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Hi Friends, Thanks for your support. I am trying my best to deliver as good as Sara di. Tell me how it is. And Asra, for you the next  episode is for Sahil… Ragini’s bro. Rima , The next episode @ Last episode will be answer for your question.

Episode 49: A week passed with  happiness to be with his son… with longing for his family… with raging love for his wife and other son… The time which made his lover boy shade come out… The perfect man who converted himself into a teen boy whom seeks a chance to speak with his lover… a difference , his wife… Getting caught by his brothers and making plans to meet their respective partners… Then again getting caught by parents red handedly… A week with merely happiness and mix of other emotions passed by giving a lot of blissful memories… A week which made every relations set right either be RagLak and Sahil or Amrit and Aman… Their life started to rejoice with happiness and He was standing there by waving his hand to his son … bidding bye to his son in the domestic airport…

“Papa… “Sahil muttered and his eyes expressed that he didn’t want to leave… To his small mind, he was going to far away that he couldn’t met his papa daily.

“Papa promised you naa that I will take you with me . So till then, enjoy with your dad and Uttu maa… And promise me, you will not disturb them by asking about me or maa…”Laksh showed his palm by keeping a lie in front… the same lie which he told at the time of leaving Sahil in Uttara’s house.There was a sad pout in Sahil’s face while he placed his palm . Laksh planted a kiss on Sahil’s face . Sahil didn’t cringe as before… Laksh observed a little pearls which forming in his son’s eyes and took him in his hand. He gave a tight hug to his prince and then handovered his prince to Uttara.

“Take care of him…”His mouth swallowed his words by seeing that Sahil was hugging Aadi.

Uttara and Aadi  along with their family bid a bye to everyone before getting into terminal.

Maheshwari’s excluding Swaragini and Annu bid adieu to Aadi’s family whom were going to settle down in Pune.Laksh turned and started to walk while Sahil’s weeping sound hit his ears then Uttara’s consoling words…  their words became sound as distance increases… Sanskar signed Aman and then followed Laksh.

“Laksh…!”Sanskar touched Laksh’s shoulder.

“I want to be alone for some time, Bhai!”Laksh said by stepping front while Sanskar’s hand fell down from laksh’s shoulder.

Sanskar looked at his choti whom always wants his beloved one’s happiness… whom handles all his sorrows alone and sharing his happiness with other… he left by leaving laksh alone in that car parking but stood in a distance in which he could monitor Laksh.Laksh got into his car and leaned against the seat. The pearls which he saw on his prince’s eyes brought the same in his eyes… The moments flashed in his eyes… The day he took his small prince in his hand… the smile in that baby face… “Pa..p..pa…”The first word He heard from his prince and the smile and clap of  him and his prince for his first attempt… the first step his prince put by helding his hand… The day his prince joined in play school… the tears and consoling  words which his prince spelled while going to school…  The memories which lightened his darkness of life… The companion whom always made him smile in the past 4 years… the dreams which he had for his prince as a father… The dreams which got crashed and turned pointless… AtLast , The tears and weeping sound of his prince… His lies and false promise…Tears were flown from his eyes while his inner heart urged to shout his helpless state… to hold his son with him…

“Laksh…”Dp’s  touch made him hug his father while Dp’s just caressed his head.

In MM,

Sathya and Suji was playing with Swara in her room.Ragini was holding a photo frame while leaning on a chair. Her eyes were closed but she wasn’t sleeping… Her mind is still awake, Her face shown a smile and sadness  and her eyeball movements told that she was in a different world…

“Rago beta…”Annu’s concerned voice and touch made her open her eyes… Annu took the photo frame in her hand and saw the photo which have  Raglak, Sathya and Sahil… Their start of the happy life… Meanwhile,Ragini hid her tears.“Annu maa, Do you need something?”Ragini asked while Annu just pressed her shoulders.“No Rago beta ! I just came to call you for dinner…”Annu said.“

Sorry Annu maa… I forgot…”Ragini said in a apologizing tone that she didn’t help Annu and let Annu to do alone.Annu gave a smile as answer as it’s not important.“you should have spend this one week with Sahil along with Laksh”Annu expressed her thoughts.Ragini nodded negatively.

