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Story starts…
In a car,
Sanskar was laying on backside of the car being unconscious and tied up, while the driver received the call and stop the car.
“hello Uncle… how are you ?”Driver asked.
“ I am fine Aman… how is your journey?” Dp asked.
“ it’s nice uncle… when Sanskar see me tomorrow , he will be surprised.”Aman, who is ex PA of Sanskar , kidnapped Sanksar , said while looking at Sanskar through center mirror of the car.
“haan Uncle… when he see me in office tomorrow , he will be surprised… he don’t know that I came to India. I just want to see his surprised face”Aman said.
“ok beta… take rest… tomorrow we will meet …”Dp said after enquires about Aman’s wife and then cut the call.
“ you will not be with laksh , Sanskar…on the full moon day. But Ammu will be with him to take care of his Laksh. so don’t worry…”Aman said while looking at picture of him with Sanlak, then and then started the car.
“ I am sorry Sanskar… but I am bounded…”Aman said in a low voice while driving the car.
In MM,
Laksh was walking in his room being worried and looking at Swara’s face often .
“what happened to her,suddenly? I have never seen that much pain in her face before…”Laksh asked himself.
“did something happened to her in past? Arghh! Why did I lose my memory? I couldn’t ask her directly . even I don’t know why they both are treating me as stranger… it seems like that Sanskar bhai also don’t know about them … Are they really releated to me or am I hallucinating ? why are these many questions in my life?”laksh sat beside Swara and hold his head.
Swara’s phone ringed .
Laksh attended the call.
“hello Swara ka, where are you? when will you come? Is it everything alright?”Sahil asked in phone after observing the silence .
“Hello..Swara ka?”Sahil asked questioningly at the same time being worried.

Laksh took a long breath .
“Sahil, Swara is in our house. she was unwell but now she is ok…”laksh said while Sahil cut the call immediately .
“he should be panicked…”Laksh said to himself and walked towards the hall.
Ap saw Sahil who was entering into her house hurriedly.
“Sahil.. what happened beta?”Ap asked by seeing his worried face as she didn’t know what happened.
“Swara ka… Laksh told me that Swara ka is unwell…”Sahil stammered and saw Laksh, who was coming to hall.
“Swara is alright now Sahil… she is in my room…”Laksh pointed his room while Sahil ran in that direction.
“What happened to Swara,Laksh?”Ap asked in concern.
“just stress maa… nothing to worry .tell my workaholoic bhai to reduce her work atleast for some days….”Laksh distracted Ap.
Ap hit Laksh’s shoulder and then Laksh walked towards
Sahil sat beside Swara and hold her hands silently. A long drop fallen from his eyes on Swara’s hands.
“what happened, Laksh?”Sahil asked laksh who was just entered the room, by seeing his shadow .
“she was emotionally stressed.”Laksh stopped in middle as he couldn’t tell about Sanskar’s proposal.
“is it anything bad happened in past? Is it she lost any person she loved most?”Laksh asked to know about Swara’s past.
Sahil closed his eyes tightly.
“it’s you Laksh…”Sahil said.
“what ?”Laksh asked in shock.

