doctor said.
I looked doctor at confusion. He just woke up. Why did he again made him sleep.
I and Sahil came out of the room while Sanskar left the room. I feel irritation in my eyes. It may be because I didn’t sleep for the whole night.
“Sahil, you can go to our room and get ready for college. I will come soon” I said to Sahil and he nodded.
“Sanskar…”My voice stopped him.

He looked at me questioningly.
“what is happening to Laksh?” I asked him.
He returned a bitter smile.
“he will be fine Swara. don’t worry about him”Sanskar said and left from that place.
I know he wouldn’t tell to me. I am an outsider though he proposed me. He couldn’t let anyone know Laksh’s state. But, I want to know…
I walked towards Dp uncle’s room. I don’t know whether I will get answer or not. But, I have to try…
I don’t know their room. So, I searched in every.
I entered that room which looked like office room. Dp uncle was also not there.
I turned but a huge portrait caught my attention. I looked at the huge portrait. It’s like someone’s marriage group photo.
So many people were smiling in that portrait.

Four couple with four boys and three girls were smiling in that photo.
One couple was Ap aunty and Dp uncle with two boys in their hand. My surrounding went numb when I saw the middle couple.
“maa… Appa…” I muttered unknowingly while I was seeing my parents in marriage attire in that photo.
My maa put her head on My Appa’s head and my Appa held her arms. They had a cute eyelock.
They looked so lovely as they were in real.
“maa… appa…” I caressed their face in that photo.
I choked and knelt down as I couldn’t control myself. I controlled my tears. If anyone see me like this, I wouldn’t be good. But, how could Dp uncle related to my maa and Appa that too keeping their photo in a room? My maa never told about them.
With those questions running in my mind, I stood in shock. I have to speak with Dp uncle. I turned and a box fall down from the table. It opened once it slammed against floor. Some photos have fell down. I kept in box again in hurry before if anyone come by hearing the sound. My eyes frozen by seeing one photo.

It’s my Family photo which we have taken on rago ka’s marriage day. If it’s there means, they know who I am.
They know what Laksh meant to me. Realization slapped me hardly.
what a fool I am. How will rich people like maheshwari let stay a stranger, who they met in temple , in their outhouse.
How could a girl like me, who was just a fresher, got secretary that too for CEO without any experience.
I came out of the room hurriedly . I have to runaway again. I don’t know what is in their mind. I can’t lose Sahil in this .Did they are reason for the misiries in our life? But, I couldn’t leave laksh like this now.
“I already told you Sanskar. We need his in-laws to know about his marriage life and past. Without knowing his past, we can’t save him “Doctor said in a stressed tone.
I heard their convo accidentally.

“ I am searching them, Dr.Rajat… is there anyother way?”Sanskar asked.
“there is no other way Mr.Sanskar. you should have searched them before”Dr mocked him.
“but what can I do? I hated them… I hated them from my heart. if Ragini didn’t married Laksh, my Laksh wouldn’t be in this condition. because police told me that Killer’s main motive is to kill Ragini and I saw I saw my Uttu sacrificed her life just to … just to … save Ragini… I hated Ragini for the love she have shown on Laksh. The love which made my laksh suffer in this pain… the love which snatched my Uttu from me… I hated her family because I am scared that I would lose my Laksh as my Uttu because of them…”Sanskar said.
I can clearly see his eyes . His words… his eyes told me that he is speaking from his heart. I saw the same truthfulness when he proposed me.

“I love you Swara…” His words unwantedly ringed in my mind. Didn’t he know who I am? Then, whose room it is?
What will happen if he knows about me? will he sent away me from laksh? I ran to my room in outhouse.
Wait! what he said. Killer’s main motive was to kill rago ka. But we don’t have any enemies like that. What I have to do know? Everything is becoming a puzzle to me.
Swara’s POV ends…
“I hated them… doctor Rajat… I became selfish in that. But, now my guilt is killing me Rajat. They have suffered just because that devan wanted to snatch our properties. They lost their sister as me because of us. My guilt is killing me for my act, rajat”Sanskar expressed his guilt.
“leave the past, Sanskar. Now , we have to think about present. I got to know some kidnapped you”Rajat asked.

