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Thanks for support friends. Lovely, first few episodes, Raglak is not there in present as per concept but you can get them in past and Sindhura, Ragini will come in present after few episodes. It’s a complicated concept and I will try my best .First time I am writing without my choti’s help. So, if I did any mistake, forgive me and point out to me
Let I start the first episode.

In Tanishkant,
A Huge palace is shown in which two Lion idols present in the entrance and in terrace a huge Karuda is shown.
In the court of Tanishkant,
Soldier(announces):Maharaj Rudraveer is coming to the court..
King Rudraveer enters the court and all the ministers and senapathi Stands and wishes. Rajkumari Raginidevi tries her best to keep distance with Rudra and runs behind him.
Rudraveer sits in throne with Princess Ragini Devi, who is age of 3.
Rudraveer signs to sit everyone .

Mahamantri VishnuDev signs and a man , who is working as a spy of Tanishkant ,enters.
Spy:Maharaj ka Pranam! I got a news that our rival Shekar is going to attack us. He will attack us within two months.
Rudra stands and caresses his short sword”Senapathi, what is about our Sena and soldiers ?”
Senapathi: everyone is ready for war, Maharaj.
The next minute, Senapathi falls down l on floor as a short sword stabbed his chest.
Everyone stands in shock.
“I will never forgive Betrayers..”Rudra roars and claps. Two soldiers come inside and bends their head.
“Take him out and put him on common road. Put a tag on his neck as betrayer and beat him, then put him in jail. By seeing his state,No one dare to betray their nation…”Rudra said angrily.

“Mahamantri.. I want to see my sena’s state. That senapathi weakened our state. We have very less time and put a heavy amount of soldiers in the every corners of Nation and make ready our nation to face war” Rudra ordered.
Mahamantri Vishnu nodded his head.
Ragini witnesses it and sees Rudra.
Rudra walks down and Ragini follows him.
In way of Anthapuram, a place where family of Raj stays,
“Papa, why you killed Senapathi?” little Ragini asked Rudra.
Rudra takes Ragini in his hand.
“Rajkumari, because he is greedy for power. In nation, there are three type of people, loyal, neutral and greedy for power and money. we should able to differentiate greedy and loyal one. Otherwise, it will be threat to our nation and we never let our people to suffer, because People’s happiness is a backbone of nation..”Rudra said.
Ragini nods and her eyes fall on little sword placed in Rudra’s waist.
“Papa, can you teach how to use short sword?” Little Ragini asked.
“Definetely..”Rudra assured.

Rudra and Ragini entered their room .
A arrow comes towards Rudra and Rudra catches it at the nick of time.
“not bad Maharaj…” Rani Kalyani devi laughs and caresses her baby bump.
“bhabhi, stop your play. You both scares me…”Radhika, sister of Rudra and Wife of Mahamantri pouts.
“they will never change..”Vishnu complained while entering and takes Ragini in her hands.
“Atleast let Rajkumari live her childhood. You are teaching which is not for her age.”Vishnu accused.

“She is Rajkumari Vishnu and she have to learn.”Rudra said calmly.
“Are you make ready everything for people addressing ?”Rudra asked and Vishnu nods his head with seriousness.
“ our sena’s state ‘s so worsen. There is no proper shields or weapons. The only good is our treasury state is very good”Vishnu said seriously.
At the time, A pigeon comes and sits on Radhika’s hands.
Radhika sees a chit and opens it, passes a meaningful smile to Rudra.
A maid enters”Maharaj ka Pranam… Upa-Senapathi wanted to see you”
Rudra nods and maid leaves.
Rudra, Vishnu, Kalyani devi and Radhika enters the place Mantralasona, where war plans are made up and only important persons of Kingdom will be present there.
Upa-Senapathi:Maharaj ka Pranam. Weapons and Soldiers are ready in their state and Samrat of Mahishmati kingdom sent their weapons and forces are ready to attack king Shekar’s army from behind.

Rudra nods and Radhika smiles.
Rudra turns and sees Ragini.
Rudra:it’s correct time to take our Rajkumari to war. Upa-Senapathi, I appoint you as Senapathi now and Mahamantri, I order you teach Rajkumari about war planning’s and weapons.
Vishnu nodded in disbelief.