Sahil smiled bitterly and turned towards Swara.
“There was a person who was cared us like a father, guided as a brother and supported as a friend… our brother-in-law… you just remind him”Sahil stopped.
“what happened to him? ”Laksh asked.
“we left him when my di left the world…”Sahil said.
“but why? Did he responsible for your sister’s death? Do you hate him?”Laksh asked.
“we can’t hate him Laksh though my swara ka prentends to hate him. In deep, we are just a people who are just hurdle to overcome his past . It will be better for both of us if we stay away from him…”Sahil said while Swara opened her eyes by hearing their convo.
“no Sahil… May be he waited for a long time for his little family who could support him to withstand the pain which was burning in his heart… still, he may be waiting for you both …”Laksh said without realizing while staring the stars in sky through balcony window.
Swara closed her eyes tightly while Sahil looked at Laksh shockingly.
“Swara beta, finally you woke up. How are you feeling now?”Ap asked while entering the room with some kadha in a tray.
Laksh turned by hearing Ap’s voice while Sahil wiped his tears .
By seeing Ap, Swara tried to sit on bed and then looked at surrounding.
“It’s our room, Swara… leave it. how are you feeling now?”Laksh asked being worried.
“I am ok, Laksh…”Swara replied in a weak voice by controlling herself but put a smile in her face.
“Swara beta, drink this”Ap offered a glass which have a dark green colour drink.
Swara gave a disgusting look at glass then pleasing look at Sahil.
“it’s good for your health Swara… ”Laksh said warmly.
“maa… give this to Sahil also… he is also looking so weak…”Laksh continued with grin .
“what? No..no… I am perfectly fine… why should I drink this ?”Sahil said hurriedly and asked.
“Arre Sahil! it’s also for good for immunity… wait! I will take another glass…”Ap said.
Laksh took another two glass from table.
“maa… give also for me… see Swara, we also drink for you. As a good girl, you also should drink this”Laksh said while pouring kadha in another two glasses.
Swara looked at laksh…

Flashback starts…
Laksh was running in the lawn while Ragini was chasing him with a glass.
“Dei purusha! Drink this as a good boy!”Ragini shrieked.
“never… Auch! That is so bitter…. Auch !Than a bitter guard. Even I can take injection from nearby doctor, but I won’t drink this .Auch! from where you are getting these ideas about kadha”Laksh said while sneezing and running.
“see how much you get cold. If you drink this once. Your cold get cured… please da purusha! I can’t run more…”Ragini stopped and breath heavily.
Laksh hold her by her shoulders while Ragini passed a pleasing look. Ragini shrugged her shoulders and came out of Laksh’s hold.
Swara and Sahil smiled by seeing this.
“Arre Laksh! Are you scared to drink this kadha?”Sahil asked.
“will you drink this? Do you know how much bitter is this? Previous time, Sahi fooled me… but not this time ”Laksh said.
“You are acting like a kid…”Swara mocked.
“then, try yourself…”Laksh challenged and made Ragini sit on the ground.
“Swara is correct, purusha. You are worst than a kid…”Ragini complained.
“when it comes to medicine…”Laksh winked at Ragini but Ragini return a glare
Sahil returned with some extra glasses.
“Laksh, look at me. I accept your challenge . I will drink this even Sahil will drink with us. You have also drink this . If you try to cheat as before, you have to see the worst of your Sahi”Swara rolled her eyes.
Laksh remembered how he poured Kadha in ground while acting like drinking and smiled.
“Laksh… I made some extra… so, don’t think your previous very old trick will work now…”Ragini said.
“Did she called me by my name? did she get anger on me?”Laksh asked himself.
“how couldn’t she? You made her run behind you for more than 20 minutes. Will she be very happy?”Laksh’s heart mocked him.
“but how can I drink this kadha? It’s so bitter…”Laksh’s mind replied.
“you don’t have any other way. Just see your Sahi’s face…”laksh’s heart tackled.
Laksh looked at Ragini who extended the glass.
“Arre laksh… you can stare my Rago ka’s face after some time… first drink this”Swara said.
“when did my own family become a villain to me?”Laksh thought.
“what are you thinking Laksh ? drink this soon…”Ragini said.
“what he should think. he might be cursing us in his mind…”Sahil said and gave a meaningful smile that he know about Laksh.
Laksh smiled sheppishly ,” how can I curse my sweet sister and cute saala?” Laksh muttered and looked at the glass’s quantity.
“Sahi! It’s cheating. Why I am having more while Swara and Sahil are having less Kadha in their glass.”Laksh complained.
“who is having cough? You or them?”Ragini asked in a anger tone.
“Laksh ! it’s not that much bitter. Even I feel it’s bit sweeter than usual…”Sahil said.
Laksh sighed heavily and drank it in one go then licked his lips.
“Sahi! It’s different. It’s not…”Laksh stopped in middle by remembering it’s taste.
“haan Purusha! Uttara told me to put a pinch of jaggery… and don’t dare to make me run for next time… see, my legs are paining”Ragini complained and sat on ground.
Laksh started to massage her legs.
“Laksh… what are you doing?”Ragini tried get out of her legs from Laksh’s grip.
“I am massaging my Sahi’s leg…”Laksh said as it’s not a big deal.
“but… what happen if anyone see us like this…”Ragini said .
“it’s our garden… no one will see us. Swara..Sahil.. do you have any problem if I massage my Sahi’s leg?”laksh asked with playful smile.
“you and your Sahi.. why would we have problem? Isn’t it naa Rago ka?”Swara asked while secretly winking at Ragini.

