Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 8

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Hey guys again thank u sooo much for appreciating my ff and liking it so much….I write everyday but sometimes it gets delayed in delivering….Sorry if so…

Recap:Ragsan got married.

Its morning,Ragini wakes up.She is in Sanskaar’s embrace.She sees Sanskaar staring at her and signs what.
Sanskaar:U look so beautiful.
Ragini:Bachpan se (since childhood).
She smiles and wakes up.She pulls her sheet and walks to the window.Sanskaar in his pants goes to her and hugs her from behind.He kisses her neck.She smiles and pushes him a bit.She goes to washroom.He smiles.

Swara wakes up and sees Laksh pressing clothes.
Swara:Laksh, ask servants to iron it.
Laksh:I am ironing my wife’s clothes.U have any problem?
He laughs.
Swara:Laksh, I am not feeling well today please Tomorrow I will come office.And by the way even if i am the owner doesnt mean that i have to come everyday right.
Laksh cups her face and says u have to come for me.He sends her to washroom.

Ragini gets ready and asks Sanskaar to go to office today as she is tired.
Sanskaar:U r also the owner right so u have to come.For me.
She smiles and nods.

Ragini( in a salwar kameez) and Swara( in her green salwar kameez) come downstairs with Laksh and Sanskaar.They take elders’s blessings and attends the pooja.They have breakfast and go to office .The staff welcome them.Ragini and Swara work together in a cabin opposite to Laksh and Sanskaar’s.The couple smile seeing each other. Ragini and Swara work and Sanlak smile seeing them.Music plays…..

A client(a new character, young and handsome guy) come and shouts for Laksh.Ragini comes to him.He gets mesmerized by her beauty.
Ragini:What happened mr? Why r u shouting?
Client:I did not get my order of diamond till now.
RaginiU r Mr Mehrota right? But tomorrow is the dead line!
Mr Mehrota:I dont know anything.I want it now.
He fights with her.She argues with him.
He tries to push her but she shows him finger.
Ragini:For ur information I am Mrs Ragini Maheshwari and u have no right to fight without any reason here.
She says get out.She stares him.Mr Mehrota leaves.

Swara in her cabin gets dizzy.She goes to call Ragini.She faints and falls just then Sanskaar comes there and holds her.He shouts for someone.Laksh and Ragini rush there and bring Swara home.Ragini drives the car.Doctor check her and asks them not to worry,says she is pregnant.Everyone get happy and congratulate each other except Ragini.She is shocked.She cries and goes from there.She goes to her room and calls Sumi.
Sumi:What happened Rago? Is everything alright?
Ragini:Maa, Shona is pregnant!
Sumi is shocked and asks really?
Ragini:Yes mum, i dont know what to do.R u sure there is no remedy for this?
Sumi:Shekhar has gone to ask doctor today I will let u know ok.
Ragini ends the calls and cries.She turns and gets shocked seeing Sanskaar.He comes to her.
Sanskaar:I saw u were not happy.U ran from there.why?
Ragini hugs him and cries.
Ragini:When she was born doctor told that if she gets pregnant one day she may lose her life.If during the time of birth she falls weak she may die and Doctor also said that she is weak.
He asks does Swara know this.Ragini says no.
She cries and says I am worried for her Sanskaar.He consoles her.

Swara wakes up.Laksh cups her face.
Laksh:Congratulations Mrs Maheshwari,in nine months there will be either a junior Laksh or Junior Swara with us.
She gets happy and asks really.He nods.She hugs him.Ragini comes there and smiles seeing her happy.She hugs her.Swaragini plays…..

Its evening, Everyone is doing evening pooja, Ragini gets a call from Sumi who informs her that tomorrow they will get the result and she has courriered the test. report,asks her to receive it.Swara takes the call and talks to her.
Swara:Maa, I gave u such a good news wont u come to meet me?
Sumi:Ofc I will my shona, tomorrow i will come with Shekhar ok.
Swara nods and gives Ragini the phone and goes.
Ragini:Maa, why didnt u take the report and gave it to me urself tomorrow?
Sumi:I had post it during ur wedding day so that u get it and inform Swara about it.But it got delayed.
Ragini says ok and ends the call.

The next day, Sumi and Shekhar happily hug Swara and congratulate her.
Swara:Maa,now that I will have a baby, it will be alone naa so I was saying the baby should have some sister or brother right Ragini?
Swara laughs.
Ragini:Swara….u r too much….U can ask Parineeta bhabhi also naa.
Swaragini laugh.Parineeta runs behind them.All laugh seeing this.

Swara goes to near the door and sees a courier boy.She receives the parcel and opens it.
She opens the report and gets shocked reading it.She cries and cups her mouth in shock.

Ragini comes there and looks on.She says shona but Swara stops her.
Swara:U knew about it and didnt even bother to tell me? Thats why Maa took a little of my blood in pretext of donating blood.This is my baby and I had right to know Ragini.U could have told me and I would have gone through surrogacy naa.Now I will have to choose between my baby and I.
They both cry.Swara runs to her room.Ragini cries and looks at everyone.She comes to them and doesnt say anything.Sumi and Shekhar take their leave.

Ragini goes to Laksh and Sanskaar and informs them about it.Laksh ask what and rushes from there.Laksh comes to Swara and asks her to open the door.Ragini gets a call and gets happy.She rushes to Swara and knocks at her to open the door.Swara opens it.Ragini hugs her and says ur problem is solved.U will not have to decide whether u will save urself or baby.Swara smiles and asks really.She hugs Ragini and they both happily cry.Swaragini….plays….Laksh smiles at them.

Precap:Swara and Laksh are crying.Laksh apologizes to her.Swara says but it is gone naa and we will never be able to get him/her back again all thanks to u.She ends their relation and goes from there.He looks on cryingly.

Hey guys hope u liked it….plzzz comment how it was….love u guys….keep smiling and stay blessed ?….

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  1. Fairy

    Omg!!!!!superb episode…swaragini scene ws amazng ..!!precap is scary yaaar…waitng for nxt part..keeep rockng n stay bkessedd dr 😉 😉 😉

  2. Awesome

  3. Ragsan scenes are nice

  4. Shrinjal

    Confusing precap..

    1. Sry it was by mistake.
      Nice episode

  5. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dr

  6. A.xx

    amazing and did she have a miscarriage,,don’t want them to split up …
    loved it and loved the ragsan scenes a lot and even the swalak ones,,,
    post soon and can’t wait for next part.xx

  7. Asra

    superbbb dear….

  8. Kya ho gaya yaar???

  9. Jazzy


  10. Hemalattha

    awesome.what happen to swalak?is that so serious?this part so nice.

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