“No maa… I want this week only to be for Laksh… he needed that than me…”Ragini said.“The memories he got with Sahil in this one week… it will remain for all his life as a happy memory… when Sahil get back in our life again in future, he won’t see us as his parents… we will be faded away from his memories“Ragini continued as she was still in her own world.

“I should have told Uttara to reconsider this decision… I shouldn’t have accepted it…”Annu pointed herself.

“It’s needed Annu maa… for the sake Kavya… for her good life… Until she is here, she couldn’t come over from her memories… The time span may be very low… But once the relationship blossomed between two people truly based on true love, it will remain forever in their heart… either  it may between lovers or (to herself) a mother and her son…(To Annu)  Everything is happening for good only Annu maa… Let me help you in your work…”Ragini said to distract herself and Annu.Annu nodded positively by understanding ragini.At airport, The maheshwari’s left in Sanskar’s and Aman’s car while Dp and Laksh left in another car.

In Laksh’s car,

Dp was driving the car while Laksh was sitting next to Dp in front side.

“I always gave pain to you, Papa. isn’t it?”Laksh asked suddenly.Dp glanced at Laksh then focused on road silently.“First, I went to jail voluntarily due to mistrust. Then, I left you because of the same mistrust. I accused you .These 5 years, again I refused to accept you … again. I always give you pain …then… now…”Laksh said while Dp patted on his hand and stopped the car in side.Dp looked at his son’s face deeply then let a sad smile out as he understood what was running in his son’s  mind… The Guilt feelings which was coming out from his son’s heart…

“That’s not pain…that’s misunderstanding Laksh…”Dp word echoed inside car which made laksh look at his father.

“Yes, Laksh… That’s moments were painful when you misunderstood me… but, only for that moment… I always trusted that one day, I would  get my son back… Did you remember those days Laksh?”Dp asked.Laksh remained silent for that moment then Dp continued.“You accused me , misunderstood me. But, There was one thing remained in our relationship; Love between a father and son… Though you left me, you didn’t left my stand. Up to the last, you worried for me though you believed on lies… you love me, concerned for me whether you remember me or not. that’s our relationship, Laksh bit salty … bit sweeter …”Dp closed in humorous tone.

Laksh let a smile out at his father’s sentence though emotionally lost in his own world .“waah! Lancha! Let’s go…”Dp’s eyes fallen over nearby sweet shop then went to sweet shop by giving childish expressions to Laksh from car.“Papa… your diabetes…”Laksh shouted from the back and ran towards Dp.“Ek Lancha… no Tho Lancha!”Dp said by seeing laksh’s shadow infront of him.Dp gave one Lancha plate to Laksh then walked towards car.Laksh followed him by saying,”Papa… I understand now why your Diabetes is not in control”“Don’t say this to your maa… Then, I’m gone…”Dp said which made Laksh smile more and gave a glare to Dp.“And about my diabetes, I will take one tablet extra today…That’s all”Dp said as it’s not a issue while Laksh gave him a deep stare.“Papa… Still, it’s not that much sweeter, I won’t tell it to maa… But, if you continue, I will tell…”Laksh said in a threatening tone and endsup with laughing along with his father.

“Laksh, Life is like this Lancha and gulabjamun… if you let the happiness fill your heart instead of guilt and sadness, your life will be peaceful and enriched with happiness as gulab jamun… Otherwise, you endup like this lancha…  everyone commits mistake Laksh… Misunderstandings are common in relationships also… I did, you did… But, The important one how we are maintaining our relationship after that… “Dp said casually while Laksh looked at him while his mind started to analyse his words. “Papa, Give car key to me… I will drive…”Laksh said with a smile. Dp satisfied by seeing clarity in his son’s face.In MM,Ragini,Swara and Annu were arranging the table while Sathya was helping them with his small hands to arrange plates.Everyone entered MM while Ragini’s eyes started to search Laksh.

“Laksh and Papa will come soon Rago…”Nishu murmured in Ragini’s ear for which she just gave smile as answer.Laksh entered along with Dp inside MM after half an hour . Ragini smiled by seeing him by keeping her sorrows aside.

Laksh smiled at her while everyone went to dining table.

“maa…Papa already ate lancha today. Don’t let him take sweets “Laksh said.