Ragini started to blush while Laksh stared her lovingly. Ragini slowly looked at Laksh both get into eyelock.
Swara and Sahil stood from that place to leave by giving privacy to RagLak. But stop by seeing Uttara who entered garden just now.
Uttara signed them not to speak and took her phone out to take photo of Raglak.
Their eye lock got broken because of flash from Uttara’s phone.
Ragini took her leg back while Laksh lost his grip.
Laksh stood from his place.
“Swara.. help me to prepare something for our GUEST”Laksh said while stressing the word”GUEST” and left inside.
Swara and Sahil followed him.
Uttara smiled playfully by looking at the direction of Laksh that she didn’t affected by his words.
“Rago…”Uttara said while trying to see blushing face of Ragini.
“let me see my friend’s face … is it crimson red or tomato red?”Uttara said.
Ragini hid her face ,finally slapped on Uttara’s arms and smiled.
“don’t pull my legs… I will see how you will react when you see your Aadi’s face …”Ragini said while smiling.
Uttara reminisced her kiss with Aadi at airport while leaving and asmile crept on her face.
“let me see my friend’s face … is it crimson red or tomato red?”Ragini asked the same.
Uttara ran inside while Ragini followed her.
Laksh was cooking pakora’s with the help of Swara and Sahil.
“Rago… I will take banana leaves from garden… no need of plates…”Uttara said and ran to RagLak’s house where she was staying as tenant.

At RagLak’s house,
“Uttara ka, leave I will cut it”Swara said while entering the garden of Raglak’s house.
Uttara smiled as an acceptance and handovered knife to Sahil.
“I would have done by myself, Sahil. But thanks…”Uttara said.
“Laksh asked me to tell you that there may be some poisonous insects in garden. So don’t come here alone specially at evening”Swara said while Laksh hid himself in kitchen.
“I know Laksh… your eyes and words are speaking different… I know you still care for me…your Uttu… I will make you as my Lucky and make you to return to our home with Ragini… I will clear all the misunderstandings… but what is that misunderstanding? Why did he accuse us? Even Lucky is not ready to speak with me“Uttara drowned in her own world.
“Uttara ka, let’s go. ”Swara said after taking banana leaves in hand while Laksh returned from that place silently.
Uttara came out of her thoughts and followed Swara with a hope in her eyes.
Flashback ends…

“Swara, my maa’s kadha will be little bit sweeter. So, don’t worry about bitter taste…”Laksh said while sipping.
Swara came out of her thoughts and smiled by taking a glass.
“ I have drink this before… but when?”Sahil said openly.
“no chance… the making of this sweet kadha is forbidden secret… isn’t it maa?”Laksh said.
Ap smiled as it’s not at all a deal.
Swara finished her part, stood by holding Sahil.
“Aunty… thanks and sorry for making you bother for me . I will leave now… it’s became late “Swara said by seeing darkness.
“Swara… wait! you can leave after taking dinner. You can’t even stand properly…”Laksh said.
“haan beta… just be here for some more minutes… I will make dinner ready…”Ap said.
“no Aunty… I am fine now… I will feel better if I am in my room… please…”Swara said.
“ok beta… I will send you dinner through Laksh… don’t skip it ”Ap said in strict tone.
Swara nodded and left with Sahil.
After an hour,
Laksh was trying to call Sanskar but it was not reachable.

