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Hi friends, Bala is here to disturb you all after a long time. Thanks everyone for their support . Asra thangachi , we all are fine. How are you?, Bharathi thangachi, all the best for your exams. Astra, thanks for helping me and sorry for the spelling mistake. I will try to reduce it.and deeksha, I am sorry to make you wait. but Sara di’s hand got sprained while handling a heavy hot vessel in kitchen during sankaranti, she can’t type atleast for two months and I am packing my things to go ahmedabad for training. I will upload all the episodes of past in a single day at feb 13. Really I feel bad to making you wait, but I have to make myself fit in a new culture, new place especially hunting a good house to rent to live for a year . I know I am saying excuses like a child but what can I do. Am I your little cute handsome bhai/choti bhai naa. Just spare me for a little period till di come back. Chandu, if you have time then post My lovely biwi , Ragz teju if it’s possible please also update Pyaar ka dusra naam sangini, I am desperately waiting for this two ff’s and Astra di , I have a surprise but I will reveal it at the end of past . and I thank all my friends and sissies from my side and sara di, thanks Ammu, Astra, Ragzteju , simi , mintu, nikky, lovely, a, deeksha, priya , s , G.Chandu , Asra sissy , bharu thangachi , megha , Raglakholic, hemalatha, vk , dharani .now I am coming to my os, Guilt of a sinner. Yes, still that type of people exist. Sometimes, I wonder a man who is earning just 100 to 500 rupees per day, he can keep his parents happily but a man who is earning 1000 to 2000 per day, he can’t keep his parents with him. I am not bashing any particular, just want to say it’s not about money to keep our parents happy, it’s about love and care. Money is obviously needed but it should give happiness to our family. I write it to create awareness and it may stop someone to stop this sin and rectify it.
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Let I start the episode.

Ragini stares the way Swalak went. Sanskar walks towards her and put his hand on her shoulder.
“Bhaiya…”Ragini said without turning to see Sanskar.
“Rago..”Sanskar started to talk while Ragini cuts him in middle” I lost him bhai, I lost my Laksh. but it’s also for good.” Ragini continued in a expressionless tone with dried voice.Sanskar observed her pain and remained silent, just hold her hands and lightly pressed it . Ragini turned , smiled faintly to Sanskar and walked towards Aadi room where Aadi is in under treatment now. Sanskar followed her with unknown sadness in his heart which pricks him. Unknowingly his gaze feel on the way to Mahishmati nation.