Sanskar remembered his kidnap and his expressions started to change.
“It’s a puzzle to me, Dr. Rajat. I have to look into this”Sanskar said in a deeper tone.
“hmm… Sanskar. Your mother had a mild attack yesterday when she got the news about your kidnap. She was hospitalized but now she is completely fine. Laksh will wake up after 3 hours. Within this time, you can meet her. I wish you might see your father before…”Rajat said.
Sanskar came out of Rajat’s room and went to Dp’s room.
Dp was sitting in a arm chair while staring the ceiling.
“Papa…”Sanskar called him slowly and then touched his shoulder.
Dp came out of his thought and looked at Sanskar.
“Laksh…”Dp asked.
Sanskar blinked his eyes as an assurance.
“He is fine now Papa…”Sanskar answered.
Dp closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
Then , Dp looked at his son’s face then his son’s whole body.
“ I am fine papa” Sanskar said.
“Go and see your maa, Sanskar then Take care of your kidnapping matter .First, I have to thank Swara…”Dp said while standing as he was going to meet Swara.
Sanskar stood in the same place.
Dp left the room after a minute Aman entered the room.
“Sanskar…”Aman exclaimed and hugged him.
“Aman…”Sanskar surprised.
“when did you come from America?”Sanskar asked.
“ I am worried about you ,Sanskar…”Aman said.
Sanskar patted his friend’s shoulder.” I am fine ,Aman. How is Nisha b
“we all are fine Sanskar. Do you know anything about kidnapper? So, we can catch him”Aman asked cautiously while observing Sanskar’s expression.
“no Aman. I felt a pain in neck. After that , I lost conscious when I try to defend myself. When I woke up, I was in some fishermen village. I don’t know why he kidnapped me, then why he left me. it’s so confusing ,Aman.”Sanskar said.
“Leave it to me,Sanskar. I will handle it. ok. where is Laksh? Today, he has a lot to do. Uncle made him as Acting CEO.”Aman said and left the room without waiting for Sanskar’s answer.
“Acting CEO”Sanskar murmured.
“Aman…”Sanskar tried to stop but Aman entered Laksh’s room.
“Laksh…”Aman eyes widened by Laksh in bandages.
“laksh…”Aman sat beside him and tears escaped from his eyes.
“Aman…”Sanskar put his hand on Aman’s shoulder.
“what happened to him,Sanskar?”Aman asked.
“He tried to commit suicide when he hallucinated about that day”Sanskar said while looking the sky through window.
“what? Wait! did he going through the same on every full moon day?”Aman asked.
Sanskar nodded.
“don’t you think to tell me at least once?”Aman asked.
“ we don’t want you to worry about us, Aman. You just started your life, Aman”Sanskar said.
“it’s because you didn’t thought me as your friend,Sanskar. For god sake, I have also grown up in this house only Sanskar. I thought it’s also like my family. But, you…”Aman expressed his dejection.
Sanskar looked at Aman.

“you are not only my friend Aman. You are like an elder brother to me. you came into our life when I lost my Ammu. I saw you as one of my family. you were just married to Nisha bhabhi after so much struggle. How can I tell our sadness to my buddy who just got his happiness? I couldn’t Aman”Sanskar said.
Laksh moved in sleep bit.
Sanskar and Aman became silent.
“Aman, I am going to meet maa in hospital. Until I came, take care of Laksh. if he ask about me, tell him that I went to office because of some urgent work”Sanskar said.
“what happened to Aunty?”Aman asked.

“she got a mild attack when she got know about my kidnap.”Sanskar said while suppressing his emotions and left.
In Swara’s house,
Sahil left to college because of Swara’s compulsion when Dp entered her house.
“Swara beta…”Dp called from the entrance.
“Uncle.. come inside …”Swara said while hiding all her emotions.
Dp sat on a chair while Swara put a coffee cup before him.

“Uncle.. please take it.”Swara said.
“Haan beta…”Dp said and sipped a bit.
“Swara beta… Thanks for helping me yesterday night. If you were not here…”Dp closed his eyes as his imagination hurt him.
“Uncle leave it… but what happened to Laksh?”Swara asked.
“ He lost his wife and our Uttu on a full moon day that too in front of his eyes. On every full moon day, he hallucinated the same and trying to end his life because of his love”Dp admitted.
“On every full moon day…?”Swara asked in shock.
Dp nodded positively.
“before we gave him slepping tablets and stopped his hallucination. But , we couldn’t stop him from felling the pain. My Laksh was going through this…”Dp said.
“Papa…”Sanskar came inside by calling Dp.
“Papa… I am going to hospital to meet maa. Aman is here to take care of Laksh until we return. Can you come with me?”Sanskar asked.
“Aunty… what was happen to aunty?”Swara asked.
“Maa got a mild attack,Swara.”Sanskar said while looking at random thing to hid his pain.
“Uncle, wait! I will also come. I want to see aunty…”Swara said while remembering Ap’s kind gestures to her.