“where is bhai? even his car is in the house… he should be broken…”Laksh thought and thrown his phone on bed in frusturation.
Laksh took a glass of water and drank it in one go in tension.
“bhai… attend my call…”Laksh murmured and then hold his head by feeling drowsy.
After two minutes, Laksh fallen on bed being unconscious.
Rajat entered Laksh’s room and took the water jug in his hand , recalled how he mixed sleeping pill in water when he treated Swara.
Rajat poured the remaining water in wash basin and put the jug in its old place.
Rajat made Laksh lay on bed properly.
“Have a good sleep , Laksh…”Rajat said and came out of the room.
Ap came opposite by calling Laksh for dinner.
“Mrs.Maheshwari, Laksh slept already. I checked him just now…”Rajat said.
“even he didn’t take his dinner…”Ap worried about Laksh hunger.
“let him sleep Mrs.Maheshwari… it would be good for his health”Rajat said.
Ap nodded half heartedly.
“Dr, dinner is ready. Will you be comfortable if you have dinner with us or..”Ap asked.
“I don’t have any problem…I will have my dinner with you all, Mrs.Maheshwari… “Rajat said.
Ap nodded and left.

The next day morning,
Sun rays fallen in SanLak’s room.
Laksh covered his eyes with his hands .
“Bhai… close that curtains…”Laksh blabbered in half sleep and covered him face with blanket.
“bhai…”Laksh called again as he didn’t get any response.
Laksh removed his blanket and searched Sanskar.
“Didn’t he come to home yesterday night? How did I sleep?”Laksh asked himself and checked his phone.
“why didn’t bhai called me? still, he is not receiving my call”Laksh said to himself.
“Good morning Laksh”Laksh turned by hearing a voice.
“Good morning Dr.Rajat”Laksh said .
“can you please get ready? I have to dress your wound. “Rajat said.
Laksh saw time in his mobile as 9:30 AM.
“how much time I have slept?”Laksh asked himself.
“ I will be waiting in my room”Rajat said and left.
Laksh walked directly towards Dp’s room.
“Papa… Sanskar bhai is not attending my call. It’s not reachable. Do you know where is he?”Laksh stopped by seeing Dp who was getting ready for office.
“Sanskar went to US, laksh. He has some important work”Dp said.
“but he didn’t tell me either. What is sudden need in US? Aman bhai is already there . he can handle any kind of situation… and Are you coming to office?”Laksh asked.
“yeah Laksh! it will take lot of time for Sanskar to return… I will handle office and you will be the acting CEO from now until Sanskar returns”Dp said while handling some documents to him.
“Lucky, sign this documents… “a voice ringed in his mind .
“Laksh…”Dp stressed his tone by seeing Laksh lost in his thoughts.
“Han papa…”Laksh said while his thoughts got broken.
“Papa… is it everything ok?”Laksh asked by seeing sudden change in company.

Dp put a smile in his face.
“it’s perfect Laksh… Go.. what about the tender you won?”Dp asked while trying to divert Laksh.
“it’s going smoothly… soon, construction will start papa…”Laksh said and started to sign the documents.
“Papa… I signed it. if incase Sanskar bhai called you, tell him that I am very anger on him…”Laksh said with a smile .
Dp patted Laksh shoulder and then Laksh left to him to get ready.
Dp smiley face changed into thinking and worried face. Dp closed his room door.He took his phone and called Arjun.
“Hello ACP. Have you got any clue about Sanskar?”Dp asked.
“we are trying our best, Mr.Maheshwari. soon, we will find Sanskar. As you requested, we are keeping the search as a secret. There are some hurdles.. but we will find your son soon…”Arjun replied in phone.
“I want my son back soon ACP …”Dp said.
“ I will get back you soon once I get a clue, Mr.Maheshwari…”Arjun said and then cut the call.
Dp heard a knock at door and opened the door.
Rajat was standing outside .