“Aadi…”Ragini muttered and sees Aadi who is smiling towards her, lay on cot with the supports of large pillows. Her vision is fully focused on Aadi in which she forget to see other’s expressions. Ragini ran towards Aadi, sit beside him , Slowly take his right hand, locked her last finger with Aadi’s Last finger, smiled brightly.
“ mera AADI ka kuch nagi hoga… mea bolo naa “Ragini said inbetween smile, while sees Sahil who is controlling his tears.
Ragini stands, turns towards Sahil while Aadi hand fell down with Thud without any grip . Ragini turns shockingly , while Sahil walk towards her, holds Ragini hands.
“Di, Aadi’s right hand fully paralysed” Sahil said with teared eyes while Ragini jerks Sahil hands, slapped him.
“Don’t dare Sahil. Meri Aadi ka kuch nagi hoga. He is alright” Ragini said angrily and shift her gaze towards Aadi, sit beside him. Sanskar looks the scenario.” You should be here , Laksh atleast to support Ragini ” Sanskar said to himself.
Sahil looks Ragini with pain , The pain to see his sister breakdown.
“Aadi, say sahil don’t play like this. You are alright. I know…”Ragini said with a confidence while caressing Aadi’s hair . Aadi holds Ragini hands with his left hand.” I accepted the fact Rago maa. You also have to accept this”Aadi said in a weaker tone which makes Ragini rooted the place where she sits, subconsciously her grip on Aadi hand increased. Aadi signs Arjun to help him to sit then signs everyone to go out.
“Rago maa..”Aadi called Ragini but she seemed to be unaffeceted by any voice.
“Rago maa…”Aadi called her again while holding her face in his left hand. a long drop of tears falled on Aadi’s right hand.
Aadi lightly made Ragini face rest on his left shoulder. The next moment, Ragini bursted out in cry… her louder crying sound filled the palace, the pain which she buried in her heart starts to burst out with heavy force… the pain of losing her parents, bua and pain of separating her beloved ones because of the fear of losing. The cumulated pain which she have the past 16 years, starts to occupy her. Not able to bear pain, she clutched Aadi’s shoulder tightly while Aadi suppressed his moan because of pain in his wounds.
“don’t leave me Aadi… I can’t… I can’t live without you… I can’t take any other separation”Ragini said while her cry turned into sob .
“Rago maa…”Aadi caressed Ragini’s hair who is completely broken infront of him.
“everything will be alright… Rago maa…”Aadi said calmly and hums the lally which Ragini sing for them. slowly Ragini falls into sleep while her sobbing sound turned thinner in air.
Aadi slowly puts her head in Cot and come out while Uttara, Sahil, Sanskar stands there with worriedness and Rajat and Arjun stand with expressionless face but inside accusing themselves for his condition.
Aadi sees Ragini’s handmark in Sahil face and lightly caressed it.
“Rago maa …”Aadi started while Sahil cuts him in middle” I understand Aadi”Sahil said “ I expected that” sahil continued.
Aadi stand before Rajat and Arjun, kneeled before Rajat.
“ I will accept whatever the punishment you will give for my betrayal, Gurudev”Aadi said.
“ you never betrayed me Aparajith…”Rajat said and make Aadi stand.
“Don’t stress yourself Aparajith…”Rajat said.
“but I used the techniques which you taught, against you. it’s also a kind of betrayal” Aadi said what he thought in his mind.
“no Aparajith . it’s not a betrayal . you stand for justice . But I have to …”Rajat paused .
Uttara looks Arjun and Rajat Angrily while she remembers Swara’s face.
“you can’t justify all your acts Samrat Rajat especially when it comes to Rajkumar Sanskar. Still we all tolerating you just because you saved my Aadi.”Uttara said angrily.
Rajat folds his hand before ,” I am asking sorry to Rajkumar Sanskar. I promised tantrek that I will let him what he want to do and I will help him in this. I am bound to my promise” Rajat said completely hiding that the promise which he did it for Aadi.
Sanskar don’t say anything . just kept mum for Aadi.
“ I think that this war is over.”Aadi said while Rajat nods positively.Aadi sees the moon which denotes half of night passed.
“Sahil, Tomorrow is Maa Bhairavi’s Visarjan and I want to see our people’s tomorrow itself. Arrange for a people gathering in front of palace. Sanskar, you have to take control of Ganthanam as it belongs to your samraj”Aadi said while planning.
“no Aadi. we lost our rights on Ganthanam. Now it’s belongs to Tanishkant. I don’t want to speak about it further”Sanskar said in determined tone.
Aadi stared Sanskar for a moment and slightly nods.
“Uttara, Arrange a safe place for Samrat Rajat and Yuvraj Arjun. they will stay here till Rajyabishek” Aadi said while Uttara nods halfheartedly and Sahil sighs in disagreement. Everyone went from that place except Sanskar.
“Where is Laksh, Sanskar?” Aadi asked.
“he went to his nation along with his behan Rajkumari Swara.”Sanskar said while struggling himself to say about the truth or not.
Aadi sees Sanskar and understands.” Is Rago maa sent away laksh?”
Sanskar looked at Aadi shocked.” I know about them…” Aadi said.
Sanskar composed himself and told everything what he heard. Aadi releases a long breath.
“everything is complicated here”Aadi said which makes Sanskar nod.
Soon , Aadi and Sanskar went to their room and slept.
The next day morning,
A huge sound horns blows are heard everywhere. Ragini wakes up by hearing the sound of blow horns.
Ragini sits while Uttara comes inside.
“Rago maa, Sagatham samrat withdraw the war and accepted that we had win this battle. Yuvraj Aditya decided today as Maa Bhairavi’s Visarjan as our custom”Uttara informed.
Ragini changed herself in her normal armour suit and walks towards KalaSamhara moorthy temple where Maa Bhairavi’s idol is kept.
Sahil, Senapathi Ugrasena and Kavya is there.
“where is Aadi?” Ragini asked as she can’t see Aadi there.
“Di, you are going to do the Visarjan. He should get into water because of his wound”Sahil said without remaining about Aadi’s paralysed hand.
Ragini start to do the pooja and takes the idol in her hand and walk towards nearby river. She herself drowned in water three times and left Maa bhairavi’s idol in river.
On other hand,
People’s stand infront palace and Aadi stands before them in balcony of palace while Arjun and Sanskar stands beside as a support to him.
“Mera Praja ka Tanishkant Rajkumar Adityavarma ka pranam…
As you know always that once the war completed, I have to take incharge as Maharaj. But ..(Aadi paused and people start to gossip and stop once they heard Aadi start to speak) but I can’t rule. You all know what happened in war. As per our sastra’s , I lost the right to be a Maharaj.(a pin drop of silence remains in that place in that huge crowd). I announce , Maharaj Rudraveer ka jestputri , iss Tanishkant ka Rajkumari, Rajkumari Raginidevi who safeguarded and ruled this nation till now under the name of me, will rule this nation as Maharani.”Aadi announced his decision.
A long silence occupied the place.
“Maharani Raginidevi ka jai ho!” one started while all the peoples followed that one. A satisfactory smile shown in Aadi’s face.
After some time,
Ragini stormed into Aadi’s room where he is taking rest.
“what is this,Aadi?” Ragini asked.
“what Rago maa?”Aadi asked calmly as he expected this kind of reaction from Ragini.
“why did you made such an announcement? Throne is yours not mine”Ragini said.
“Rago maa, Throne is for the one who can rule efficiently and safeguard people. But now even I can’t save myself. How can I save this nation?”Aadi asked by pointing his inability.
Ragini remained silent as she don’t know how to pacify Aadi.”Rago maa, now throne needs a heir. It’s already late. Be ready for your Rajyabhishek”Aadi said strictly.
“but it’s not easy for us, Aadi. From our childhood, we dreamt to see you in that throne”Sahil said while entering.
“what do you want to say Sahil?will You both make me sit in throne and safeguard the nation along with me.”Aadi asked while Sahil looks him as he thought the same.
“ no Sahil. I can’t be live like that, Sahil. A Maharaj shouldn’t depend on others and moreover because of me , you are refusing the Singasan(Throne ) naa…”Aadi asked and looked both of them.
Aadi removed his bandage which done with white cloth and some leave juices with his knife, thrown the cloth. His fresh wounds, which is still not cured, are seen. Blood is oozing from his wound because of the force he applied. Ragini eyes frozen on Aadi’s wound while Sahil turned his face as he can’t see the wound. Ragini and Sahil looks him shockingly as they can’t able to understand his feelings.
Aadi looked both of their face .
“ then, ok . I will remove that ”Aadi said while stabbing the dagger in the place which already wounded because of jawelin stabbed during the war.
Aadi feels a strong grip in his hand and sees Ragini holds his hand, Ragini pulls Aadi hands and Dagger falls in floor with Aadi’s blood in point.
A strong slap sound echoed in place. Ragini slapped Aadi in anger “Are you mad, Aadi?”Ragini asked angrily, check the wound severity while Sahil is looking both of them shockingly.
“haan I am mad Rago maa. I am a total mad. I hate everything which all gives you pain even if it’s me. please Rago maa don’t make me hate myself”Aadi answered in a same higher tone with pain in his voice and atlast choked.
Ragini looks Aadi with moist eyes and love while Aadi reciprocates the same in his eyes.
“Sahil, Make everything ready for my Rajyabhishek and send the invitations ” Ragini said in a dry voice.