In Rudra Industries,
Aditya entered in his office.
“Good morning sir…”His employees wished him. He just nodded his head and entered his cabin.
“May I come in ,Sir?”His PA knocked door and asked.
“Yes, come in”Aadi said.
“Sir, I made everything ready for mam to take position as MD of Rudra constructions. Once Mam sign, we can announce it in our share holders meeting at next month” His PA said.
“Good..”Aadi said while checking the file.
“Don’t disturb me until there is some emergency.”Aadi said.
His PA nodded his head and left.
Aadi leaned on his chair and closed his eyes.
Laksh’s painful face flashed before his eyes. Aadi opened his eyes suddenly.
“what is happening in Jeju’s life? why did he behaved like that?”Aadi asked himself.
Sanskar’s helpless state flashed in his mind.

“I want to make Sanskar helpless and in pain as I am. But, I don’t want at the cost
His phone buzzed again and again. Caller ID was shown as Uttara.
“hello Uttu…”Aadi said in fake happy tone by hiding all his thought.
“Are you fine , Aadi?”Uttara asked.
“what will happen to me,Uttu? I am completely fine”Aadi said.
“I am just feeling like that when I heard your voice…”Uttara said.

“Are you feeling lonely to live alone in pune naa, Uttu? I will come soon”Aadi said.
“No need, Aadi. I hate that you are spoiling your health in travelling in late nights just because to see me.”Uttara said.
“then, what can I do,Uttu? I couldn’t stay long without seeing my Uttu’s face”Aadi said with a smile.
“ I had a solution, Aadi”Uttara said.
“what?Video chatting…”Aadi asked.
“you are so old-fashioned Aadi. But, I am having a very old idea than yours”Uttara chuckled.
“what is it?”Aadi asked eagerly.

“Have you heard a saying.’ Whereever Rama stays , it’s Ayodya to sita’”Uttara asked.
“what are you telling?”Aadi asked in a serious tone.
“ I am coming to Kolkata,Aadi. I will reach in four hours. Ok, train is started again. Come to howrah station to pick up me, Aadi”Uttara said and cut the call.
“Uttu..Uttu..”Aadi shriked in phone but Uttara disconnected the call before.
“what if anyone see her?”Aadi’s thought sent a chill to his spine.

In Hospital,
Ap woke up.
“Maa…”Sanskar held her hands.
Ap caressed his face and smiled weakly. Ap saw Swara and signed her to come nearby.
“I will make your favorite kadha for you Aunty… After drinking that, you will be ready to squeeze laksh ears and chase him…”Swara murmured in Ap’s ears.
Ap smiled broadly.
“swara, can I ask you onething?”Ap asked.
“haan aunty…”Swara said.

“will you marry my Sanskar? Will you take care of my sanskar if I leave him?”Ap asked.
“Annu…Maa…”Dp shrieked in unison because of Ap’s words heaviness.
“aunty… your dumb workaholic son already proposed me .. even I accepted him…Moreover, you and uncle have to see your greatgrandchildren… “Swara said while nudging Sanskar’s head and hold his palm.
“laksh…! where is he? He should have breakdown…”Ap searched laksh.
“I lied to him, Annu that we went to temple.”Dp said.
“now, he should have start to miss me.”Ap said and looked at a clock in the wall of hospital ward.
“Time is 11. Laksh should search about me. did he take his breakfast or not before going to office?”Ap said.
“Aunty… laksh took his breakfast .. I will take care of everyone until you return to our house, Aunty. So, don’t take any tension and have your tablets on time.”Swara said and hold Sanskar’s hands.

Ap smiled by leaving all her worries while Sanskar stared her shockingly.
“Sir, let her take some rest…”Nurse said.
Dp,Sanskar and Swara started to moveout of the hospital ward.
“Sanskar..!”Ap’s mild voice stopped him.
“Maa…”Sanskar walked towards Ap.
“I hate this hospital. I will take all my medicines correctly without any complaint. Will you take me home soon?”Ap pleased.