Flashback starts…
Arjun entered into MM garden as Dp requested him to come.
“Mr.Maheshwari , Is it any problem?”Arjun asked.
“Sanskar is missing from evening,ACP… “Dp said.
“Arjun..! Are you here at this time?”Both turned by hearing Rajat’s voice.
“Bhai..”Arjun said while Dp looked at them.
“he is my brother…”Rajat said while Dp just nodded.
Soon, the trio indulged themselves in their talk.
“Mr.Maheshwari, I hope it would be better if Laksh doesn’t know about Sanskar missing, atleast for some days. Stress is not good for his current condition..”Rajat said.
Dp nodded.
Flashback ends…

“Do LAKSH ask about Sanskar?”Rajat asked.
Dp nodded.
“I lied to him… but, I don’t know how many days we can continue this lie?”Dp said.
“Don’t worry Mr.Maheshwari… Arjun will find about your son soon…”Rajat said and then left.
After an hour,
Laksh got ready and came to hall after taking his breakfast with Ap .
“Laksh..”Laksh stopped by hearing Dp’s voice.
“Papa…”Laksh turned.
“Laksh.. his name is Sourav… he will be your bodyguard from now on”Dp said.
Laksh looked at 6 feet beast like man who was standing in full suit and black coolers in his eyes.
“Papa, what is the need for it now?”Laksh offended as he didn’t like the idea about Bodyguard.
“I don’t ask your decision in this , Laksh. he will be with you … There is a board meeting at afternoon. There , I will announce about your position as CEO. So, be present at board meeting…”Dp said in strict tone.
“Ok Papa… I will meet Swara. she is ill then I will leave for office…”Laksh said and left to outhouse while his bodyguard followed him.
Laksh entered Swara’s outhouse while bodyguard stopped at entrance.
“how is Swara,Sahil?”Laksh asked Sahil who opened door for Laksh.
“now, she is fine Laksh. come in…Swara ka, Laksh came to see you “Sahil screamed from hall.
Swara came out of her room.
“Laksh, Swara ka. I am getting late for college. I am leaving now…”Sahil said and left hurriedly as he was getting late to college.

Laksh looked at Swara’s face with hesitation.
“Swara… I am sorry for yesterday. I never thought you will be hurt. But I swear,Sanskar bhai will never disturb you again…”Laksh said.
Swara kept silent by remembering Sanskar’s proposal.
“ok. I am leaving now Swara… if you can, please forgive me once…”Laksh said in guilt.
“no Laksh… there is nothing to feel guilty and you can’t hurt me even unknowingly. It’s just some memories I remembered again… leave it. don’t put sad face. I can’t see your monkey’s face like this”Swara said to make Laksh feel lighter.
Laksh smiled and left while his bodyguard followed him like a shadow.
In a unknown place,
Sanskar woke up by hearing some sounds.
“where am I ?”Sanskar asked himself and try to get a better look of his surrounding.
A lady entered his room.
“Finally you woke, Thanks to Kalimaa…” A old lady said.
“where am I ?”Sanskar asked.
“it’s a village nearby Digha… My son found you that someone throw you to nearby sea shore… he took you here and finally you woke… who are you ?” that old lady asked.