Sahil’s POV
It’s been a week after that day the day Aadi decided to make Rago di as Maharani of Tanishkant. I can’t predict what is running in his mind. I expected he should be shocked to hear about his condition. but he accepted easily then made announcement to make Rago di as Maharani. I can’t forget happened at that day. They both loves each other. I don’t know which makes Rago di love Aadi more than anything in the world. I am her own brother but she loves Aadi more than me. yes, I am really jealous to my Aadi bhai. but he deserves it. he loves Rago di and he can do anything for her. But their love and care for each other scares me. it makes them lose their sense… I don’t know why Aadi forced Rago di to take the position. Even knowing it will give pain to us. Whenever I cross the throne, I always imagine Aadi in that throne, how will he look in that throne… but our dreams are all shattered.. completely shattered . I hate Sagatham for making such a situation raise in our life. But I can’t do anything . Aadi treats them as his own. He told everything to me and Rago maa. But the hate in my heart don’t able to reduce a bit. They are the reason for my bhai’s condition. Mahishmati and Mayankpur Samrat arrived with Swara di , laksh and their families.

Rago di exposed about Swara di’s real identity infront of people and told uttara about her real identity. Even we got to know about Kavya’s real identity . she is Mayankpur’s rajkumari who thought to be dead. I don’t know how will I get my love. Yes, I love her for a long time. When she refused to accept them, Rago di convinced her by pointing Sanskar. Uttara went to Kalisamharamoorthy temple along with Samrat Dp and SamragniAp. I don’t know what Senapathi Ugrasena is feeling now. But it must be very hard to him. I heard some noise may be a vase fall down.
“Sahil, I want to talk with you”Aadi said while entering the room and hold my hands. I jerked his hands and walked out. I didn’t speak with him for a week . It’s harder very harder to me to ignore him. but he did wrong from the start of that war. First he stacked his life , hided things from us lastly he try to stab himself.