Rudra makes Ragini to see everything about war planning.
Little Ragini keenly listens while licking her fore finger.
After discussion,
Rudra and Vishnu walk towards balcony of palace.
In way,
“you are doing wrong Rudra. You are snatching Ragini’s childhood from her”Vishnu accused again and rudra stops.
“Vishnu, our nation is a gateway of both Samrajya Mahishmati and Mayankpur whoever wants to attack this both, they will attack us first and try to takeover our nation. I want to make my Ragini can keep herself safe and we can’t expect who will turn against us in this palace”Rudra said worriedly and Vishnu nods while thinking.
Three years after,

Rudra announces the war against King Shekar , Takes Ragini to land of war after ensuring safety and attacks them,wins but Shekar run out from this place. Kalyani again gives birth a baby girl and name her as Swara. Ragini learns about war planning from Rudra and about weapons from Vishnu at the age of 5. Kalyani and Radhika both get pregnant on that time , Mayankpur announces war on Mahishmati and Rudra goes to war as helping Durgaprasad who is his friend, make Mahishmati win, but dies in mysterious manner. Kalyani and Radhika both of them dies after gives birth to two baby boys Sahilraj and Adityavarma, at the same day of Rudra’s death. Vishnu is missing.
Ragini, a seven year girl stands before Rudra’s painting with expressionless face , get ready for court.
In court,
There are so many noises.
Soldier announces”Rajkumari RaginiDevi is coming.”
Court becomes silent.
Ragini enters the court and walks towards Throne .

“Stop there rajkumari, that throne is mine now.”Ex.Senapathi, who was punished by Rudra laughs.
Ragini turns and gives a immense look.” Who are all come my side, come now”
Suddenly soldiers lock Minister’s head , who are loyal in sword point.
“ my mens take control of this palace and that throne is mine…” Ex.Senapathi says lustfully and the Minister’s who supports
A Curve appears in Ragini’s face.
Ex.Senapathi walks and touches throne and falls unconsciously by vomiting blood and his men’s also.
Unloyal Minister’s shocked by seeing ragini’s face.
Ragini puts her leg on Ex.Senapathi’s body and sits in throne looks like Maa kali.
Ragini gives a look to Ex.Senapathi and kick his body and his body falls down from stairs.
“I am not that much kind like MahaRaj RudraVeer.”Ragin turns her look to unloyal ministers and they step back in fear.
“Aaaaahhhh!” they fall down stabbed by short sword in neck.
“Senapathi UgraSena!..”Ragini roars.

Senapathi Ugrasena comes before Ragini by bending his head” take this and put them where People gathers and keep ready our sena, shekar will attack us any time”
Senapathi Ugrasena nods.
People gossips about Rajkumari Raginidevi and how her tackled Ex.Senapathi.
At night,
Moon shown in sky and it’s red in colour.
Ragini comes to balcony of palace and people gathered for her.
Ragini shown in balcony.
“Rajkumari Ragini jinda hea! Rajkumari Ragini jinda hea!” People shouts.
Ragini raises her hand and a sudden silence occupies the place.
“Mea Swayam Rajkumari Raginidevi, Maharaj rudraveer ka beti tum se Vada raha. I will save our nation until my last breath and I will never let anyone capture our nation. Since I alive, I will ensure our safety and happiness. Yea Rajkumari Ragidevi vada.”Ragini cuts her wrist little bit and drops blood on ground.
People looks her magnificent face .
“ we want our Rajkumar rule our nation not a Rajkumari “ A man shouted.
People start to beat him.

“leave him…”Ragini orders and people obeys her word.
Ragini sees a maid and maid comes Aditya in her hand.
Ragini takes Aditya in her hand and raises .
“AdityaVarma, Maharaj RudraVeer’ka beta, When he ready to become a king, I will leave the throne. Until I will rule this Tanishkant..”Ragini announces and comes inside.
In Ragini’s room,
Ragini enters with Aditya and hears Sahil cries, sees a maid try to make him drink milk with leaves.
Ragini signs the maid to go.
Ragini sits in bed and takes both Aditya and Sahil in her lap. Sahil becomes silent and smiles which makes Ragini smile and Aditya holds her last finger and giggles.
“ until I alive, I will safeguard you both..”Ragini said to herself and feeds milk with the help of leaves.