Sanskar hold his head and tried to remember what happened to him yesterday.
“who was he? Why did they kidnap me and then throw me? what did they want?”Sanskar asked himself while a man who was in his thirties entered that house.
“are you ok? who are you ?” that man asked.
“ My name is Sanskar. I am living in Kolkata .Thanks for saving me…”Sanskar thanked him.
“why can’t you have some fresh air? You would feel better” Man said.
Sanskar came outside and saw fishermen stopping their boats at the sea shore and waves were getting bigger.
“Do you know who are they?’that man asked.
Sanskar nodded no.
“even I don’t know what they wanted from me…”Sanskar said while thinking.
“there is a bus after 2 hours. If you took that bus, you can reach Kolkata by tonight” that man said.
Sanskar passed a thankful smile to him.
“here… is that wave always like this?’Sanskar asked in common to kill the time.
“no… not everyday like this. Today is full moon day… that’s why the waves are getting higher”that man said and then walked towards to check his boat.
“Laksh..!”Sanskar muttered.
In MM,
Aman entered MM and greeted Dp.
“what happened Uncle? Why did you suddenly asked me to meet you before going to office?’Aman asked.
“Sanskar is missing Aman..”Dp said in a painful voice.
“what?”Aman asked with fake shocking expression.
Dp nodded.
“but Annu and Laksh didn’t know about this and they should not. Today, I am going to make Laksh as Acting CEO. Be there with Laksh and make him busy in his work. He would not think about Sanskar for a while ”Dp said.
“don’t worry uncle. Nothing will happen to our Sanskar. Remaining things, I will take care of it”Aman said in assuring tone.

Both Aman and Dp left to office.
At Night around 8 PM,
In MM,
Dp was sitting in Garden and waiting for Arjun.
Arjun entered and walked towards Dp.
“have you got any information about Sanskar?”Dp asked.
Arjun showed him a cover in which Sanskar’s broken phone kept.
“it’s Sanskar’s phone”Dp said while recognizing.
“I think Sanskar got kidnapped”Arjun said .
“I asked this question even to Sanskar before. Do you have any enemies in business or personally?”Arjun asked.
Both turned by hearing a sound.
Ap was sat on the ground in shock.
Dp ran towards her.
“Annu…”Dp said while Ap looked at him.
“My Sanskar… he is safe naa…”Ap asked with hope.

Dp closed his eyes as he couldn’t answer.
Ap felt a deep pain in her heart.
“Annu…”Dp called her by seeing her painful expression.
Ap hold Dp hands then fall on ground and starts to lose conscious.
“Annu..”Dp shrieked in shock.
“Mr.Maheshwari… we have to hospital as soon as possible”Arjun said and then called Rajat to make everything ready in hospital.
Both took Ap to hospital in their car.
Aditya’s POV
I have met Rehan today to ask about the progress. I would get Laksh in my hands as per my plan .I went to Dighu to meet him in his secret house.
“it’s become more risky than before, Aadi. Maheshwari increased their private security even police was watching them keenly. As it’s now, I can’t touch them. I will get Laksh once I get a chance…”Rehan said to me.
“but what happened suddenly?”I asked him.
Rehan looked at me. I saw he was very serious.
“Sanskar maheshwari was kidnapped yesterday. No one know who kidnapped him. Police investigates that case secretly. even

I am searching for the kidnapper. There are some other enemies to Maheshwari family…”Rehan said.
Literally I don’t care about that family. But , Laksh was staying in that family as their son even Swara and Sahil were also there with them. I shouldn’t let them to get harm because of that Maheshwari’s.
“Track their new enemy as soon as possible. And I want you to safeguard these people also along with Laksh.” I said and then showed him Swara and Sahil’s photo.
He smiled but I sensed it wasn’t genuine.
“Sanskar Maheshwari’s PA cum love interest. Why do you want to safeguard them?”Rehan smirked.
What the hell it is?
“what are you telling Rehan?” I asked him angrily.
“Cool bro. I got to know that Sanskar have interest on her even he proposed her yesterday when I was there to proceed our plan. afterthat everything was upside down… but, why are you care about them?”Rehan asked.
“They are important to me, Rehan. I couldn’t tell you further. Finish your work as soon as possible and track down that new enemy…”I said in a stern voice.