“Aahh!”Aadi winced in pain . I turned, he is in floor, am I made him fall down? I ran towards him and help him to stand.
“Are you okay? Is your wounds got hurt?” I asked worriedly. I shouldn’t do this.
“Finally you spoke with me after a long week”Aadi smiled. I turned.
“It’s paining me Sahil. You and rago maa both are ignoring me. it’s paining a lot Sahil”Aadi said with a pain in his voice.
“then, what you did, Aadi? you hided about you, decided to face the war alone by stacking your life, then finally you forced us to accept your decision. after that also you want us to behave normaly”I asked sternly by seeing the sky, I can’t see his painful face.
“it’s better to die in battle itself …” Aadi mutered.. I don’t know where I get that much anger.
“if you speak a word like this, you don’t need to kill yourself. I will kill you with my hands itself” I said while having his neck in my hands while I realised. I released my hold from his neck, he choked little bit .
I patted his back, help him to breath normally.
“Forgive me Aadi. I just …” I start to search words.
“nowadays, you also become like Rago maa Sahil. Try to control your anger. I accept I hided things, because I never thought I would face it in future. Second, In war anything can happen Sahil. I can’t see you hurt .third, I don’t want Rago maa stuck between me and Raj neethi. Rajneethi never allows a handicapped person to rule the nation.”Aadi said.
“ you can’t see us hurt then how can we, Aadi? did you think how much we hurt when you stab yourself and threatened with your life to force rago di?”I asked.
“I don’t know any other way at that time, Sahil. “Aadi said.
“then, bear the consequences Aadi.” I said .
“will you never forgive me?” Aadi asked me with moist eyes. For the first time, I see tear in his eyes. He even didn’t cry when he know about his condition. he is deeply hurt. Now I am really scared. I shouldn’t let him broken. No.. I shouldn’t continue this.
I hugged him .
“ you don’t know how much it’s hurt me Aadi to ignore you. but you did wrong. don’t dare to do like that again” I said.
He hugged me .
Sahil POV Ends…

On Other hand,
Sanskar and laksh are walking in palace garden.

Sanskar’s POV
“you should be there at the night of war, Laksh. Ragini is totally broken”I said while looking into laksh expression.
“not for Ragini. Atleast for Aadi, for his support”I continued.
“you are right Sanskar. But I scared, my presence would hurt her more. now the situation is ok, first I will mend her relationship with Aadi. she is so hurt by ignoring Aadi. I can’t see both hurt”Laksh said.
“we have to do it before. Because Aadi will go to sagatham for his treatment once Ragini’s Rajyabhishek will be finished.”I reminded about Aadi’s travel plan.
“ I can’t believe Aadi’s relationship with Sagatham”Laksh sighed.
“even I also…”I said.”Laksh, I want to ask you something important”I paused.
“haan Sanskar”Laksh said. I don’t how will he react after I said.
“bhaiya…” Ragini called me when she come into garden. Laksh looked me puzzledly .
“bhai,is anything important?” Ragini asked me by totally ignoring Laksh.
“Laksh and Ragini, I love Swara. I want to marry her. Can you both give Swara hands to me?” I asked ragini and Laksh. I just tried to analyze their expressions.
Laksh looked me shockingly. I wish everything should be alright. Ragini composed soon.
“bhai, we don’t know about Swara’s feelings and mostly she is also related to Mahishmati. But Mayankpur is a long term enemy to Mahishmati. I don’t want Swara to stuck in this”Ragini said. Whatever she said is correct,
“Maharani Ragini is saying correct Sanskar. I am happy but I don’t know our pithasri will accept this or not”Laksh said. Ragini face become fringed by hearing Maharani from Laksh but she hide soon.
“Di…”we trio heard Sahil voice who is running here fastly. Sahil stopped near us and panting. Ragini rubbed his back”what happened Sahil?” she asked worriedly.
“Mayankpur Samrat asked Swara di hands from mahishmati Samrat. Swara di accepted the alliance and Mahismati samrat is waiting for you”Sahil said.

I recalled what happened two days before.
“ Rajkumari uttara “I surprised when Uttara entered my room which I shared with Laksh.
“Laksh is not there.” I said.
“I want to see you Rajkumar Sanskar. I want to tell you about your marriage…” Uttara started.
“my marriage . don’t play any prank Uttara”I said.
“I don’t lie Rajkumar Sanskar. “Uttara said and told fully. I completely shocked. Yes, I attracted towards her but I suppressed my feelings. Yet, now destiny want to unite us.
Uttara looked me worriedly.
“Don’t worry Uttara. I just want your help in this” I said and she nodded after hearing my plan. I asked her to tell the truth to Smarat no my Sasurji Samrat Dp and I waited for my pithasri’s arrival.My pithasri arrived here and I met him when he is alone.
“Pithasri, I love Rajkumari Swara. I want to marry her” I said.
“ok . I will accept her but you have to abduct her and then marry her. I will never ask her hand from Smarat Dp”Pithasri answered what I expected. My mind told me that Swara’s fear is correct.
“ I don’t want to neither lose my friendship with Laksh nor betray my friend like you did with Samrat Dp” I said calmly.
“Sanskar…” my papa yelled as I hurt him.
“truth can’t be suppress Pithasri. We are suryakul. I fixed her in my heart as my wife. You have to arrange this alliance and I will stay for my life as brahmachari . It’s your decision” I literally threatened him. finally it worked out.
Flashback ends…