“But papa.. Dadu don’t like lancha… he always eats rosogolla… that too two “Sathya showed his fingers innocently while Annu gave a deep glare to Dp and others suppressed their laugh.

“Durga ji, From tomorrow I will also accompany you to park along with Sathya…”Annu said casually while Dp tried to maintain his cool.After an hour,In Raglak room,Sathya was checking his bag while Ragini was staring at the far aimlessly by sitting on the bed.

Laksh entered into the room and sat beside Ragini.“Sahi!”Laksh spelled which expressed his deep love for her and wiped tears which was in corner of her eyes.“We may stay away from our Sahil, laksh! In future, he might not see us as his parents… But, we know… Our love for him doesn’t need  to be reflected… he will be happy with Uttara and Aadi! His happiness is enough for me…”Ragini muttered.“But I am also his maa Laksh…”Ragini said by looking at Laksh’s eyes directly.

The pain reflected in both of their eyes.Laksh hugged her tightly while she started to reduce her pain in tears silently.After few minutes, a small sobbing sound diverted them towards Sathya.“Sathu”Both muttered and marched towards Sathya who was sobbing and looking at his bag as he was searching the most important one.“Sathu”Ragini carefully turned her son’s face towards her.“what happened Sathya?Are you hurt somehwhere?”Laksh asked by scanning his son.

“I lost the pendant…”Sathya said in-between sobs which gave peace to the parents heart as he was ok.

“Champ…  Look at your papa…Papa will present you new pendant tomorrow…”Laksh said inorder to console sathya which made him sob more.Laksh looked at Ragini confused while she went to the almirah , opened it and then came back to Sathya. She made him wear a small silver chain in which it’s have a heart shaped pendent.“Sathu… look at this…”Ragini pointed the pendant which made Sathya smile broadly. He wiped his tears, planted a kiss on their cheeks  and hugged both of them.“Sathu… you should be careful… Don’t lose it again…”Ragini said in a bit strict tone while caressing Sathya’s hair.

Sathya nodded like a obedient child then opened the pendent and stared his parent’s photo.“I kept this for Sahil! But, I waited for the correct time to present him. Afte that, even it became no need for that…”Ragini said with a smile… A smile which said her longing… sadness… happy.. joy.. every emotions…

“I love you ,papa… I love you , maa..” A small voice expressed his longing with the same smile in his face by looking at RagLak photo in a pendent which Sathya lost or which Sahil had stolen, in a car at pune.“Sahil!”Uttara, who woke up just now,  looked at Sahil concernedly. Sahil closed the pendent and hugged her by her hip.Uttara planted a kiss on his forehead and then side hugged him tightly… A mother’s possessiveness which forced her go away from her home town… her heart became like a child’s heart which doesn’t want to lose her precious and to made it as her own fully .  Women’s heart made of wonders as Human’s heart is like a monkey… The depth of varying in their emotions… the resultant were a sister lose her battle infront of a mother in the final battle which made her far away from her brother physically while the guilt which was forming in her heart were forcing her to return back for which she didn’t have any courage.Laksh’s painful eyes while bidding bye to Sahil flashed in front of her eyes . That gave a pain in her heart while drying her courage at the same time . The words of Ragini at the time of giving up her rights on Sahil were ringed in her ears.“I am sorry Rago…” She muttered in a low voice while Aadi side hugged her by seeing her sadness.

two weeks were passed in their life in which the longing were become a part of their life or they learnt how to live with smiling face while their heart were burdened with longing and guilt… The time Ragini spent with Swara and then outhouse were increased if she was free from office work in day… The evenings were busy with Sathya while nights,she lost herself in Laksh’s hug who himself dragged into his work in day… Both made themselves as robotic as the lively feeling was slowly fading which sathya tried a lot to hold while their love was getting stronger to hold them though The words became less while nods and small signs spoke more … A Night,Sanskar stood before swara with a pleasing look as he had to go to Ooty for a contract finalization instead of Aman who were ill while Swara was standing with a anger face and packing Sanskar’s bag silently.“Swara, I will be back in two days. Please…”Sanskar said by hugging his wife from back side while his voice became very low to ask that.Swara were looking at Sanskar through an mirror.“Please take care of yourself, Sanskar! Sweaters were… ”Swara stopped as Sanskar held her hands tightly and turned her carefully.Both had a short eyelock while Her eyes spoke her love for him.Soon, he came to hall while everyone were ready to bid him a bye .