I should take Swara and Sahil out of that house and company as soon as possible.
I left the place and drove towards my house.
In the way, someone asked lift. For my shock ,It was … Sanskar Maheshwari.
I stopped my car in shock.
He came towards my car.
“Mr.Singhania…” he gave me a shocked yet surprised expression.
“please give me a lift to my house…”he said.
Literally I don’t want to help him.
“please… My Laksh’s life in danger.” He continued while looking at sky tensedly and worriedly.
What ? I opened the door to let him to get in then ride my car as much fast I can.
Aditya’s POV ends…
Aman entered Laksh’s cabin .
“Laksh , it’s already 9:30 . we will resume this work tomorrow”Aman said.
“just 5 minutes Aman bhai. I will wrap up my work”Laksh said.
“Did Sanskar bhai call you after reaching US?”Laksh asked Aman after looking in his phone.
“no Laksh… May be he felt tired. He will call you by tomorrow…”Aman said.
Laksh just nodded but his face expressed dejection.
Laksh came to basement to take his car while his bodyguard already present there.
Soon, Laksh left to MM.

In MM,
At 11:00 PM,
Laksh entered in his house but confused to see it’s being empty.
“maa…Papa…”Laksh called and entered their room.
Laksh dialed Dp’s number.
“Papa.. where are you?”Laksh asked once Dp attended his call.
“we came to Bansberia to worship Maa Kali. We will come home soon, Laksh. Don’t worry about us”DP lied while standing before ICU and Rajat and Arjun stood beside him.
“can I speak to maa?”Laksh asked still being restless.
“Annu already slept Laksh. I will make her call you on tomorrow morning”Dp lied further.
“Ok papa… then, I will call tomorrow. Return to home soon after Darshan”Laksh said and disconnected the call.
Laksh walked towards his room while passing his glance to Dadi’s room . she was locked herself in her room after the day of Laksh’s self harm.

In Hospital,
Doctor came out .
“she is safe now,Mr.Maheshwari. she will wake up tomorrow morning. She had a mild heart attack. So, don’t give her any shocking news”Doctor said.
“Thanks Doctor… can I meet her?”Dp thanked.
Doctor nodded and Dp went inside and hold Annu’s hands.
“Annu… I will never let anyone harm our sons. I will find Sanskar soon…”Dp said in a promising tone.
Moon rays fallen in that room. Dp stood to close the curtains and frozen by seeing full moon in the sky.
“Laksh…”Dp murmured and rushed to go outside .
Rajat and the doctor who treated Ap were standing outside and speaking about Ap’s health condition.
“Dr.Rajat…”Dp shrieked.
Rajat turned questioningly.
“today is full moon day and Laksh is alone in house”Dp said tensedly and his hands started to shake badly in tension.
Rajat widened his eyes in shock and looked his watch to see time.
“Arjun, go with Mr.Maheshwari. I will come with medicine…”Rajat said while running to his cabin.
“his family is already trying a lot to save him every full moon light .”Rajat’s word ringed in Arjun’s mind and he left with Dp immediately while Rajat left in after few minutes with medicine.

On the way,
Dp called Swara.
“hello Uncle…”Swara said while attending the call.
“Swara beta, can you please look for Laksh ? we are coming there soon. Till then, don’t let Laksh go out of his room…”Dp said.
“Ok Uncle…”Swara said in confusion and walked towards MM.
In MM,
Laksh woke up by feeling thirsty.
He looked at empty water jug and came out of his room.
“why am I feeling this much thirsty suddenly?”Laksh asked himself while holding his throat
“Laksh…” a angelic voice ringed in Laksh’s mind .
“Sahi” Laksh turned anxiously.
Ragini, who was wearing sky blue colour saree and braided her hair properly with jasmine flowers, extended her hand.
Laksh tried to hold her hand but she took her hand back .
“you have to catch me to hold my hand, Laksh…”Ragini said while passing a smile to laksh.
“hmm… then, I will do anything to hold your hands Sahi”laksh said while his voice expressed his love and desire to hold her hands.