Ragini looked me suspiciously, I just shrugged. Laksh just cleared his ear once again.
“Sahil, don’t play”Laksh said.
“I didn’t play. Even I can’t believe this. But it happened”Sahil exclaimed.
“Rago maa, Samrat’s are waiting for you. we can talk with this pagal’s later”Aadi said while smiling.
Ragini smiled to him and starts to walk. What they both sorted out their matters.
“Laksh Sahil I think Swara di will need you both . I will come with our jeju”Aadi said and winked at Sahil.
Sahil drags Laksh with him.
“so you both sorted out”I asked Aadi with smile.
“Sort out? But there is no problem to sorted out Sanskar “Aadi said with a smirk. I really don’t know how he always face every problems with smiling face. I hold my hands above my hand as I surrendered. There are some peoples in which we feel happy to surrender ourself and accept defeat. I feel the same with Laksh, Aadi and Sahil. My friends whom understand me than myself.
“we are different Sanskar. You can’t understand. distance, problems whatever it can’t create a wall between us for a long” Aadi said about his relationship inbetwen his siblings. They are blessed to have understanding and supporting siblings. I heard so many things about war between siblings to capture the throne . but there… I am so happy. Soon, I will become one of them .
“So, how do you convinced your pithasri?” Aadi asked me.
“what? I don’t need convince Aadi. he accepted my feelings” I start to hide.
“well Sanskar. You are not good at lying and moreover Uttara said everything to me. I only advised her to inform you. I know all your plans .so now tell…”Aadi asked. He literally shocked me.
I said everything.

“Are you accepting swara di in compulsion?” Aadi asked. I hold his hand”no Aadi. I really have feelings for Swara. I tried to suppress my feelings because I don’t want lose laksh” I answered. He give a big smile.
“you are lucky to have my Swara di in your life”Aadi said.
“what? I thought you would say that Swara is lucky to have me in her life. But you…” I shrugged, really I thought like that .
“Ohh Sanskar! That’s why I didn’t tell. I know you will think like this. How is it, Jeju?” Aadi smirked while stressing the word Jeju and start to run.
I start to chase him by forgetting I am a Yuvraj, soon going to be Samrat of biggest Samraj. Now just I am Sanskar, he is my friend Aadi . I just felt that I am in my childhood. Only some true friends make me feel like that.
“Mera Saala, I will not leave you now.” I said while chasing. He get into court where our family sit and talking seriously.

We both entered while laughing and picking each other hairs like kid.
“Sanskar… Aadi ” I turned who called our name . there Ragini, Laksh ,Sahil stand with suppressed smile but My pithasri stands in a disbelief what he saw, my maa holds her hand and squeezes it as how to convince my pithasri and my Dadi, whom I love most stands there with huge smile.
Aadi and me both see each other and walked towards them silently.
“Sanskar puttar, we decided about your marriage. Are you ok to marry Rajkumari Swara?” my Dadi, Rajmata Parvati asked me.
“ I am happy with this alliance Dadi” I said.
Soon, the talks are continued. They decided engagement date after a month. After a month… what? No I can’t wait that for a long time. I see Swara who is lost in her thoughts.
“I will make you comfortable with me,Swara” I promised myself. Kavya, where she is?
“Kavya, where is Kavya?” I asked Ragini.
“She is in her room”Ragini answered.
I walked towards her room and entered after informing through maid.
“Kavya…” I called her, mera behan who faced injustice by her own father just because she born in Rajparivaar.
“Bhai…”she smiled but not wholeheartedly .
“Kavya..” I started but she cut me in middle.
“bhai, I know what you want to speak. But I can’t mingle with your family” she answered me.
“it’s also our family Kavya”I try to convince.
“ no bhai. no they will be never my family. you don’t know how much suffered. Even once I wanted mother’s lap to sleep,Father’s care when I hurt. Even I wished to be in a family . I believed one day my pithasri will take me back to my house. (she turned towards her durga maa idol ) but he never came. He even didn’t care for me . For me my parents are dead when my belief was dead.”Kavya said while looking into Durgamaa’s idol.
“Kavya..” I stressed her name in shock.
“but still, I accepted to come there just because of two peoples. One is Rago di who gave shelter to me , treated me as her own, I can’t refuse her words and you. you always care for me even though you don’t know about my truth. Other than that, I don’t have any reason to come your palace bhai” she finished and sits in prayer.
I sit beside her and prayed Durgamaa.” Maa ,Please make everything alright. I know my pithasri did a sin. But please..”