“Tomorrow is  Full Sonar eclipse,Sanskar. Don’t be outside at that time…”Annu said while tying a thread in his hand.Sanskar smiled at his mother’s care and nodded. After bidding a bye to him, everyone were ready to leave to their respective room.“Nishu beta”Annu’s voice stopped her.“After sonar eclipse, we have to do a puja as the saptarishi’s(7 special stars who were sages) were forming a straight line. Make everything ready for puja…”Annu said for which Nishu nodded positively.

The next day,

At Ooty,Aadi was also there as it’s an important deal to his company also. All the companies gave their presentation.

The sun was reaching it’s peak while Sanskar came out of the hotel after his meeting. He took his mobile out and looked at Swara’s pic in his mobile. He slowly caressed her photo with a smile.“be ready my lucky charm! Your husband will reach there soon…”Sanskar said with smile as he got the deal.He put his phone on his coat back while his eyes were surprised to see Kavya in a far.

“what is she doing here?” Sanskar’s mind popped a question which made him follow her as well while Aadi did the same by seeing Kavya who were going alone.In MM,Everyone was in the house for the puja except Sanskar.Ragini came inside of outhouse without locking it properly as she was lost again in her own world. That’s the same day at which her brother left her five years back. She lit a diya before Sahil’s photo and sat infront of the photo in Sahil’s room. She was staring his photo and lost in her old days.Swara who saw Ragini from her balcony , ended up into outhouse by following her. Swara entered into outhouse while the sonar eclipse started.“Rago ka…”Swara called ragini in a low voice but it didn’t reach Ragini as she was lost in mourning for her brother.SwaRagini, Aadi , Laksh and Sanskar  felt a deep pain in their head at the same time for a moment.“Aah”Swara moaned and sat on the floor. She raised her head slowly and saw Sahil’s portrait on the wall in the hall.“Swara ka..” A word ringed in her ears while the memories flood on her mind.“Sahil…”Swara muttered in shock while she felt a deep pain in her stomach .

Kavya entered into Shekar’s house with the key in her hand.“The day has come finally to end everything…”Kavya muttered to herself while lighting the fire in the house.Sanskar entered into the house while Kavya shocked by seeing him.“what are you doing, Kavya?”Sanskar held her hand tightly as she was protesting to not come out while Aadi also entered the house .

“Leave me bhai… let me go…”Kavya said while looking at the shine of the fire.“ I can’t let you suicide , Kavya…”Sanskar shouted while Aadi was shocked by the scenario.Meanwhile in MM,“Sahil…!”Swara screamed in labour pain as her water started to broke down. Ragini came out of her world by hearing Swara’s scream.Her eyes widened as she got a flash of Rajkumari Swara who was under the foot of KalSamhara Moorthy and struggling in labour pain.“Swara…”Ragini mouthed , came out of her illusion and ran towards her while the diya were slipped into the floor by her hand and started to spread the fire while Ragini slipped , got hit at the cot corner and lost consciousness .

Laksh and Sathya, who came there by searching  Ragini , saw Swara who were struggling in labour pain in hall.Within a five minutes, Aman made the car ready and Laksh made swara lay on a back seat.“Laksh… rago ka…”Swara muttered in a very low voice and  signed at the direction of out house.“Bhai… Take Swara to hospital… I will come along with Ragini.”Laksh said and send everyone in a car to hospital.An invisible layer formed around Swara which protected her baby from eclipse’s bad rays.