In Mahishmati,
Samrat Durgaprasad walks in his room. Samragini Annapurna enters with Rajkumar Laksh, who is sleeping in his mother’s embrace while licking his finger.
Ap puts Laksh in bed and puts her hand on Dp’s shoulder.
“what are you thinking, samrat?” Ap asked while holding her baby bump as she is in her ninth month.
“Maharaj Rudra died and his nation is in danger. I thought about his children and got to know about his daughter Rajkumari Ragini”Dp explains what Spy said to him-Ragini acts.

“ I can’t believe a eight year girl , rules a nation. I also want a daughter like her.”Ap caresses her baby bump.
“ I want to save them. he is my rudra’s child and Radhika also like a sister to me. I will ask her to merge her nation with our samraj. It’s the only way to keep them safe ”Dp said.
“ but with your words about her, she will never agree”Ap said.
“If she didn’t agree, I will arrest her and take here until Rajkumar Aditya ready to rule his nation”Dp said determinately.

In Mayankpur Kingdom,
In palace,
Samrat RamPrasad walks and a man enters.
“King Shekar..”Rp said.
Shekar smirks.
“now Tanishkant is kingless. If we attack now, we will definitely get this now.”Shekar said and laughs devilishly.
Rp looks him with disgusting expression.

“ we should wait until they get a king. I am not a coward to attack a kingless nation..”Rp said.
“we are going to attack and make your sena ready”Shekar said while passing a determinate look.
“are you ordering Samrat? Don’t forget you are the king who come under me”Rp takes his sword out.
Shekar touches the sword end” this much sharp..hahaha..”
Rp looks Shekar with confused expression.
“Your Son Rajkumar Sanskar is in my hand and I only know where I kept him now. So , make ready your sena Samrat”Shekar said and leaves while Rp stands in frozen state.
In Tanishkant palace,
Aditya and Sahil slept in Ragini’s lap, swara sleeps by holding Ragini hand and Ragini face shows kindness. A man enters and Ragini wakes up by hearing the sound and take Short sword in her hand.

“Rajkumari Ragini..”man calls while showing his face.
Ragini puts her finger on her lips and signs not to speak.
Ragini slowly puts Aditya and Sahil in bed and arranges little pillows to ensure their safety.
Aditya turns a little and makes sound in sleep and ragini caresses his shoulder , he starts to sleep again.

Ragini comes out .
“Mahamantri… you done your work perfectly”Ragini said as a Rajkumari.
“Ragini beta.. just cry . you will feel better”Vishnu said by seeing Ragini’s state.
“ it’s not time to cry Mamaji. Why are you not crying? You also lost bua maa naa”Ragini asked Vishnu and Vishnu remained silent.
“ because you don’t want to be weak now .”Ragini answered with a sad tone.
The next minute,”Mahamantri, what about Mahishmati and Mayankpur?” Ragini asked Vishnu with the attitude of Rajkumari.
Vishnu smiled sadly” Samrat Durgaprasad will come here tomorrow with his son Rajkumar LakshyaDev and Samrat Ramprasad will attack us any time”
At that time, A pigeon sits on Vishnu’s shoulder.
Vishnu takes the chit and gives it to Ragini.
“Be ready with your troops. We will welcome war at any time with Mahishmati and Mayankpur.”Ragini said in a calm tone which expresses a danger.
Ragini makes some sound and a light is shown in sky from a direction.

Character Introduction:
Rudra and Kalyanidevi-Former king and queen of Tanishkant.dead.
Rajkumari Radhika- Mahamantri Vishnu’s wife and sister of Rudra, dead.
Vishnu-Mahamantri of tanishkant, friend of King Rudra, loyal one
Raginidevi- Rajkumari of Tanishkant who rules the nation now .
Adityavarma and Sahil- Rajkumar of Tanishkant.
Swara- Rajkumari of Tanishkant .
Samrat Durgaprasad- Samrat of mahishmati , friend of Rudra.
Samrat Ramprasad- Samrat of Mayankpur, rival of mahishmati and Tanishkant.
Rajkumar Lakshyadev- Rajkumar of Mahishmati.
Rajkumar Sanskar- Rajkumar of Mayankpur.
Uttara-Rajkumari of mahishmati who will come in upcoming episodes.
Kavyakavithayini- Rajkumari of mayankpur.