On other side,
In Senapathi Ugrasena house,
Senapathi Ugrasena entered his house after a tiring day. He checked all the security issues and reported Aadi.
Ugrasena sits in a wodden chair and starts to cough suddenly. Before he stands, a hand shows a glass with water, before him.
Senapathi drink while Uttara patted his shoulder.
“Slow papa…”Uttara said.
“Uttara … what are you doing here?”Senapathi asked surprisingly.
“Arre papa, what is this question? I am here,my house with my papa”Uttara said.
“Uttara, you can’t come here. It’s not safety for you. now everything is changed. You are Rajkumari, Mahismati Rajkumari”Ugrasena said.
“ no papa, nothing is changed. I said them that I can’t live without my papa and I love to be live as Tanishkant praja more than Mahishmati Rajkumari. They accepted that’s all”Uttara shrugged her shoulders and lights the diya which was placed before small Ganapathi idol.
“Uttara…”Ugrasena choked in emotion, Uttara hugged him” papa, I will never leave you . we will always remain same”Uttara said while she placed her head in Ugrasena’s armoured chest where she can feel secure now.
Moon starts to rise.
Sahil and Aadi sits beside Ragini and Swara while Swaragini both feeds her choti’s.
“Swara, are you really ok with this Alliance?” Ragin asked as she wants her behan happiness.
Swara put a fake smile “ I am very happy in this marriage Rago di. so stop worrying, and let me enjoy your Rajyabhishek”Swara said the last sentence with real happiness.
Sahil helps Aadi to wash his hands by pouring water. Aadi gives a smile to sahil.
Soon, Swaragini leaned in cot with half sitting position while Aadi and Sahil put their heads in Swaragini lap.
Ragini starts to sing lally in which everyone starts to sleep. Soon Ragini also drifted to sleep.

In mid night,
Ragini wake up and sees Aadi is not in room.
She comes to balcony and sees Aadi who is standing in garden.
“what is he doing there at this time?”Ragini think and walk towards Garden.
“Do you didn’t get sleep, Aadi?” Ragini asked while walking towards Aadi.
“no Rago maa, I just thinking about us all. Swara di is going to get married but you are elder to her. I think, it’s correct time for call on for your swayamvar”Aadi said with a smiling face.
“Swayamvar…”Ragini said in a dry voice .” it’s not for me, Aadi. I just want to live all my life with my Aadi and Sahil. I don’t need anyother one”Ragini said,” who made me forget about my duties”Ragini said to herself while seeing the moon.
“Rago maa, you also need someone where you can feel yourself lighter, where you can share everything what’s in your heart, where you feel forget everything pain, relations, tensions . you feel happy if that person with you even in yourworst phase of life. I want such a person to marry you Rago maa”Aadi said.
“I don’t need a person whom made me forget about my family… my responsibilities, my aadi.”Ragini said subconsciously.
“but it doesn’t his mistake Rago maa. Laksh is a very good persom, he will keep you happy”Aadi said.
“it’s his mistake to love me even though he knows that my life for mera desh and mera parivaar” Ragini said without thinking and stops after realizing.
Aadi puts a understanding smile and takes Ragini hands in his hold.
“Rago maa, I am your Aadi. your eyes is enough to me to understand you”Aadi said .Ragini looks Aadi speechlessly.
“. You also love him. Don’t lose Laksh Rago maa. it’s your life and I want my Rago maa’s smile forever and I know only Laksh can keep my rago maa happily”Aadi said and lightly pressed her hands, smiled and walked towards his room.
Ragini sits in the ground and her moments with Laksh flashed in her mind. A long drop falled from her eyes and she wiped it immediately.

In Ragini’s room,
Laksh and Sanskar entered ragini’s room silently through the secret way while Lamps spreads lights around the room . Sahil and Swara sleep in the same position. Sanskar lost himself while looking Swara . Swara moved little bit in sleep, a pearl necklace is shown which adores her neck.
Sanskar sees the necklace, smiles and remembers a how Swara got anger on him for raising his voice against Ragini when he was 9 year old and he presented that necklace while Laksh searches Ragini through his eyes.
Aadi enters the room and sees Sanlak, smiles teasingly, walk towards them without making sound, taps their shoulder , Sanlak jerks his hand without seeing him.
“Laksh, don’t disturb me. “Sanskar said while Laksh said”Sanskar, let me search Ragini”
Both sees each other in shock and turns , sees Aadi who is looking them with fake anger.
“Aa..di..”Sanlak looked him with shock.
“what are you both doing here?”Aadi asked sternly while Sanlak gulped.
“I am coming here to my Swara”Sanskar accepted while Aadi gives a intense look to Laksh.
“I am just coming with Sanskar”Laksh said.
Aadi shows the way to go out while both Sanlak looks with each other and walks.
Sanlak leaves ragini room while a teasing smle shown in Aadi’s face.