“Maa…”Sathya entered into room which was in the mouth of fire by searching Ragini .“Maa…”Sathya was shaking Ragini and crying hardly while Laksh entered into outhouse again which was completely covered by fire in a rapid manner.“Sahi..”Laksh shouted by seeing fire everywhere.“Papa…”Sathya’s scream got him inside Sahil’s room.“Sahi!”Laksh whispered in shock , then took Ragini in his shoulders while his another hand held Sathya tightly.“Rajkumar!”ragini whispered slowly.Laksh stopped by hearing Ragini’s feeble voice and lost his hold on  Sathya’s hands. Sathya ran faster outside as an force send him out impulsively.Once Sathya came outside, the temporary concrete structure which made to hide the outhouse, collapsed and started to block the way. The sun was completely hidden as the eclipse reached at it’s peak time.“papa… maa…”Sathya shouted on his top while the security guards arrived there and held Sathya in their hands while other called Dp to inform.Laksh came into reality by hearing his son’s sound and looked at his surrounding which were covered by fire.Laksh made Ragini sat on a floor which was not that much affected by fire and looked at his surrounding for the way.

“At the end of my life , Now  I am happy Rajkumar… Though you were in pain because of my curse, I am here to give you happiness and to share your sorrow  and losses as well … the life which I couldn’t live… for which I longed… you give me Rajkumar… Though it’s surrounded with struggles and  losses, I lived as your wife by fully enjoying your love … by giving you love which I wanted to give… by reducing your pain as much as I can … it’s enough for me… Lakshya…  And Forgive me for not understanding you”Ragini said while looking at Laksh’s eyes.

“ mea Swayam Tanishkant ka Rajkumari Raginidevi tume shrapt theya Lakshya. How my heart is burning in pain, you will also feel the same. I will reborn in this place and you also. you will feel the same pain what I am going through now. Haan.. mea swayam Ragini devi  thumse shrapt theya..Rajkumar lakshya… you wish each and every moment to be with me… but you can’t . even I will be in your life , you will feel the pain . you will feel the same pain of losing your beloved ones. You will know being live in this world as lifeless  “Rajkumari Ragini’s words ringed in his ears while he held Ragini’s hand tightly.I

n Ooty,“Please save my sister,Sahil…”Sanskar held his head as irrelevant words were ringing in his mind.

He shook his head fastly and saw Aadi who was trying to hold Kavya to take her out of the house.“

Please bhai let me die… Otherwise…”Kavya stopped in the middle as Aadi interrupted.

“what is this madness, Kavya? “Aadi shouted.“The steps you do to stop me… Death will step towards Rago ka, Rajkumar Aditya…”Kavya shouted back which made both Sanskar and Aadi frozen at their position.Their past memories started to occupy their minds.

“Rajkumari Kavya…”Aadi muttered in shock while Sanskar looked at her with tearful eyes.“Kavya..”Sanskar stepped front and held her hands tightly.His eyes pleased her to stop.“you know Sanskar bhaiya I have to do this to end the curse of rago di’s as well as mine…”Kavya muttered while Sanskar nodded in no.His tears were shining in the fire while Kavya removed his hands and stepped towards the fire.Sanskar looked at her helplessly while Aadi held her hands to stop..

“For whatever the reason either it may be our previous life or now, I don’t care Kavya… I can’t let you to do this… “Aadi muttered.Kavya turned and looked at his eyes which expresses his concern and love for her as his sister.“Let me go bhai… to save our Rago di … and let me rectify my mistakes“ Kavya muttered.

In MM Outhouse,“Lakshya… you can leave safely by that way… please go… for our son.”Ragini said in a low voice by pointing a small hole which could led Laksh to save his life..“Either in our previous life or now , I always end-up by breaking my promises just for you, Sahi! But not now. Either Sathya will have both of his maa and papa by his side alive or we will be with him as soul …”Laksh said by entwining his fingers with Ragini’s.“ I did each and everything for you ,Sahi. Even I commited sins just for you. I announced this war and married Kavya, I did all this for you Sahi. you are my life, soul and everything. I will born for  you Sahi atleast to fulfil your shrapt. Whatever happens, I will never leave your hand in that birth. Hea mera Vadha” Rajkumar Lakshya’s last words ringed in ragini’s ear.Ragini let a painful smile out  then kissed Lakshya in his lips while Fire slowly marched towards them by twisting it’s hungry tongue.Screen ends on the split of  Raglak and Kavya…

Precap:Last Episode- Rajkumar’s Sahil decisions

“Death never ends a person’s life… His/her life gets continued by what he/she sow in the land… The good and bad they did to others… they live by others and their past action always affects the living persons… In Simple, People may fade away from land but not their memories and actions…”

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