A big house is shown.
A lady keeps food in Dining table with the help of maids.
“Still this Lucky didn’t wake up. I have to wake up him before Sanskar wake up”Lady tells herself.
Lady enters into Laksh room.
“Lucky.. Lucky..” Lady shakes him.
“ohh! Annu maa.. why are you waking up me this much earlier..?” Laksh asked Annapurna.
“get ready soon. If Sanskar see you sleeping..”Ap didn’t complete.
“why are taking devil’s name in morning itself Annu maa.. wait I will come…” Laksh yawns.
Annapurna smiles and taps his head.” go and get ready..”
Ap opens his wardrobe and throws a towel to Laksh.
Laksh puts the towel in his head and blinks his eyes innocently and Ap caresses his face.
“Laksh.. get ready. I don’t want to Sanskar taunt you..”Ap said sadly.
Laksh taps Ap cheeks”Arre Annu maa! I can’t live without his taunts.. so now smile..”
Laksh whistles song and get inside bathroom.
Ap shakes her head ,smiles and leaves.
In Another room,
A man is stand before mirror and checks himself.
Annu knocks his room and he said”come in..”
“Sanskar, there is your coffee..”Annapurna said.
“maa, why are you stressing yourself? I will come myself”Sanskar said while smiling.
Ap pulls his cheeks” I don’t know how many days I have this right. Once , my bahu comes means she will take this from me…” Annu said with a pout.
“maa.. don’t start morning itself. I didn’t want to commit in any relationship now…”Sanskar said while combing his hair.
“Sansku, if you love any girl, I didn’t have any objection..you are already 24”Annu said with a pout.

Sanskar smiles”maa.. I am just 24. So relax and let me enjoy my life for some period”
“Both my sons says a single line. Let me enjoy my life for some period” Annu mimics and Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar puts his hand on Annapurna’s shoulder , pushes her from back and both descends in stairs.
Sanskar sees laksh who is eating sandwich.
“Laksh.. today you have to come office. We need your signs.”Sanskar informed.
Dp comes and sits and Annu serves them.
“ no need bhai. I transferred all my shares to your name before two days. So don’t ask me to come office.” Laksh drops a big bomb and silently eats sandwich.
Everyone looks at him in shock.

“Laksh..!” Dp stressed his name with suppressed anger.
“Arre Durga! Let him himself for some days…” Dadi comes to defend Laksh.
Laksh smiles by seeing their face and leaves with car keys.
Dp stands “Maa.. only because of you, he is spoiled this much. Always he spent his time in car racing. I hope one day , he will take his responsibilities but…”
“Arre Durga, he transferred his shares only on Sanskar’s name. if a correct time comes, Sanskar will return it. it’s also good .”Dadi said.
“No dadi. I want him to take his responsibilities as soon as possible. Nowadays I feel he is hiding something and go away from our hands”Sanskar said while worrying about his bhai’s future.
Sanskar sees his watch and signs Dp.

“Maa.. we are getting late for meeting.”Sanskar said and leaves with Dp.
In car,
Sanskar drives the car and Dp sits in front seat.

“Papa, we have to speak to laksh. Last two years, he completely changed upside down..”Sanskar said.
“ I am also thinking the same”Dp assured .
In Race ground,
Everyone cheers lucky..Lucky…
Laksh gives his killer smile to everyone and walks with Attitude.
Laksh sits in his car , Umpire shoots and race starts.

Precap: Past:Ragini V/s samrats, Present: Swara’s entry .

Friends, sorry for being late. But I stacked between my project and this concept eats my brain when my choti said about this plot, I just sit by plucking my hairs. That much complicated even Rice noodles(idiyappam) is less complicated than this. Ragini, a small girl, who have to bear the heaviness of kingdom in past and Laksh in present, he and his every action will be mysterious.

Ammu, thanks for your comment and lovely, in present, you get raglak after 7 to 8 episodes. I need more time to shape the present. Thanks for your support s. Ahh! Chandu, when will you update your ff my lovely biwi. I am waiting for it a long time.please update soon. Thanks sindhura and Ragini will be there in present but her presence will come after some epi. Thanks ashnoor, soujanya,deksha, megha sissy,dharani,arjuna,shalini, astra. Astra, ragini will come present atleast to make laksh suffer. Ammu,Anju thanks for your support. Kutty, it’s only written by me now for few episodes and choti will join after his return to home .Asra, I messaged you. Asra, Kiddoo ,A.xx thanks for your comment. Asra and A.xx, I will clear your confusions soon.

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