The next day,
The pandit chants mantra’s while lit fire in yagna. Ragini wear a white saree and then a armour, sits in yagna . a positive vibe occupies the whole place. In cow is given to Brahmins.
Soon, Pandit completed the mantra’s and start to pour the milk on ragini. the pooja is completed. Ragini walked towards

Throne and stands before throne.
Vishnu puts crown in her head and gives sword to her. Ragini sits in throne while her dreams about Aadi comes infront of her.
“Maharani raginidevi ka jai ho!Maharani Raginidevi ka jai ho!” People cheered. Ragini looks Aadi who is standing infront of her near the stairs with moist eyes.
“Everything will be alright Rago maa”Aadi whispered.
Ragini raised her hand which makes everyone silent.
“Pandit ji! Start the pooja for Senapathi and Yuvraj Pattabishek”Ragini said and looked Aadi, signs him to come.
“Aadi, give this plate to Uttara . she is going to get her position in Tanishkant”Ragini said and Aadi takes the plate and givesit to Uttara using his left hand.
Uttara and Sahil sits in Yagna and soon pooja is completed with the same as Ragini.
Both walked towards Ragini. Ragini takes the crown for Yuvraj and puts in UTTARA’S head.
“Yuvrani Uttara narayani ka jai ho! Yuvrani Uttara narayani ka jai ho!” people said in louder while Aadi looks Ragini with shock.
Ragini walked towards Sahil and gives Sword to him.
“Senapathi Rajkumar Sahil ka jai ho! Senapathi Rajkumar Sahil ka jai ho!”People cheered.
Ragini turned towards courtiers and people while Aadi tried to understand the current situation with a shocked face.
Samrat Dp and Rp stand beside her.
Rp signs Sanskar to give a plate which is having mangalsutra, sindoor, bridal saree and Mayankpur’s ancestral jewel to Swara. Swara comes before and accepted it from Sanskar.
Ragini start to speak which makes Everyone keep silent.
“soon Suryakul ka jothi Mayankpur Rajkumar Sanskar and Nagkul ki purushotham Tanishkant Maharaj Rudraveer ka putri Swara vani is going to get marry soon. And also, Nagkul ki Suraj Tanishkant Rajkumar Adityavarma and Chandra kul ki veer kanya Mahishmati Rajkumari, Senapathi Ugrasena ka swegara putri Uttara narayani is going to marry soon. After me, Rajkumari Uttara Narayani will rule this Tanishkant until Rajkumar Adityavarma is ready to rule this nation.”Ragini announced.

Aadi looked ragini shockingly then Uttara while roted where he stands. After somewhile , all the courtiers and people’s left. Samrat Rp and Dp left to their rooms to getready to leave.
Ragini enters her room while Aadi stormed into her room.
“what is this, Rago maa? How can you do this?”Aadi asked.
Ragini turned,”you said naa we want a person who can keep us happy. I just did what you said.”
“I told for you. moreover I don’t deserve uttara. Don’t spoil her life”Aadi pleased.
Ragini goes to a room and moves a brick. A secret door is opened and she took a painting, give it to Aadi.
“don’t lie that you don’t love Uttara.this painting shows how much you love her and you promised me that you will do whatever I ask except throne . I ask you to marry Uttara on your promise. She only gave this painting to me”Ragini said.
“Rago maa..”Aadi said in pleasing tone.
“Rago maa…” a very happy voice filled the room with a cute anklets sound. Uttara run inside and hug Ragini tightly without noticing Aadi’s presence while Aadi looks her with painful face.
“Thanks Rago maa… “Uttara exclaimed. Ragini caressed Uttara’s hair while looking into Aadi’s face.
Uttara broke the hug when she felt Aadi’s presence.
“Uttara..”Aadi said. Uttara hold Aadi’s Left hand and drags him near temple which is located inside Palace while Ragini follows them
“Uttara…Uttara…Chipkali…”Aadi called Uttara but it didn’t get her attention. She stopped near temple and hold Aadi’s paralysed right hand, touched sinddor with his thumb finger and put a dilak in her forehead (not mang). Uttara folded her hand before Shivling and stare the idol while talking to Aadi.
“I will wait for you Aadi till you return .”Uttara said in a determinate tone while make Aadi understand the strength in her decision.
Aadi released a long breath while Ragini smile get broder by seeing Uttara’s love towards Aadi. Aadi walked towards his room.