The trio came out of Ap’s ward.
“Swara beta… I am sorry for what Annu said. She is scared for Sanskar’s life”Dp said.
“ I understand Uncle and I also didn’t lie uncle. You can ask Sanskar”Swara said.
Dp looked at Sanskar while Sanskar nod his head down .
“Don’t you want me as your bahu,Uncle?”Swara asked.
“no beta… if you become my bahu, I will be the most happiest person”Dp said.
“Papa … I want to talk with Swara… I will come soon…”Saying this Sanskar held Swara hands and both came out of hospital.
“Bhai… Ladies heart are deeper than ocean, bhai. you can’t know what’s in their heart. so, don’t play with their feelings.”Laksh’s voice ringed in Sanskar’s mind.

In a Park,
“Swara, I love you. I thought all my problems were over when I got to know that the KILLER who made our live as hell was dead. But , it’s not Swara. Until I make Laksh’s life normal, I can’t think about my life Swara.”Sanskar said.
“is the killer dead?”Swara asked in shock.
Sanskar nodded and a crooked smile shown in Swara’s face. she hid it and then looked Sanskar .
“Sanskar, for you what is love?”Swara asked.

“Being together…”Sanskar stopped.
“Being together to face all the problems whatever happens in their life… Letting each other to walk in their way forward without leaving each other hand… Guiding them if it’s needed without controlling them… Supporting them whenever one of them breakdown…”Swara stopped and looked at Sanskar.
“Love is not only sharing happiness… sharing pain, sad, each and everything emotions in their life… I want to be with you to share all your pains… I want to hold your hands to make our Laksh to live a normal life Sanskar… I will be with you to save our Laksh, Sanskar… I will be with you and we both will wait until Laksh cures perfectly.”Swara said while looking into Sanskar’s eyes.
Sanskar hugged her suddenly.

“Swara…”Sanskar muttered emotionally.
“ I love you … love you very much Swara…”Sanskar said.
A long drop escaped from Swara’s eyes and she wiped it immediately.
Sanskar broke the hug.
“Sanskar, now Share with me about Laksh and his life. May be I help you in this if I know about him fully”Swara said .
“The Laksh which you are seeing now, it’s not our Lucky, Swara… “Sanskar started to tell about his Laksh.
In MM,
Aman stormed into Rajat room angrily.

Rajat looked at Aman with expressionless eyes.
“why did you hide me about Laksh’s state? You told me that Ammu would be with him when Laksh have panic attack and help him to get his memories. Why did you hide about his suicidal attempts and hallucination?”Aman asked angrily.
“if I told you, you wouldn’t have accepted my words Aman.”Rajat said calmly while Aman punched him hardly.
“you promised me that any of my family members will not be harmed.”Aman yelled.
Rajat smiled crookedly.
“About Mrs.Maheshwari, I didn’t do anything intentionally .”Rajat said.in a cold tone.
“then, what about Laksh?”Aman asked.
“he doesn’t belongs to this …”Rajat spit out some blood from his mouth as Aman blown another punch.

“don’t dare to say it again like that. Understand! Laksh is member of the Maheshwari family and he will be. If you try to pull up anything like this, I won’t hesitate to expose your identity”Aman said while pulling Rajat’s shirt collars and left him to fall on bed.
“ I hope you didn’t forget the crimes which we did “Rajat said.
Aman stared Rajat for a minute.
“ I am ready even to go jail with you but I will never let you separate Laksh from us”Aman said.
“when did I say that I will send you to jail. The day you expose my real identity, I will make Laksh rot in jail for all the crimes we did.”Rajat said.
“you can’t”Amrit said calmly.

“if I sent him near to death, then I can Aman. And you have help me in remaining things also as we planned , otherwise I won’t hesitate to show my words in real.”Rajat said.
“Don’t say words which will hurt your heart , just to threaten me … and I won’t let Laksh go out of this family again at any cost”Aman said and left the room.
Rajat sat on bed.
“You don’t know how much this house holds dark truths, Aman. And Laksh, he is the reason for my life. I have to separate Laksh from this house, before he get his memory. Otherwise, he will sacrifice himself to bury the dark truths of this family, Aman.”Rajat muttered and leaned against bed.
Screen focused on Rajat’s expressionless face, , Sanskar and Swara’s thoughtful face and in the middle Laksh’s sleeping face.Uttara’s happy face and Aadi’s tensed face

Precap: who is Laksh?
To be continued…

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