Ragini started to laugh while Laksh lost himself in her laugh.
“then, catch me Laksh…”Ragini started to run to the roof top while Laksh started to follow her.
Moon slowly come in the mid of the sky.
Laksh reached roof top while Ragini turned often and passed him a little smile.
Soon, Laksh cornered Ragini in one of the corner of Rooftop.
Laksh ruffled his hairs and smiled at Ragini. Ragini blushed while hiding her face.
“ now I will hold your hands, Sahi.”Laksh said and put a step forward.
“ mea Swayam Tanishkant ka Rajkumari Raginidevi tume shrapt theya Lakshya. How my heart is burning in pain, you will also feel the same. I will reborn in this place and you also. you will feel the same pain what I am going through now. Haan.. mea swayam Ragini devi thumse shrapt theya..Rajkumar lakshya… you wish each and every moment to be with me… but you can’t . even I will be in your life , you will feel the pain . you will feel the same pain of losing your beloved ones. You will know being live in this world as lifeless “Ragini said .
“Sahi..”Laksh said , kept a step further and saw himself in a temple.
Ragini looked at him.

Laksh put a step back by seeing full red eyes of Ragini.
“Sahi…”Laksh said in shocked tone and stood frozen by seeing Ragini who was standing in … her hairs messed up… tear marks shown on her face… a long sword was kept in her waist and armour covered her upper part…
”I will give my self as YAG AKRUTI for your life “by saying this Ragini jumps on fire.
“Sahi…!”Laksh yelled from his lungs and hold his hands in air and climbed on the side wall of roof top in real.
Aadi and Sanskar entered MM and parked his car. Both looked at Laksh who was walking on the sidewalls of rooftop.
“Laksh…”Aadi yelled in shock but Laksh remained unaffected by any of the voice.
Sanskar run inside house while Aadi followed him.
The next minute, Arjun entered MM along with Dp and then Rajat.
Rajat looked Sanskar and Aadi running inside the MM then Laksh.
“Whatever happens, I will never leave your hand in that birth Sahi. Hea mera Vadha “by saying this laksh tried to put his step further while swara pulled him forcedfully.
Laksh fallen on floor hardly and looked at the moon accidentally. he hallucinated the moon becomes red…
His eyes started to popout while he tightened his fists. He felt a burning sensation around his body as he hallucinated fire slowly swallows his body. He gritted his tooth and bit his lips which made it bleed.
“Aaah!”Laksh yelled in pain and thrown his legs and hands in pain and started to hit his head against the floor.
Swara stood in shock while Sanskar entered roof top and took Laksh in his embrace.
“Laku… everything will be alright… I am here… your Sanskar bhai with you naa…”Sanskar tried his ways to sooth Laksh and hugged Laksh tighter.

Aadi stood there in shock while Rajat stood by keeping silent.
Arjun turned his face as he couldn’t see Laksh state though he was a stranger to him.
Dp left to his room as he can’t see his Laksh’s state further.
“Bhai… do something.”Arjun said to Laksh.
“He has to endure this pain today, Ajju! He don’t have any other way… I can’t do anything”Rajat said in a expressionless tone.
Sahil woke up by hearing sound and came outside of outhouse.
Swara walked towards Laksh and kneeled beside him.
Laksh stopped yelling and fainted in Sanskar arms.
Sanskar looked at Laksh’s pale face.
“he is…”Aadi asked.
“he is alive…”Rajat said while looking at Laksh’s face.
“Take him to your room, Sanskar. I will dress his wounds”Rajat said
Arjun looked at Sanskar,” I will come tomorrow” Arjun said and left while Sanskar lost himself in LAKSH.
Aadi came to his sense and tried to figure out what happened.
“what is wrong in Laksh? why did he try to kill himself?”Aadi asked himself without getting an answer and left as his presence didn’t need there.
Sanskar took Laksh in his arms and walked towards his room .
Swara stared the way in which Sanskar left with Laksh.
“no Sahil… May be he waited for a long time for his little family who could support him to withstand the pain which was burning in his heart… still, he may be waiting for you both …”Laksh words ringed in Swara’s mind.

To be continued….

Please ignore grammatical mistakes…

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