A maid comes before Ragini.
“Maharani ka Pranam… Mayankpur and Mahishmati Samrat’s are waiting for you” Maid said. Ragini signed her to go and walked towards Outside palace where Sanlak stands with their fathers.Sanskar admires Swara secretly while Annapurna and Swara have a emotional talks and Annapurana sees the exit of palace by expecting to see Uttara.
Ragini comes before them.
“Tanishkant Maharani ka namaskar! We are returning to our nation. Soon we will except you there to talk about Swara’s engagement and Uttara’s marriage”Laksh talked in a formal tone.
Ragini face is cringed while hearing Laksh addressing her as Maharani but soon she put a smile in her face.
“I will be there after two weeks, Yuvraj Lakshya with mera behan Swara”Ragini said in the same tone.
Sanskar looks both of them with worried face by hearing their talks.
“we are also leaving Maharani Ragini”Rp said.
“Please accept this from our side”Ragini shows some boxes which was having different type of gold jewels and others.
Rp nods his head as acceptance.

Soon, Dp and Rp leaves along with his family to their respective nations.
Sathagam Samrat and Yuvraj Arjun comes to their chariot with Aadi.
Aadi bends to Ragini’s foot to take blessings. Ragini hold him with her hands.”Come soon Aadi.” Ragini said with a moist eyes as she have to stay away from her choti, her puttar, her world, her strength, her weakness …. Aadi.
Aadi smiled and pressed her hand little with his left hand, climbed into chariot. Soon, Sarathi drives the chariot towards Sagatham direction.
“ I will make you return soon Aadi.. for my Rago maa…”Uttara wiped her tears while she stands in balcony and sees the direction where Aadi goes. “ I love the love which you have for my Rago maa Aadi… “Uttara continued and remembered something.
“I don’t know Aadi why you are doing this. But I will find it soon”Uttara said to herself.
In the sagatham end point,
“Stop…”Aadi ordered the sarathi and get down from Chariot, walks towards a man whose face covered with black cloth.
Aadi bends towards him.”Gurudev ka pranam!” Aadi said while The man is looking him with somekind emotions.
“ I said you to make Sahil accept the throne” Man accused Aadi .
“I tried . but..”Aadi starts to explain while man cuts him in middle.
“you promised me when I asked this as my Guruthakshina”Man hissed.
“ Mea Rudraveer ka puttar Adityavarma hea! I always keep my words and I promised you even I will give my life to fulfill this promise”Aadi said in a stressed tone.
Man looked Aadi for a minute and nods his head.
Aadi stand and walk towards Arjun, climbed in chariot and leaves Tanishkant. A huge wind blows in that place which makes man’s mask fall down and stares Aadi who is leaving Tanishkant.
“ I never be a good father to you Aadi, If you can, forgive me”Vishnu said and adjusted his mask, flew away from that place in his horse.

At a camp,
A lady is holding dagger in her hand.
“how much they are happy? No… you should not let this happen. They shouldn’t be happy. Ragini, I am going to pluck your happiness from you… I will kill you and who all are beloved to you in the same way I killed your father and elders… it’s my bad luck, I didn’t know about you when you were in my nation. But now I will ruin all your lives for the sin your father did. I will ruin…”Lady smiled devilishly without noticing oozing blood from her palm because of the pressure she applied.
“Dadimaa…” a man entered her room which makes her face change into normal one. She sees the blood in her hand and wiped it in cloth, turns.
“Are you need anything,SANSKAR?” Sasnkar’s Dadimaa, Rajmata Parvati asked with a true smile which she have because of seeing Sanskar. Sanskar smiled”nothing Dadimaa… I just came here to check are you alright and need anything. We have to stay for this night here”Sanskar said with a same smile and hugged his Dadimaa.
“Thanks Dadimaa… thanks for helping me to get my love”Sanskar said in happiness .
“I will do anything for you Sanskar.”Dadimaa replied and caressed Sanskar’s hair.
Sanskar smiled by seeing the love of his dadimaa and went out to check the security around the camp.
“I have to spare that Swara’s life only for you Sanskar. But I will give her punishment. She is going to carry the baby whose greatgrandmaa killed her own parents…. She is going to give birth to the baby whose kul is going to destroy her kul completely…”Dadi smiled devislishly.

ok friends, again i am sorry, i will meet you all again when i complete the past completely may be after a month. Again Sorry deeksha but i will try to post asap whenever i get time.

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